Things have been just cra-cra lately and that thing that I wrote previously to keep your fingers crossed……

…….well, forget it. I didn’t get the job. Not only that, but the HR woman sent me the email that was meant for the recipient who got the job. Very unprofessional, I know. I didn’t retaliate, I just walked away. But, if I ever hear from that agency again I’m going to tell them in a nice way to kiss my @ss. Yes, take the high road, Lanie.

But, I’m not taking the high road on the scammer who called me from this number: (209)498-9469 impersonating an IRS attorney that has a bench warrant out for my arrest if I don’t wire him $1,000. If I ever get ahold of that guy again I’m telling him he’s going to jail and that I filed a complaint with the IRS and I’m going to my local police department and giving them all the information – including the voicemail that he left– and that I hope he rots in jail for what he’s doing. That he’s the lowest scum of the earth to fraud people out of their money and he will get his.

Yes, it’s just a bunch of B.S. lately. Plus, I just got back from visiting my family in Indy and my nerves are shot. I was so glad to get to the Indianapolis airport, through security and to the bar to catch the Green Bay/Minnesota game with a tall beer before my plane took off. [No, I think  I need to be at the airport at least 2 hours before my flight]. My sister gets worse every year. First, she is the biggest snob and she’s really OCD about her house. When I was there I had to wipe down the [marble] tile in her bathroom and squeegee the shower glass after every shower. I couldn’t lay my cellphone down on the counter without her picking it up and telling me to put it somewhere [how about where the sun doesn’t shine?]. I FAILINGLY did not bring a toiletry bag because – silly me – thought she would have shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant and toothpaste. I had to beg for some bottle of Biotonic shampoo, some organic vitamin C and E roll-on deodorant that left my armpits sticky and since I’d left my brush at home she gave me this small, little brush that appeared to have been used on the dog. Hairspray and conditioner was unheard of and I barely got some squeezed out Crest toothpaste that I suspected was three years old. I felt like I was checking in to a chemical-glutton-preservative-all products-that-say-they’re-healthy-and-do-nothing-non-animal-product-of any-kind-free yoga camp without the mat and nice people.

I saw a lot of my family, including my stepmother who other than my cousins is really the only family member I like – which is strange because she’s not even blood. Her and my father came to the [court mandated] brunch at my sisters and the first thing out of her mouth to me was, “You ready to go home?”

To which I said, YES!

I was annoyed to no end by then. Next time – if there is one – I’m driving or if I fly I’m renting a car so I can stay with my cousins and not be under the house arrest of my sister. I was never so glad when my plane touched down in Atlanta and being greeted by my wife and dogs (who practically mauled me when I got into the truck at the airport).

So, I came back to the same job, projects and people. I have been trying to get over it and move on. Grudgingly, I guess it’s not meant to be. I feel like I’ve just had a pile of rejection letters these days. I’m going to forget about it for a while. Charlie and I leave for Florida to see her kids and folks over the holiday. This trip will be a lot more enjoyable that last weekend’s trip.

So, with that I bid you all a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it – if not – a happy weekend! Cia!

please take my poll

Keep your fingers crossed that something good happens tomorrow (November 18th). I will let you know if it’s does happen or not.

In the meantime, Charlie and I did another HAG ride the other day. It’s was very chilly that morning we rode out to old town Conyers for our Voodoo ride. It turned out to be (I’m going to list everyone by their biker nickname from now on) Link, Shutter, Rooster, Charlie, Cindy (no nickname yet) and myself – my nickname is up for debate. So, maybe let’s take a vote on here what mine will be:

Sorry for the short post I promise to update more later. In the meantime, please take my poll. I can’t ride another time without a biker name or else they will come up with some name like muffin or something.


welcome to seattle, georgia!


I didn’t sign on to live in eff-ing Seattle, people.

I’m just now starting to feel somewhat human after fighting a sinus infection all last week. Charlie caught something similar to what I have only hers is a chest cold.  You know, we have two more months left in the year and I’m hoping they’re going to be good ones so we can boot 2015 out on a good note since it started on a bad one.  What is needed to make that happen is –


Sun. Yes, that bright, orange thing in the sky – where are you?!

A new job would be super great! I had an interview last Friday afternoon and another next week.

Getting the motorcycle out of the shop and actually being able to go on a ride before the end of the year. It’s been two weeks since we went on that Halloween ride I mentioned in the last post. Charlie’s had new pipes put on since and she’s raring to go.


How about no more sickness, broken bones or setting myself on fire? That would be great!

Since both Charlie and I will be seeing our families in the next few weeks I’m going to start channeling my ZEN before then. Maybe work on some breathing exercises to help me stay focused on not choking my sister out while I’m in Indiana.

Airborne –start taking that three days prior to both of our trips so we won’t catch anymore viruses.


I just made us a reservation in a nice warm (hopefully dry) place today for the evening before Thanksgiving so we’ll have some time to ourselves. I can’t wait!

Hallowed – ween

Wow, it’s raining like no tomorrow here today. After living here for almost 15 years, I have come to realize that Georgia – Atlanta specifically is a drama queen when it comes to weather. It’s always one extreme to the other. It’s either absolutely gorgeous or it’s someone who woke up on a Monday morning after a weekend of partying – which is today.

I haven’t written a lot lately because Charlie and I have been busy entertaining the last week or so. Her parents came in to town and we were running practically every night. By Thursday (the day they left) I came home from work and got immediately into my pajamas, I was so tired.

Friday evening we did a haunted motorcycle ride through town with Katharine and Yvonne’s new motorcycle group – appropriately called the “Hags”.

haghag is a wizened old woman, or a kind of fairy or goddess having the appearance of such a woman, often found in folklore and children’s tales such as Hansel and Gretel.[1] Hags are often seen as malevolent, but may also be one of the chosen forms of shapeshifting deities, such as the Morrígan or Badb, who are seen as neither wholly beneficent nor malevolent.

Our first stop was the Decatur Cemetery which is the oldest burial ground in the metro Atlanta area and is known to have paranormal activity. (see below)


Katharine read from a script written of each place on the tour while Yvonne played ghost music in the background and projected slides relevant to the places from her iPhone onto the ground.


We hit about 6 places before heading over to Six Feet Under for dinner.  By that time, Charlie and I were spent and we hugged goodnight and rode home.

Saturday was a cloudy, overcast day filled with errands. I dropped the bike off for a much needed service and Charlie and I got candy and set up shop in the carport to welcome the trick or treaters. They came in droves, too. We were watching the football game, had a bon fire going and drinking beers while the kids came up for candy. Yesterday was the start of the rain for the week and we ran around and decided to do some early Christmas shopping. (In fact, I think we’re done for each other).

Today, I woke up with a sore throat and not wanting to fight the rain all the way in to work only to sit in (stupid) meetings all morning (and not get anything done anyway). I am on the interview track again and have one on Friday. I bought a new suit and everything so I’m focused on the next level in my career. After completing the last class in my project management program this past week and having to take off two vacation days to do it because my office didn’t recognize it I decided that the writing was on the wall and it was time to look at the next thing in my career – whatever that may be.

Have a great week, everyone!


PRIDE finally

This past weekend we were finally able to celebrate PRIDE in Atlanta. Other than some rain on Saturday, it turned out to be a beautiful weekend.

Saturday, Charlie and I parked off the Beltline and rode our bicycles into the park. We pulled up to the bike valet by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and left our bikes and set off to walk through the PRIDE market. By the time we got through there it had started to rain so we ducked into Willy’s and had some awesome nachos and frozen margaritas. When we came out it had stopped raining and we continued walking and slurping our to-go margarita. We were walking along with two girls who were visiting from Ohio – they both looked quite young – one was but the other said she was 41. (I think it was the sunglasses taking up her entire face and made a note that I needed larger shades).We listened to some music and then made our way to our bicycles and rode off on the Beltline until we got to this interesting little bar/restaurant off the trail and decided to turn in. It was called Ladybird.

PRIDE (I just now noticed that blonde photobomb)

The next day we decided to ride in the parade with Michale, Katharine and Yvonne. It started out being a cool morning but by the time we hit Peachtree Street it was hot and we were riding in shirtsleeves.

IMG_4178(Lining up for the parade)

IMG_4186(Charlie rocking on her Harley)

IMG_4187(Michale and I at the park)

Once we got to the park and walked to see Ellen and Stacy we were tired. We saw Birds tent down in the distance and decided to muck on across the field of mud to say “Hi”, which, was kind of a mistake because when we got there we didn’t even warrant a hug from Bird nor an offer of rainbow cake. All we got was Happy Gay Wedding as she threw candy rings at us. One hitting me in the chest and it falling on the ground. I made a note that they weren’t yet married even though they made a production of registering as domestic partners on their medical insurance. (Their company offered that prior to gay marriage being legal in the state). Perhaps she was bitter that Charlie and I were officially married and her and Jane not.

What’s her problem? Charlie and I were slogging back towards our bikes. We were ready to go home and relax.

I have no idea.

Well, you should text her and find out.

I honestly don’t care enough to hear what her problem is. I’m just letting it go.

Seriously, I don’t care. We don’t hang out enough with her and Jane to merit a reason for her to be pissed at us and if it’s about not hanging out the last two texts I sent her about that she didn’t answer. You make friends, you lose friends – it’s a constant cycle that I’ve learned to deal with. We have friends who deserve the attention more than her.

Tonight, we’re going out to Edie’s with Michale and Nisha to see a friend of Charlie’s play. It should be fun! Yeah, bring it!



nothing sticks when it’s raining – unless it’s jam

While originally we were supposed to have a great weekend weather-wise the storm down south shifted and we got rain both Saturday and Sunday. This has been the second weekend in a row of rain and we’re so over it. (Not as much as the poor South Carolina folks, I know) I’m hoping after today it’s going to clear up and be sunny the rest of October so we can finally enjoy some fall-like weather.

We decided if it was going to be crappy all weekend then we’d get some grocery shopping done, cook and do some canning. I canned salsa again and made a new jam recipe – Pineapple Mango Chili jam. We had all the ingredients to make BBQ sauce but we ran out of steam  – no pun intended.

Lately, I’ve been looking at classes I want to take – some to further my career – because I don’t want to be in my current position too long – I want to keep growing. There have been about three people in the department – all PM’s like myself – that have been promoted to other positions (one got a position I interviewed for which is disparaging). One guy is going to be making so much money that his wife is going to be able to quit her job.  I keep applying to state jobs and interviewing and – nothing. I get told my interviews are very good and I score very high but someone else just happened to either already be doing the job or score a bit higher than I. And, don’t get me started on private sector jobs  – I get literally no bites on any of the ones I apply for – nothing. I wonder if it’s even worth taking the time to send my resume, fill out their online form, and write a cover letter. It’s almost like applying for a Federal job. Which, I’ve done a few times. I did once have a fed interview many years ago. I couldn’t even believe they called me. But, I never got offered anything. Fed job offers are an anomaly – I have no.idea. how anyone ever gets on there – unless they have a masters or PHD.  I’m trying to get away from managing construction projects and break in to managing people or projects that aren’t construction related. I’ve been looking at Scrum master certification classes  – but I hesitate because I would only be marketable to companies that use that methodology and a lot of those are IT related and I don’t have much experience in IT. The most experience I have is an associate degree in website administration. I know a bit about computer language, HTML, etc. but nothing about managing a company-wide network. Next, is the PMP certification class – very expensive and a week-long committment but they promise a 98% pass rate. I think maybe I should just do that but it’s an investment all the same.

And, in addition to all that I’ve been looking at screen writing courses. Not as expensive as the scrum or PMP but not cheap all that same. I found one course interesting that is online but I wonder if I have the commitment to come home from work every night and sign on to the class, do homework and dedicate time to it. I’m just so wishy-washy about shit lately. That karate class I got a groupon for – yeah, I’ve been one time. I don’t know why I haven’t been back. I think my current job just consumes so much of my time and thoughts that I’m exhausted when I get home at night and the last thing I want to do is put on pajamas and go out and have someone grab my wrist and pretend I don’t know how to throw them down on the mat with force  – you know – because I have a white belt around my waist when years ago I made it almost to brown belt and I know a thing or two but I don’t want to come off as over-confident or even cocky. I try to act as if my cup is empty type of deal. But yet – I just don’t care. I’m not sure I can start over. It just seems so long to me.

So, nothing is really sticking right now on what I should do and I hate to waste the time and money if I’m not going to stick with it or it won’t help my career. Any suggestions or has anyone else gone through this? PMP or Scrum master? Or just hire another resume writing service – which, the last one did nothing for me. I never heard back from any of the jobs I applied for with the updated resume I paid $45 for them to rewrite. What a joke.



rain, rain, go away……

It’s been such a rainy, gloomy weekend here in Georgia. Ever since we got the shed built it has rained every day. I did manage to get out in the rain and run a bit yesterday which was great. I love running in the rain when it’s not a downpour. Charlie and I got all our grocery shopping done yesterday so today I will try to go for another run in the misting rain with Sadie this time, perhaps maybe think about canning some salsa. [maybe] Charlie is going to make a couple of pumpkin pies – one for us and one for Ellen. Ellen is still laid up with her leg thing.

I regret I don’t have much to write about this weekend. So in the meantime I will leave you with a pic of the finished shed. Cheers and go Falcons!


vaca dojang

I’ve been out-of-pocket for a while. I was super busy before I went on vacation and then on vacation I didn’t do any writing at all. I just hung out, cooked, ran errands and grocery shopped. We have a couple of friends who aren’t doing so hot so I took them pans of chicken enchiladas and lasagna. I wanted to can while I was off but that didn’t happen, either. The last weekend of vacation friends of ours – Bernice and Raphael came up from Florida and brought their motorcycles and bicycles.

Saturday, we made the glaring mistake of taking the train downtown to the Dragoncon parade. I really thought it was going to be a cool thing to do but once we got down there it was a nightmare with so many people. We stayed for about 30 minutes and fought our way back to the train station only to be trapped because all the trains were going Westbound for the Auburn/Louisville game. Once an eastbound train finally pulled up there were so many people we had to all squeeze in like it was 1996 and we were going to the Olympics or something. We were all so hungry that we thought we’d just get off the train in Decatur but I slapped my head and groaned, “The book festival is downtown this weekend. We’ll never get a table.” In fact, shit was happening all over Georgia that weekend. It was Dragon freaksville con, Decatur book festival, a college football game in the dome, Atlanta Black Pride Festival, and the hokey apple festival in the mountains – all these people your grandma’s age trying to stay on the mountain roads for a bag of measly apples you can buy at Kroger [ask me how I really feel about it].

And why once back to our original destination we got in the truck and drove to our favorite bar/bar food place for lunch. Afterwards, we went back to the house and washed all our motorcycles because they were very dirty and then we went on a bicycle ride through the neighborhood to a local watering hole for a drink and back home to veg before grilling dinner.

The next day we were going for a motorcycle ride out to Madison, Georgia. It was the four of us plus my buddy, Drew. On the way out we stopped off at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit just to see it again because it’s so beautiful and then on the Madison to eat BBQ at Big Kev’s. Even before we pulled up we could smell the smokers out in the parking lot. My mouth was watering and we went in and sat right down to some iced tea and plates of smoked pork BBQ, ribs, mac-n-cheese, greens, fried okra and banana pudding. It was probably the best we’ve had in a long time. (In fact, I put a glowing review on Yelp). Afterwards, the owner was nice enough to take our pictures out in the parking lot before we suited up and rode home.


IMG_4085 (taken from Drew’s Harley 74 on the way back)

Once back, we were exhausted and only had the energy to sit on the porch and veg. I was glad I had another day off the next day (Labor Day). The next day we were sorry to see our friends leave but spent the day planting flowers and going for a short ride out to a friend’s house and back.

Yesterday was my first day back at work in ten days and I’ve been slowly getting back in to it. After work I went to my first martial arts class in over 15 years. I had been thinking of getting back into a style but nothing had jumped out and kicked me in the shins and said, hiya or anything. I found a Groupon for a class near the house and thought, “Why the hell not?” bought it and emailed the instructor (or I should call him his proper Korean name “chung sah nim”) to set up a brief meeting prior to the first class to fill out paperwork and get my dobok. He turned out to be a very easy-going guy (a rather tall, broad-shouldered, bald, white guy that spoke with a bit of a drawl I couldn’t place) and after the first practice the whole dojang is way more laid back than my old dojo was. As far as the uniform went you could walk into the gym completely suited up or not it didn’t matter as long as you were fully dressed when you bowed and went onto the mat. My old dojo we weren’t allowed to wear our jackets with our belt colors outside the dojo. When I entered I only had on my pants and a t-shirt and I went into another room to put on my jacket and belt before going back out. There were several other people circled on the mat stretching and talking and when I bowed and walked up everyone came over to me and introduced themselves individually – later, I realized they did this in the order of rank as at the end of the practice we all went up to bow and shake the master’s hand in the order of rank.

Practice was pretty much like it was previously in my old dojo – the first 20 minutes dedicated to stretching, then a few punches and kicks and sit-ups. Then, some self-defense moves and ending with some kata. I got a decent workout although I’m not as sore today as I originally thought I was going to be. Practice is on Tues, Thursday nights and Saturday mornings and I plan to attend as much as possible until my Groupon runs out ;-)

push[ed] the button

The past few weeks have been very hectic at work – why I’ve been out of the loop lately. I wish I could say that we’ve been away vacationing or something but not the case.

After selling the camper we decided to take a few trees down in the backyard. These included a huge Bradford Pear and a Pine full of cankers and bugs. After that we were left with a very large hole that allowed us the unfortunate view of the neighbors.

IMG_4027 (can you find the black dog in this picture?)

So, we have decided to have a little shed built in the back and eventually have our own little cottage in the back – (that was the show we went to that was in the backyard of a residence). We’re probably going to call it Backyard Shed Gig or something of that nature. Here’s a pic of the model we’re having built:


Ours is going to be different colors but this is it. After it’s built, we want to have a deck built off the front with an overhang.

In other news – I am on vacation next week but am going to do absolutely nothing. (Well, except for canning lots of salsa) I need a break from the rat race and decided to just take the week off. Especially after Sunday when I pushed the button and –


-the truck exploded.

Well, that wasn’t exactly what happened. It really wasn’t that exciting but very annoying. I pushed the differential lock button on the Forerunner (I had a blonde moment).

blonde blonde2


[Me: “Duh-I-dunno”, God, she’s going to kill me]

-and it locked up all four tires and we couldn’t’ disengage it. We were stuck at the mini mart for 4 hours waiting for a tow. But wait – that’s not all – we had it towed it to our garage and they were in the process of moving and we had to pay for yet another tow all the to their new garage location. (20 miles away) Such B.S. and I was so over it. Charlie and I just went home and cried and then drank after that.


Who knows how much it’s going to cost to get fixed but we’re hoping for the best so keep your fingers crossed it’s not a fortune. I will never press another button again, for sure [unless it’s an elevator button].

friends won’t be around

You know, I just don’t get people.

Charlie and I usually go for a little ride on Sunday mornings. We’ll ride somewhere and have some brunch or lunch, depending on how far away it is. Yesterday we had decided to ride out to Conyers and visit the Harley place where we purchased her bike. Charlie wanted to order some new “farkle” for her bike (for you non-bike enthusiasts, farkle is anything you can put on a bike that isn’t engine related and/or doesn’t take a mechanic to install). We figured we’d spent some time at the dealership and then go out back and visit with some of my old teaching buddies who were running a class that weekend. Afterwards, we were planning on riding down the street to a BBQ place for lunch.

So, off we went. The previous evening I had texted Yvonne and Kat to see if they wanted to ride out with us. They said they’d meet us at lunch and I said, OK, see you then.

Once we were at the dealership, Charlie ordered her farkle and we went out back and talked to Jenna and Jeff who I have taught with on many occasions in the past. Charlie hadn’t met Jenna before and the two of them hit it off as Jenna is a relatively new mommy. While they talked about baby stuff I turned to Jeff and asked him how he was doing. Gone was the happy greeting I got just minutes before. His shoulders literally sank and said, Same ol’, same ol’. My knees and shoulder hurts and I’m getting old.

Way back in the day, Jeff used to be really fun to work with (– along with K.) The last few years I’ve worked with him he stopped being engaging to hang around -at lunch, he’d go outside and smoke and then take his Harley onto the range and ride the box several times – which, I always hated when instructors did that because I thought it was just a form of showing off in front of the students.

K got like that, too. Once he realized that I didn’t want to hear about his conquests anymore he stopped talking to me and when we taught together he would constantly be on his phone texting some honey that he was hoping to get with. We’d go to lunch and one of the other male instructors would sit with us and he’d talk to him the entire time about the latest rally he did. I started to feel invisible to many of the people I taught with because either the story never changed or they got bitter and worn out from teaching or life in general.

I had to bite my tongue at that point to keep from telling him he should retire, like me and ride on the weekends. But, that’s not for me to say.  At least Jenna was happy to see me and engaging as ever.

While she and Charlie talked I texted Yvonne asking when she thought they would be there for lunch and she texted back not until noon probably that they had just gotten up.

This is another thing is that when Charlie and I go ride we never wait for people. We say clutch out at [time we decided to leave based on distance and when we need to be there] and if they can’t make by then see ya. I won’t wait for anyone – especially if it’s going to be 1,000 degrees by noon. I want to get in as much riding as possible while it’s still cool.

I texted back, Ok, just text me your ETA – we’re probably going to go ride a bit since we’re early.

Right after that, she bailed. She said, Oh, well why don’t you go without us and we’ll do something next weekend. We’re moving kind of slow today.

I was like WTF? We offered to go ride a bit and wait for them and they just bail. I was disappointed. I mean, we ALWAYS ask them to ride and they NEVER do. They go out with their motorcycle boy group and even ride with Women on the Wind but they NEVER ride with us. I was over it.

I told Charlie and we just rode over ourselves and had lunch. Once home, we kicked off our boots and traded our jeans for shorts and hung out on the porch. Later, I see a FB post of both Yvonne and Kat in a photo with Hippy Dippy saying, Great ride with [Hippy Dippy] today!

Charlie and I were like, F-THAT. We’re not asking them again. I can’t believe they dissed us to ride with Hippy-Dippy and her pathetic little Rebel 250-needing-a-motorcycle- class-raggedy-ass. What-the-F-ever. Maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t come after all because I really don’t like Hippy Dippy. I was tempted to blow their FB up but all I said in the comments was We tried.

Pathetically, they both liked it. I hate FB sometimes.

I think of all the times I particularly didn’t want to hear for the 10th time Kat sing the same songs about her ex not paying any attention to her while her current played the drums but I went to the venue anyway, paid my cover and went in to support them. We bought all their CD’s and have shown up to every show. Now I wonder if I could spend my time better doing something else.

This brings up the issue of Charlie and I having several friends that we ask to do things and they never commit or do anything with us. I get tired of it.

I also get tired of us always hosting We’re always having the parties, come over for drinks, dinner, etc. But we never get invites. Never.  The last invite we got was from Ellen in May to come over to her house and help her celebrate her birthday – that that was even because she had her leg in a brace and couldn’t go anywhere. At least she made an effort. As does Michale and her new gf, Neasa. Michale makes an effort to come to our house or meet out but despite having a new house has never entertained there. I am hoping this [like her hairstyle] will change soon since her and Neasa [who sent her to her stylist] are together.

Anyway, I guess I’ll be thankful for the friends who do make an effort because those who don’t won’t be around for much longer.