hell is for outdoor concerts

What is it with outdoor concerts and rain?

We’ve had a drought for two months in Georgia and the MINUTE we have Melissa Etheridge tickets is rains. In fact, the last three times I’ve been to Chastain Amphitheatre to see a show it’s rained.

Last Saturday was the concert. We had planned to get there early and to tailgate with our new friends from Dawsonville. A friend up the street called and asked if her and her gf could carpool so it was a plan. We split the $20 parking so it wasn’t too painful. We were one of five other cars pulling into the lot, parked, got out the chairs and the cooler and started watching people come in. Our friends waved to us across the parking lot and dragged chairs and wine over to visit. We no more got twenty minutes into our tailgating when –


We barely had enough time to fold up the chairs, throw them in the trunk and dive into the car. We thought, Oh, it will stop in 20 minutes. Nope. We sat there for an hour and ½. The gates weren’t even open no one was playing in the deluge with thunder and lightning. Our friend, Emil was trapped in her car up the hill. Dawsonville friends were going through 3 bottles of wine. Charlie and I were drinking beer but all of our bladders were on the verge of exploding. We saw some girl get out of the car behind us and open both front and back doors and go between them. I was tempted believe me but that seemed way too personal with Angela and Sharon in the backseat. (This is really the first time we’ve gone somewhere with them.) I texted the Dawsonville peeps and said we were staying until 8:30 and if no music and it’s still pouring we’re out of there. They said they were leaving at 8:15. As if knowing we were all going to leave they opened the gates. Then, the rain let up. We all got out – like a mass exodus. There were soggy lesbians everywhere. Our Dawsonville friends decided they were too drunk to leave to stay.

Angela and Sharon took off for the gate and I hopped a squat between the car doors and peed all over my shorts and flipflops. We lugged the cooler down the steps to a line that was forming to get in. Charlie and a cop got into it because she wanted to wait on the side until I got up to the front of the line before hopping in – she didn’t want to have to lug the cooler the whole time we were in line which made sense. The cop was pointing over to the side telling her she had to stand right.there. What a b*tch.

We finally got up to the guy checking tickets and when I pulled out my Groupon tickets he barely looked at them and said we had to get behind that woman to have them scanned. He was kind of a b*tch, too. So, we followed the woman and came to an usher who we showed the tickets to. She looked at them and then the previous guy yelled over our shoulders, [Name of usher] I NEED YOU BACK HERE RIGHT NOOOOOW.

Usher, I’M HELPING THESE LADIES FIND THEIR SEAAAAAAAAATS! Even louder. I thought a fight was going to break out.

We went in to find our seats only to find this grandma older couple in our seats with a tray and food set up. They looked at us to move and we stopped them and said we’d sit somewhere else and if someone kicked us out we’d come back. So, we pushed up under the terrace a few rows up and sat down. We tried to eat but every time we put our deli containers with salad and chicken on the cooler they got dumped off on the ground. By this time I was realllllllly over it. I probably could have left right then if Melissa Etheridge hadn’t started playing. I wanted to see her but I was lukewarm about Pat Benatar. We decided to just drink beer at that point and f*ck the food.

After some time, Angela and Sharon found us and said, It’s terrible out there- it’s raining.

I hadn’t noticed being under the terrace. So, we told them to sit with us. The place was half empty anyway and I was glad we’d gotten a Groupon for this show as I would have HATED to have spent the $$ on tickets our friends had.

Melissa finished then Pat came out and the first two songs were great – I think they were “Love is a Battlefield” and “We Belong”. Great. Then, I was ready to go. She was playing with Neil Giraldo (who, I have no idea who he is) and he started to TALK before every song they played. I was like, Shut up and play, old man.

I was getting restless and wanted food. I was starting to ask everyone if they were ready to go. Then, on stage they started talking again and then ripped into, “Hell is for Children”. Sounding like: HELLSIS FOR CHIL-REN!!!!


It kind of blasted us out of our seats and hard to take after several beers and I imagine the rest of the crowd – three bottles of wine and towards the end of the evening. That seemed to do it for everyone they were like, Lets go.

For that, I am happy they played that song then.

The next concert is not until the fall and inside the Tabernacle, which, I’m thankful for that.

lesbian GO

Happy Friday, everyone! It is the dog days of summer here. We try to stay cool as we push through to September and football season.

Last Sunday we hosted a soccer championship party. Well, we called it a party because for once there were more than three people including Charlie and myself [shocking, I know]. We made a plan with our friend, B.Ferris to come over that afternoon to watch the game and grill out after. That morning, we had breakfast with our friend, Emil and she agreed to come over later if she didn’t hear from two of the women she’s been in contact with on HER. I guess this is the lesbian version of Adam4Adam? [is there an Eve4Eve app?]

Ok, you know I just can’t let this opportunity go by without reflecting on this. I’ll continue with the soccer in a bit –

So, with all the app madness these days, like the Pokemon GO and people falling off cliffs to play I wonder if there could be a lesbian dating app calling LessyGO! Like, a single person like Emil could check in to an area, say a frequented place that has restaurants, bars, stores, etc. and then GO find a partner, hookup, friend to hold hands with – whatever. I was thinking this when I saw this video this morning:

Like, these apps could make you GO find whatever it you want- like me, I’d want Miller Lite. Miller Lite GO because the [soccer, football, hockey] game is about to begin! People like BBQ then there’s BBQ-GO! Get that rib, come on!


The possibilities are endless, y’all.

So, back to the soccer party. Our friend, Nana who has recently earned the new motorcycle group/blog/nickname of Stiletto stopped by on her way to the airport. Stiletto is always a lively addition to any gathering. So, Emil was talking about the hookups women she’s met on HER. Of course B.Ferris had to break in and relate to Stiletto the time when I told her not to mention all of the deceased cat’s she’s had in the past on a first date. It always goes like this:

Don’t talk about all your old cats dying on a first date.

I wasn’t on a date.

Yeah, because you mentioned all your cats dying.

It’s sort of like a who’s on first thing with us. Now I’m thinking of an app Finding-someone-who-has-as-many-cats-as-I-GO, app. Maybe then it would be appropriate to commiserate over all the cats who have died in the past and give them respectful remembrance. Instead of me saying, DON’T TALK ABOUT DEAD CATS!

Stiletto stuck up for me on that one but she wasn’t around for the Canada debate between B.Ferris and I that went something like this:

If Trump wins I’m moving to Canada.

What makes you think Canada wants you?

Well, I can just move there.

No you can’t. You have to become a citizen. What makes you think they’ll accept you.

My parents live near there in New York.

So what? That doesn’t mean anything. I get so sick of people saying that they’re going to move to Canada. I mean, Canada doesn’t want your @ss. Just because Americans can’t make their political system in the US work we’re going to flee to Canada? What a cop out.

Oh, you just like to debate with me every time we drink.

Not every time we drink, most times.

Anyway, despite the Canada debate much fun was had and Portugal won so I was happy until I dragged my hungover butt in to work the next Monday and I posted this CANADA GO article for B.Ferris on my FB




working for the week (summer) end

July has just started and we’re already craving some rain and lower temps. It’s been a scorching hot summer so far and more to come until the last day (Sept 23rd, I think). The past two weeks, Charlie and I have been typically putting in 6 day weeks with the landscape business.

The weekend before last, Charlie went down to see the boys and I stayed home with the dogs. Friday night I had taken some beers down the street to these neighbor friends that I’ve known for years – since I first moved to the street in ‘97. One of them had been diagnosed by her GP that her breast cancer had come back and metastasized into the bone in her clavicle and was awaiting more bad news from the cat scan and the consult with the oncologist. I had texted her “I have cold beer” and she replied “come down”. I ended up staying there talking to her and her partner for a couple of hours then I ran to get a pizza and ran into Opie who had to tell me about breaking up with her boyfriend so I didn’t get home until late. Saturday, I went to do that landscape job for that lady I felt bad for. I went over there and she had taped an envelope to the door with a note to also clean up all the garbage that was in the poison ivy.

It was kind of a disgusting job, to be honest. I got it done and hauled out some of her trash but not all – my measly little $50 quote didn’t include hauling out 10 plastic buffet lids to the recycling bin. (I hauled out half of that, though, and I don’t even want to know why she had all those there – is there some way to cook meth with a buffet lid? I don’t know….) Below is some before and after shots:



Then, I went home and took a shower and scrubbed every square inch of my body and melted into the couch to watch soccer. After a while I got a text from Nana wanting to know if we were still on for dinner and going to Shutter and Rooster’s show. I really considered just staying home but I knew this was probably going to be the only opportunity I saw them for the next month or so. I replied that I’d meet them down there for the show.

The show was in this really bad upcoming neighborhood down by the new football stadium. I wound through downtown and almost passed it before turning down a side street beside a bar that had a fenced in area in the back with junk that looked like one guy’s treasures. I looked around and didn’t see any familiar cars and thought, I can’t believe I’m the first one here. (Well, yes I can because I have to be early for everything but that was just it – I wasn’t early – everyone else was just really late.) I almost left until I walked in and ran into Link and Nana. It was a small one-room bar that you could barely move in and they were shoved up along the wall sitting on stools against a ledge that was about a foot wide trying to eat deli sandwiches. (this place had “bar and deli” in the name but this was no place you’d ever think of ordering some boarshead roastbeef…..)

They’re playing here?

Yes, Nana nodded, I had called earlier asking if we needed to make a table reservation and they laughed at me.

Where are they playing?

Apparently, downstairs. She pointed to what looked like a broom closet that led to stairs.

So, they have to lug all their equipment to the basement?


Long story short, when Shutter and Rooster pulled up 30 minutes later Link and I helped them haul their stuff through the bar ‘scuse me, sorry, coming through……scuse me, yes coming through again……..move it muther-f*cker….. and down some of the ricketiest stairs I’ve ever saw.

They finally got set up downstairs where it was all exposed brick walls and sort of cool like a dungeon until they warmed up and then it was like this:



My ears were ringing then. I hadn’t had enough whiskey, wait, I was on my second drink and couldn’t feel any remote kind of a buzz and realized that they must have watered down their jack. Note to self the next time I went to see them there I was bringing a flask and showing up late, very late. As of yet, their bass player who doesn’t believe in anything electronic that tells you how to get somewhere was weaving his way around downtown driving the wrong way on one-way streets still trying to find the bar. Shutter finally had to initiate a search party and go out and find him and bring him in. The hunt for Ned Loaf-tober was underway. I was thinking we could almost skip the (string) bass – no one would hear him anyway…….guess I’ll go get another watered down jack…..I was bored.


Finally, they found him brought him in and said PLAY MOTHERF*CKER and everyone sat around some more and visited while he warmed up. I was thinking, What’s to warm up? Start banging your hand on those strings to do what you do, come on! (We probably wouldn’t have had a bass player after that if it were me.) I didn’t get home until almost 11:30, called Charlie and went to bed. That was my weekend.

This past weekend we had to do a few small jobs (at least they started out to be that way) on Saturday and I hoped to be parked in front of the TV in plenty of time to watch soccer. One of the jobs was redoing this patio underneath one of our client’s deck. Initially, when we discussed this job with one of the owners (the wife) she wanted just a few stones reset and leveled so it wouldn’t move when you stepped on it. I was skeptical from the beginning, to be honest. (Let’s just say I’m mostly skeptical about everything until proven wrong.)

When Charlie and I showed up on Saturday to do the job the husband was out there. He had just had knee surgery and was hobbling around giving directions while we did the job. His idea of the job was practically tearing up the entire patio, resetting all the stones and sanding in around them. Let it be a lesson in never discussing a job with only one spouse present and, of course, the wife wasn’t there to vouch for anything we discussed earlier. Charlie told him that we had only discussed this small area with wife and that if we had more sand left over that we’d spread it into the cracks of all the other stones. We basically reset a lot more than what we originally costed the job out at. I still was regretting that I didn’t charge twice as much especially since we were watched by the husband the whole entire time we did the job, too. (That in itself should have been $100 extra.)

We completed it, he was happy, wife who just conveniently came home as we were sweeping in the last crack was happy and I was like, F*ckin’ get me out of here “Let’s go.” I was ready to go eat a sandwich and watch soccer. I told Charlie that we weren’t doing anymore Saturday jobs the rest of the summer because it was too friggin’ hot and we have sh*t planned. We’re doing strictly maintenance work during the week and landscape plans until October. Here’s some pics of the job below.


The next day we went out to our neighbor friend’s cabin on the lake. They were celebrating because the one that was waiting for the diagnose from the oncologist and the results of the cat scan was told by the oncologist that she didn’t know why the stupid, insipid GP had diagnosed that as she had broken her clavicle and there wasn’t any sign of cancer in the bone. Our friend pretty much felt like she had a new lease on life when she’d been believing for two weeks that her days were numbered. So, much celebration was had that day on the lake. We took the dogs and swam and stayed for lunch and dinner and then we took our worn out, sunburnt selves home.

IMG_5001 (Sadie was in an air-conditioned coma on the way back.)

Yesterday, we managed to watch the small 4th parade that morning over bloody Mary’s and holed up the rest of the afternoon watching Mr. Robot while I finished a landscape plan. None of us, including the dogs could stand to be outside more than 5 minutes until the sun went down. It was a pretty low key day. Later, we went outside in our boxers and watched the fireworks from the street and then went in and went to bed.






I think I mentioned in passing that Charlie quit cut back her hours at the veterinary clinic to focus on the landscaping company. She reduced her hours and gave stupid bitch boss a month notice to find someone else. Then, it seemed the minute she stepped away from the hell hole it the landscape clients started to flood in.

A few weeks back one of our clients made a recommendation of us on the neighborhood website and emails and calls flooded in even more. Last week, we had consultations every evening except Thursday because we were so tired we needed a night off from it. I handle contacting the clients, estimating the jobs and emailing the quotes and taking payments and Charlie does the heavy lifting of doing the maintenance work. Some days she has jobs lined up and doesn’t finish until after lunch. The large cleanup jobs we do together on Saturdays. We both enjoy doing it and I know Charlie likes being away from that bitch in charge of her own schedule.

And, it makes for good blog material.

So, last week this lady contacted me wanting a bunch of shit stuff done – cleanup, bed prep and enlargement, a landscape plan and, hell, let’s talk about making a bed in the front and trimming up all this other shit. I mean, she was all over the place. Potential customers like this tend to make me suspicious because they don’t have a clear focus of what they want and I think they just want to pick our brains and then not hire us.

She went on to say this was going to be a birthday gift for her WIFE and she wanted it to be a surprise but knew it couldn’t be because how would she explain why we were there doing work and so, yes, she had to tell her and get her involved in the consult…..


I reluctantly set up a consultation and told Charlie she needed to come with me. We had two other people lined up before her/them. So, we went to the two appointments before them when I called – let’s call her Jane – when I called JANE to tell her we were on our way over she quickly explained that she was on the way to [college] to pick up her wife and that they needed another 45 minutes before they were home. I told her to text me when she was close and hung up.

What’s going on?

They need more time because she’s going to pick up her academic wife who probably has a stick up her @ss that, no, I will not give an estimate for removing and wont’ be there until after 6.

[The reason I say academic like that is because I’ve done my time dating academics and 90% of the time they think they are better and smarter than everyone else. But, not ALL academics are like that -just the ones I’ve had limited sex with.]

Let’s go get a beer at pizza joint.

Should we really have beer on our breath meeting clients?

These are lesbians they’ll probably be drinking when we get there.

So, at pizza place I got a call from JANE that they were on their way and would be there in fifteen minutes. I told her we’re on our way, hung up and took my time on finishing my beer.

We pulled up and I already started assessing the place. Of course with Georgia everything grows like a jungle and I saw shrubs on both sides of the house that were overgrown and the lawn seriously needing cutting. Out came Jane sticking her hand out and introducing herself and then introducing Janet (I always change names on the blog but their names are similar in real life which makes it even more uncanny).

Janet was exactly what I summed up previously. She wore pinstriped pants with a white button down shirt un-tucked like she just came out of giving a three hour antitrust law lecture and was ready for a gin and tonic and why was she standing in this hot yard talking to these lesbians about her fucking beds when she really wanted a Cartier Tank watch for her birthday and not some rototilling……..

Jane went on like a runaway horse carriage of WHAT ALL they wanted in the front and then we walked to the back and even more information was poured out on bed prep, fertilizer, landscape plan, landscape plants –

That was when Janet interjected on being particular on the plants she wanted in her beds. Another alarm sounded off in my brain. Usually, when people say this they still don’t know exactly what it is they want and can never give examples, either, but any suggestion that is made is shot down. In short, they’re never happy with anything. All they know is the buzzwords like organic, compost, sustainable, natural, etc. which means to me – pulling weeds, spreading manure, bugs, sweating and stinky…..

Once we were done and back in the car Charlie asked, So, what do you think?

I think I’m going to price it very high……how much do Cartier watches cost?


Because that’s what I think JANET really wants for her birthday not some “bed preparation”. Holding up both hands and wiggling my fingers like quotes.

Lol, I hear ya but if they take us up on it that’s all on you “Miss Landscape Architect”. Fingers like quotes.

So, I sent out their quote and haven’t heard back. I know they’re on vacation and there’s a slim chance they come back and take us up on it.

Knowing my luck, they will.



why dogs are women’s best friend

Last Saturday I went down to Petco and volunteered with the local shelter for their pet adoption clinic. They have it every Saturday from 10 – 2pm. I got there early and met two other volunteers before the van pulled up with Chris who was the staff person heading up the clinic. We all said Hi and proceeded to unpack the van along with getting out 4 of our cutie dogs who were adoption-ready.

Most of the job was to walk the animals every hour or so, pet and keep them calm and talk to potential adoption clients. It was a pretty easy job. All of the dogs but 1 you could pet through their kennels and even take them out for people to pet and visit with them. There was one dog there Chris said to let her walk and sit next to that he wasn’t really up for adoption and was very timid. She had been working with him for several months, he’s had a hard life so far and was very timid and only really trusted her. So, we placed several signs in front and on top of Brody’s cage saying DON’T PUT HANDS THROUGH BARS. Most times Brody just sat calmly in his kennel not barking or doing anything.

Well, people are just like kids. You tell them not to do something and next thing you know someone’s got their face down in Brody’s cage talking to him and he’s barking and growling. I could understand where he was coming from, too. Some human puts their stupid face in mine I’m going to say, Back off, Buster! I even had to stop one child from putting her hands in there right after telling both the parents that this one was the only one that couldn’t be petted.

People can be so stupid, really. We had four other dogs that were sweet as could be that people did visit with and talk to but every hour or so someone stupid would come up to Brody and get him barking. One lady even said he didn’t deserve to be there and should be put down.

Now, let’s step back. Most of these animals have been in the shelter for at least 2-6 months. Some even longer. Even bringing them out for adoption is a break for them. They get a change of scenery, fresh air, get walked every hour – even Brody – and it’s just a good change for them. Brody may have been beaten in his last life or chained up and severely neglected. People are working with him instead of just giving up and putting him down.

Like every volunteer opportunity it comes with educating morons people about the process, why it’s important and how to take steps not to be stupid in the future to keep meeting the goals of the organization. At least that’s what I kept telling myself – especially, when this crackhead homeless woman eyeing our donation bucket on top of Brodys kennel came up and was taunting him. That was the last straw for me, really – I felt she was just causing a distraction so she could grab the money and run off. I stepped between her and the kennel and told her to move on off and stop antagonizing the dog. She left and Chris came up and said that I handled it well.

I tried to think back on doing the 3-day walk if I ever ran into crazy people that didn’t understand the organization or why we were there. Although, the difference with that organization and this one was the former was all about raising money. You couldn’t raise enough money – ever. This one is all about people adopting, volunteering their time, taking a pet home for a day just to get them out of the shelter and they’re running free adoptions for dogs over 25 pounds and cats this month so they’re certainly not money-driven although money is always accepted. So, there are some differences. I just don’t remember wanting to throw someone off a building feeling like this when I walked the 3-day – maybe it was just because I was so tired walking 20 miles a day.

After the event was over (and, no dogs went home with anyone but one got some paperwork filled out on her so I have my fingers crossed she’ll get adopted) I went home and let my own dogs out and told them how lucky they were to veg on the couch all day watching soccer. Then, I had to meet a landscape client who was just around the corner.

When I went there I realized she lived in this kind of run-down condo complex. I wondered why she needed landscape maintenance until I pulled up at her front door. It was very run down and there was this disheveled woman who came out. She looked so familiar, too, but I couldn’t place her. It was obvious why she needed someone because the small patch in front was all weeds and poison ivy. We talked and she just needed someone to mow it down and clean it up. The next door neighbor had his front lawn all torn up and it looked sod-ready, however, he had artificial turf rolled up at the curb like he was going to lay it on top of the dirt. (Yeah, talk about TACKY!) I asked her if he was laying that and she said, Yes.

He could lay sod on top of what he’s prepped easily.

She just shrugged her shoulders. The whole time I was thinking I was going to price her high because I didn’t want the job when he came out and picked up a few sticks that were in the parking lot and said, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t throw your sticks into the parking lot.

I wanted to say, Dude! You’re laying astro turf onto dirt and you’re complaining about a few sticks??

I went around back to see what the client had there and like the front it was full of weeds. I told her I would email her a quote this week and as we were walking around the front someone pulled up and stopped. It was the guy’s girlfriend/partner/wife/skank whatever. The lady said, Oh, I’m sorry you’re in her space.

I waved and shouted, I’m moving, I’m moving! And turned to the lady shook her hand and said nice meeting you and ran to the truck.

Too late the lady had already torn off in her car in a heat when there were spaces on either side of me that she could have parked temporarily. I got in the truck and thought, What the f*ck is wrong with people?

I was angry and wanted to cry. I think the day had gotten to me. I drove home and let the dogs out again and sat down and cracked a beer and wrote up that lady’s quote – cheap. I wasn’t going to take that job until that neighbor was such a d*ckhead to her. Now I’m p*ssed. F-him I’m gonna make that place look so good and he can go f*ck himself with his rolled up astro turf.

The next day, Charlie and I just took it easy. We were meeting Link and gf Nana for Link’s sister, Sue Ellen’s bday brunch. I prayed they were going to be the only one’s there but I was wrong. Of course both Mike and Dino were there with their wives. Mike unfortunately sat next to me. I was hoping nothing about the bachelor party was going to come up and it didn’t however, when Nana asked me about my new job Mike started in on why it was such a bad company (Mike retired from the company before it got bought out by fortune 500 company) and that I shouldn’t invest in company stock and he hoped it worked out, etc. I added that we were #10 of profit making on the list of Fortune 500 companies but he wasn’t deterred.  I think Nana was sorry she asked because the whole conversation became about Mike (as always). I ignored Mike and actually turned sideways in my seat putting my back to him the rest of the meal only focusing on Charlie, Link, Nana and Sue Ellen. Dino and Martha were there but Dino was constantly out smoking with Mike’s wife, Celia every ten minutes I didn’t talk to him that much. All I can say is that it was a good thing we met them the next day and not the day before because there probably would have been drinks in Mike’s face spilt and me storming out of the restaurant.

I’m tired of grumpy friends these days, too. There’s one I ask to do things with and get ignored or they’re snippy with me over text. Other’s we met up with and they’re grouchy and then there’s Mike. I don’t’ care to see Mike and his wife for a long time now (in fact, usually when we know they’re going to be there we pass). I wouldn’t mind seeing Link and Nana for a couple’s thing because they are always in a good mood. Although, Charlie and I have been working so much these days that it’s hard to have any energy to chase them down put towards making plans and doing them. We were so tired last week we skipped Weezer and Panic at the Disco. I gave the tickets to a young guy in my class, instead. (He was happy, too, and I was so glad they didn’t go to waste). Charlie’s going to Florida this weekend to see her boys and after I make that client’s yard from above look good I’m flopping the rest of the weekend with the dogs who are certainly never grouchy when I’m around. Maybe there will even be some pizza crusts in their future and we have plenty of soccer to watch.


Hey, ya’ll just checking in to let you know we’re all OK here. Yes, I know we’re in Atlanta or – should I say HOTlanta – but you never know. I’m taking a break from all the madness of posts on FB and the news. There’s really only so much I can take.

I’ve been in training classes for work since the first of last week. While I’d much rather be here in training than at my old job there are parts of it that are very boring. My mind feels like mush to be honest. I can’t wait to know what the heck I’m doing, you know? I say this and Charlie reminds me that I said the same thing at my old job then they dumped a bunch of work on me and I was completely overwhelmed. Can we just go for a happy-medium?

Speaking of old job. My training is right across the street from my old building. So, I’ve been running in to all kinds of peeps I used to work with. While I never told anyone except my pal, Tony, where I was going when I quit (because it was none of their biz) I’m making no secret that I’m an engineer for [a large fortune 500 company] now. Yesterday, my co-worker and I were walking during lunch as we try to do to get in our steps and I ran right in to two people I used to work for. One, Clarence, used to be in my group and was a senior PM who I had to meet with once a month when I was there for him to check my work. It was super annoying because we all felt like we were being treated like children and the teacher was checking our work. This was something our manager Richard made us do. The other person was Clarisse who is an assistant office manager now and I used to report to her for those super annoying bicycle path projects that I was running. (They were super annoying because the sponsor on the projects never came to meetings, answered calls or emails and constantly missed deliverable deadlines) Those two are bosom buddies – in fact, Clarence took Clarisse’s old position right before I left.

So, I ran into them on the sidewalk and said Hi. I have no problem NOW saying hi because their stupid @sses don’t own me anymore. They asked what I was doing and I said I was down here training with Fortune 500 the whole month and that I’d been running into a lot of people at the old job. In fact, I’d just had lunch with Tony the day before and was having lunch with Cathy and Sherlyn on Thursday kind of intimating that, Yeah, I’ll never eat with you jokers because you’re on the side of evil.

So, right after that when I got upstairs to my computer in the training center I emailed Tony and said I’d ran into them. Later, I got a text from him saying Clarence couldn’t wait to run over and tell Richard he’d ran into me at lunch and tell him that I worked for Fortune 500 now. I texted Tony back and said, What did Richard say to that?

He said, So she just went up the street and asked for a job?

That’s so rich. Y’all know what I went through to get this job and plus, I make SO much more money now and my boss is NICE unlike that d*ckhead. At first I was enraged then I thought, HA! My leaving must have got to him for him to spout off like that. In fact, I bet money he’s jealous that I’m with F500 now.

Plus, he’s losing yet another person on the team the end of this week. That makes three of us who have left the last three months. It’s because no one wants to work for him. I made sure I told the other assistant office head on my exit interview about his management style and why moral was so low. I called him out but in a professional way. But, it doesn’t matter I just know that I got to him now and he deserves everything he gets because he brought it on himself. I wonder if I’m going to bump into him while I’m down here and I’ll say, Yeah, I just came down the street and asked for a job. HAHA!

Charlie has been running the landscape business full time now and we’ve had clients coming out of the wazoo lately. One of our existing clients put a recommendation for us on the neighborhood message board and my phone has been ringing off the hook. We have three consults tonight and another three on Friday. I’m telling you – if we build it they will come and they’re coming.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to. Last week we went to see the Doobie Brothers and Journey at an outside venue. I got out of class early, went home and picked Charlie up and we flew down there to get a good spot on the lawn. We barely made it in time, too. We had other friends showing up who were stuck in traffic for an hour trying to get in. I mean, it’s Journey, y’all – you knew there were going to be about a million people trying to get in there. This week is Weezer and Panic at the Disco. Part of me wants to go and another part doesn’t – we’ll just have to see what the weather is going to be like because rain will be a deal breaker.




spring chex mix

I hope everyone had a great weekend holiday or not. Charlie and I did. It started off Friday seeing friends Shutter and Rooster play with their new band. They sound great and we had [mostly] a good time except for the fact that I was informed by Dino that I needed to get with Mike STAT to help organize his titty bachelor party.


I’m getting roped into riding in a limo with the boys to go to strip clubs while Charlie is going with the girls to take some burlesque class. We’re all to meet up later at the Claremont Lounge. At least hope Creed and Link will go along so I won’t be alone to carry Mike and Dino out of the bar.

Saturday, Charlie and I bought a new car. We really needed another source of reliable transportation. We spent all day down at the car dealer and finally ended up with the car that we’d chosen online prior to riding down there. By the time we got home all I wanted to do was park it in the carport, crack a beer and stare at it. Its’ been so long since I owned a car that was any resemblance to new.


We got three new landscaping clients. Its three ladies that all live next to each other in the neighborhood. I have a feeling we’re going to have to be very delicate with these clients as I can imagine if one of them is unhappy they all are. The pros – they all live in the same vicinity in the neighborhood. The cons is what I stated above. We need to make them happy at all costs because they also know everyone in the neighborhood [and, you can just imagine how often they talk over the fence.]

'This looks like a really hot piece of gossip, Edna!'

Charlies’ blood pressure has already gone down not working for the rageaholic bi-polar veterinary full time and doing more of the landscape work. I’m starting my engineering classes for my job next week and it can’t come soon enough. These will run the whole month of June and by the time I’m finished we’ll hopefully have moved out of our old building into a new one closer to the house and I’ll have my own territory. I’m also looking forward to this because right now we have contractors in the building sitting with us. I got stuck in a cube right next to this pig guy that brings his family drama into the office and leaves remnants of his TV dinners in his cubicle. Not to mention you can’t have a conversation with anyone without him rolling his chair out of his cube and joining in to the conversation. Hopefully, this is my last week sitting next to him because they are supposed to be moving out next week.

We have a lot of things to look forward to this summer and I’m grateful. We managed to get the AC installed just in time for the 90 degree weather. Most weekends we’ve done landscaping on Saturday and take Sunday off to relax. This Saturday I’m starting a job (one of the ladies from above) while Charlie goes to handler class so she can train Sadie to be a therapy dog.

30C67E9B-1A23-49C0-88E3-B0FB432DA34D(is this the face of a therapy dog?)

We wanted to make Bailey a therapy dog but she barks at wheelchairs, anyone that looks freaky-deaky and orange traffic cones so we just let it go. She is resigned to be a watch dog.













Hot child in the city

We’re in the process of updating our HVAC system this week. This has been a long time coming and since our old system barely coughed through last summer we decided to just bite the bullet and get it done. Charlie has done most of the prep work for this but yesterday I – cough – still needed to go through ex gf’s my shit stuff. It was a mess, really, but I purged a lot out of there. Then, I started going through my office as it was a mess as well. I cleaned out my desk drawer, and shredded a bunch of stuff (without managing to throw the shredder out the window because it jammed twice). I had to fold up the drum kit and stack it on the other side of the room so they could cut a vent where it was sitting. Although, my large Zildjian ride is sitting in the middle of the living room. You don’t realize what all goes into a drum kit until you take the thing apart and re-set it up again.

After that, we headed to the park with the dogs. It was such a beautiful day. It seemed everyone else in Atlanta thought that, too, because we couldn’t seem to find parking anywhere and discovered we were hungry so we ended up at the Brew House in lil’ 5 points. I love that place. They always have soccer football on. I much prefer that to baseball any day. (Especially, since the Braves s*ck this year.)

Later, our friend, Emily came over. She has been trying to get her life coach sister-in-law to help her with her resume for the last month to no avail. Me, I’m good at this stuff so I created a couple of templates for us to go by and once I got it started she plugged in the rest of the information. We were done less than two hours. She’s been going through a breakup lately (and, the ex hasn’t moved out yet) and is having a hard time. Charlie and I get it but we see she’s still in the denial what’s-wrong-with-me stage. She needs to boot the b*tch out get to angry stage and then she’ll be ok. Honestly, I was glad we had much of the time discussing her qualifications and resume as opposed to what’s wrong with me that stupid Sarah doesn’t want me? She doesn’t want you because she stupid, girl – period. But, you know, you can’t say that. Have to be nice.

Be nice, Lanie. I know, it’s hard sometimes.

Charlie and I finally booked a honeymoon trip to Florida in September. (Yes, I know it’s been two years since we got married) I’m so ready, too. We’re going to St. Augustine and then down to Sebastian to go deep sea fishing and stay in a resort by the water. It’s going to be so great. Live music, beach, umbrella drinks – I can’t wait!


Friday the 13th PP 

This is what I feel like all the time. I seriously believe that there are those who just relay on everyone else to make the plans, host the parties, and coordinate everything and they just pick and choose what they want to do. It’s like they have a weekly menu of activities.

Tomorrow, we’re going to go for a motorcycle ride to Athens for the day. Our friend, Drew is coming along which will be good as we haven’t seen him in a while. We’re going to have lunch, shop a bit and then ride home so it should be a good day for it.

I have to share this recipe with y’all that I made last night.


I substituted the macadamia nuts for cashews and the papaya for mango and it came out really great! Tonight, I’m making this recipe which I hope will turn out good but probably not as great as last nights.


I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend! Happy Friday the 13th – leave the chainsaw in the shed, peeps. 

photo challenge chex mix

I’ve still been trying to run every day during the week in the mornings. It is a feat in itself I’m able to roll out of bed at 6:15 a.m. to go run -I think, only because the dogs come in and get me up to be let outside – I think this directly correlates with the coffee maker beeping that it’s finished brewing. I would love to be able to get up a few minutes earlier just so I could finish my run earlier and walk a bit to cool off but even now, 6:15 is a stretch. I tried setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier to go off but it only means I hit the snooze. Charlie has been making me smoothies for my after run and they have been great. I went online and found this organic protein powder that tastes really good. She mixes that with some almond milk and fruit. They usually come out looking a bit purplish although the one this morning was more pinkish. She suggested that we get some spinach or kale to add for extra nutrients but I’m not sure about that. It’s enough I drink a protein shake every morning instead of an egg sandwich but another to introduce the taste of @ss into my smoothie.

Work has been good. I’ve been doing a slew of training and practically the whole month of June I will be in classes. Ironically, the classes are right across the street from my old office. I’m going to try and have lunch with some peeps while I’m there. From what I learned so far is that I’m really going to be on my own as far as my learning path goes. I’m not really worried as I feel I pick up things quickly but I will be at the mercy of others to help answer questions. I will probably end up having to sit with someone while they do their designs, too. But, I’m not going to worry about that until I at least have the class under my belt.

So, I bopped on over to Liz’s site today and she has this random photo challenge. First, you open up your camera roll on your phone and scroll one time without looking and put your finger down to stop the scrolling and whatever your finger lands on save it and then post it with a little background story of the pic. Do this about 7-10 times, however many photos you want.


My first photo was a selfie that Charlie sent me. I believe she took this one night when we were getting ready to go out on a date. (help me out, Charlie, if I’m wrong).


This was taken the weekend we went up to the Yurt. The campsite had provided this wagons to help you haul your stuff from the car to the Yurt site. Charlie and I were screwing around when right after this was taken a DNR ranger showed up in a pickup truck and rolled down the window and asked us if we were having fun yet. I was saying, We’re not here 5 minutes without getting in trouble.


Charlie kissing beloved Sadie. Even though she has a coat and hat on this was probably taken in April when the temperature dropped so much we thought we were going to have to turn on the heat. Compared to March where it got up to 78 degrees one week.


Riverside Café’ when we were in Florida visiting Charlie’s parents. This place is right down the street from her folks. We had gone there one night for drinks before dinner. I remember meeting this really obnoxious couple (we seem to be magnets for them). The husband was heavily flirting with Charlie and leading the whole conversation about him and his wife diving. I was like, Really? You have a wife? I think I did say that and he pointed her out and she was across the deck having a drink and talking to some other people completely ignoring him. I deduced she was sick of him and glad he was socializing with other people. The only good thing about it was for once Charlie’s brother wasn’t dictating the conversation and you could see he was visibly perturbed about it.


St. Augustine, Florida. Our daughters-in-law (left) is in the picture with Charlie’s youngest son (right). It was a few days before Thanksgiving and we had stopped off for an over-nighter and the boys, daughters-in-law and our friends Bernice and Raphe came up to visit. We had walked around and saw the lights as well as went into this bar and listened to live music. It was a great night. I wished we could have stayed longer.


This is what is left of the barn on my farm. It was taken prior to Thanksgiving when I went to Indiana for a visit. My sister and I always go out to this farm – it was our grandmothers on our mother’s side. It’s always a shock to go out there because every time we go something’s torn down. This time it was the woods that was cleared. I suspect our father directed the contract farmer to clear the woods for more corn yield. I suspect someday that the barn will be torn down as well.


The dogs at Piedmont Park. They are great posers. We had put them up on that rock and told them to stay. They’re good for about a few clicks and then they’re done.


Charlie’s folks and us at a backyard music venue. We were friends with this couple who had backyard concerts where you could bring picnics and just donate to the artist. I can’t remember who it was we saw that night but we all enjoyed it. It was nice that we were able to take them to one of these as since the friends have stopped doing these things.


Link, Charlie (her biker name is Tazzy now) and I (Wick) parked at the Victory sandwich bar for Tuesday night bike night. Notice we’re early because it doesn’t look like another soul was there but shortly after that almost 50 bikes were parked everywhere.

IMG_4097 (1)

Me right after scoring an autographed stick from the drummer of the Blues Traveler.


A close-up of Sadie.