struggle bus Friday chex mix

Happy Friday, y’all! Even though it’s rainy in the ATL today it’s supposed to clear off and be a decent weekend. I am so ready for winter to go away. I want to be able to sit outside and be socially distant with friends. I want way more than that but I guess we’ll have to wait for this vaccine rollout. I can’t tell you how ready I am to be out and about. I don’t care about the mask thing and wearing one but I want to be able to sit outside and have a meal or even sit at a bar without feeling like I’m going to catch the big C19.

I feel like it’s been a long haul here. Even still if we were to get vaccinated by May it would be June before we could really have any kind of breathing room – literally.

I guess I need to be thankful for the little things – like the weather and that we’re currently healthy. My arm is healing up pretty well, in fact, I’ve been riding my bicycle a little and it’s felt ok. School is currently kicking my ass. I’m not a huge fan of the class I’m currently in. The writing is on the wall – I feel like it’s going to be time to make a major decision of whether or not I stay in school or move on to get some certifications. Sometimes I look for a sign. Maybe a sign will be I get a D in this class. I really hope not but it’s challenging me in ways I wonder if this is going to be my happy place of being challenged and that with this master’s degree doors will open or just a grind for 4-5 years. I guess I’m not going to think about it too hard today. I’m kind of done thinking hard and I just pulled the cord to stop the struggle bus because I’m stepping off and going to a bar – in my mind – and having a drink. Have a great weekend and cheers!

the grind

I know it’s been a while since I posted on here. A ton of stuff has been going on. First, I fractured my humerus in two places so I was in a sling for a while and it was very painful to use a keyboard. Second, I had a project due yesterday on Valentine’s Day – of all days – and I wanted to get it turned in so I could at least spend part of the day with my love Charlie.

It’s been pretty much a grind all week. I’m really not having a lot of fun in this class and I’m wondering if I’m going to stay on this path or not. I looked at the next project and it doesn’t look too bad so hopefully, it won’t be. There’s a lot of folks in this class I know who have never ever run a Virtual Machine, let alone install one and run a program inside it. It’s a huge stretch for me. At least I had somewhat experience with this when I went to the technical school prior to this master’s program. I know it’s not meant to be easy but it’s a mutha-f*cker, y’all.

Plus, it’s been raining all freaking week and I’m so over it. I realize it’s snowing in other areas – fortunately not here – but, why does winter have to be so damn depressing? Anyway, y’all haven’t missed a thing that’s been going on because other than having my nose to the grindstone.

We’ve been helping Charlie’s folks and their friends get signed up for a vaccine. Most of these people can barely work their cell phones so how can you expect them to get online and sign themselves up? We’ve gotten most of their pod in their neighborhood signed up and we have one more on Wednesday to sign up. Those days we get up early, grab coffee and it’s a little like this:

Then when we get on and wait for the countdown, the signup button to light up it’s like this:

I’m sure if I wasn’t in school right now I’d probably be re-writing these lyrics a little like Alanis Morissette did in Ironic:


(stay in your own) private idaho

Happy Friday!

I haven’t written in a while because I feel like its SSDD. At least we made it through this historic week! I feel like we should be having a kegger party (– with just ourselves, of course.)

I feel like this week has just dragged on. We have some friends who have Covid. One is completely over it. One is feeling much better and another took a turn for the worse. It’s all over the place now and it’s worrisome. I’m going to try not to lecture on here but I’ve gotta tell you – I’m tired. For now on I’m just going to say to folks, You do you and Charlie and I will do us.

When I’m worried I get to cooking. I soaked some Hurst beans overnight to throw into the Instapot this morning. Believe me – with beans, you need to soak them overnight and pressure cook the fuck heck out of them or they will be tough. The last time I did them in the crockpot it took two days and I still felt like they were a little tough. I sautéed some carrots, celery, onion, and garlic to throw into them once they did their initial 35 minutes high-pressure cook down. At the very end when everything was cooked down, Charlie sautéed some turkey Andouille and put that into it. (I did have a little for lunch and it was excellent!) Here’s the recipe in case you’re interested (hint, hint for those who got a new Instapot for Christmas):

And, even though the recipe doesn’t say, I’d still soak that shit those beans overnight for tenderness, just FYI.

The weather is finally looking up today so happy hour will be spent outside. My first project dropped for school so I’m going to be busy with that for the next week. That’s all I’ve got right now and I’m heading out for a beer! Happy Friday and I’ll leave you with some B52’s. Cheers!




revolution blue

Well, we did it, folks! Georgia –us Georgians, with a little help from our friends – flipped the senate to blue this week – despite all the anarchy involved. Despite the ongoing events, let’s take a moment to celebrate our victory this week. No – the fight is never over, but for now, let’s take a moment to thank everyone for their votes and hopefully turning this country around. I leave you with Lanie’s Revolution Blue Spotify playlist – which, is best enjoyed with an adult beverage, happy Friday!

random topics of ’21

Sparing you the NYE resolution list:

It’s 2021 – let’s move on. I’m going to spare y’all New Year’s resolutions, dieting tips, training ideas, and other various shit that people promise at the start of the year. How about this? – stay the fuck alive 2021.

Vet/therapy visit:

Monday, one of our dogs, Bailey had a therapy appointment. A few years back, we were staying at an airbnb cabin and she fell down the stairs while we were there. We think a disc may have been messed up then and after the initial treatment, it’s been lingering with her not walking very well and getting very tired. This appointment was at a specialty clinic for animals that have issues with their backs and walking. We have some friends that recommended it for their mastiff. First off, the therapist evaluated her and her walking and then did some acupuncture and then a chiropractic adjustment. We’re going to try a round of this to see if it helps her. She did really well on both – she almost fell asleep on the table during the acupuncture but the chiro adjustment she yelped a little when the therapist got to the area where we think the disc is. Afterward, she seemed tired and we took her home to rest. Today she seems ok. When I let her out this morning to pee she wasn’t walking bow-legged like she usually does. So, we’ll see.

Opposing Isolation ideals:

So, we have folks who are kind of on different spectrums of isolation. Some haven’t left their houses at all and have Instacarted their way into ’21. Others have traveled to other places, seen other folks, and have not isolated at all. We’re kind of in the middle of that. We’ll do errands, go to stores masked up and we were at the vet and have an occasional distant drink outside (weather permitting) at a brewery but we don’t go to others’ houses nor do we invite anyone into our house (anymore) and vehicles. We’re kind of along the lines of waiting for a vaccine before we do anything different. This may be a long wait but I have school starting up next week, I’m going fishing again this weekend so I’m going to embrace the isolation. (Although, this time I will squat outside rather than go into a crowded Racetrac with 50% masked)

My 2 cents on the vaccine and the senate runoff:

It’s my opinion that people who have to go to a workplace, get groceries, and take care of kids, other family members, and the elderly SHOULD be second in line behind front line workers. People who work in nursing homes included. But, elderly in nursing homes who don’t go anywhere – that seems a bit over the top to me. Who are they going to infect? If their family members who visited them were vaccinated first then I don’t see the reasoning of persons in nursing homes getting it second. I really hope the vaccine gets ramped up even more after January 20th. Today we await the votes to be counted for the Ossoff/Pur- phew race. There’s still a lot of metro counties where the votes are still being counted (thank you very much, urbanites!) we are trying to hang tough!

Finally, I leave you with this shared originally by Carrie:

on the fly

I went fly fishing with that new friend of mine, Sylvia, on Sunday. I got up really early and drove 1-1/2 hours to north Georgia just past Helen. It was a beautiful drive and I was mindful of the ice that was still on the road from the previous flurry we got on Christmas day in the mountains. We were to meet at the Unicoi lodge. Apparently, you need to check in there and get a parking pass unless you drop the cash for an annual pass – which, I think my friend had but she thought it was a good place to meet just to use their clean restrooms. I would later appreciate that clean restroom.

I rolled up about 30 minutes early and went in and got my pass and was directed to the second floor to the restrooms. This lodge was attached to a hotel and was nestled in a curve of the road and the base of some mountains with a large lake surrounding it. It was gorgeous and despite everything going on in the world, there were folks there. This is the stark difference these days when you get out of the city. Masks are about 50/50. The young lady I got my parking pass from had no mask. When I took the elevator to the second floor to the restroom people were around but kind of scarce – to my relief- but there were people there, staying at the hotel, eating in the dining room, checking in, checking out – masks, no masks, etc. The whole scene kind of blew my mind. I went out to the car, started it to turn the heat on again, and locked my door.

Sylvia pulled up and she got out and put her mask on – much to my relief and came over and said she would just run in to register and use the restroom and I could follow her to the fishing spot. Once she was out we drove down the road a bit, turned onto gravel and into a gravel lot where several folks were already fitted up in their fishing gear and walking to the river. I was thankful I’d just bought new boots that I could walk in with my waders on. I have an old pair of Cabela’s neoprene and I’m sure there were many whispered comments about that. Fly fishing folks can be stuck-up brats when it comes to gear. I didn’t care. I had two layers of long underwear on under them and I was toasty warm and dry standing in the stream while it was 27 degrees outside.

After getting out Sylvia rigged up my line for me – I’d never rigged a line particularly like that. It consisted of a double fly with a float indicator and weights. I still have a lot to learn. In the past, I’ve mostly fished with dry flies and ones that would sink a lot but never with weights nor an indicator (which, is basically a fancy word for bobber). We went down to the bridge and went into the water there. It was beautiful and there was ice on the banks where we fished. These folks are really hearty about fishing in the winter. I guess it’s the best time to trout fish there. We fished a few spots and then broke for lunch. As we were walking back to the cars to get food and drinks we ran into her son who showed up with a new gf in tow (that she met for the first time that day – there was much talk about that after they left) and they walked with us to the cars. Her son also fly fishes but he and his gf were nearby that day cleaning up a creek as volunteers. I learned that fly fishing folk will do that in order to get access to a few primo fishing spots. There’s a lot of fishing spots that only allow access if you have a guide with you. These are what you call “trophy fishing spots” and contain trout that have been fed and pampered just for sport fishing. All trout fishing in these areas are catch and release only. Fly fishing in general is really respectful to the fish and the sport and conservation. No one takes these things home to put in the frying pan. In fact, I doubt you’d be able to get out of there with one without a fight.

Once we got to the car three other guys who had been fishing walked up. Might I add that I was the only one wearing a mask at this point. While Sylvia was near her son – who she’s been around she was distancing from the gf. I was distancing from everyone and if anyone got too close I’d pull on my mask.

Sylvia, her son, and gf were near her car and I was sitting on the back of mine about 10 feet away. The guys who had just walked up to their trucks were just across from us. They were talking about all the fish they’d caught in this one big hole upriver. (This is a spot that you have to get there really early in the morning to fish. You can see the trout from the bridge above.) Once one of the guys opened his mouth to speak I was reminded why I get the willies in the country. And, of course, he lit a cigarette as he was bragging about all the fish he caught directing the whole conversation to Sylvia and her son. Whatever. Another guy that was in their group whipped out his phone and started showing them all the large trout he had caught, naming rivers, guides they’d fished with, etc. This is another thing I hate about the sport is all the fucking bragging. Although, I did tell Sylvia to show him a photo of her large catch – which, she did. He kind of backed off after that. Like a woman can’t catch just as big as a trout. Shut the f*ck up, dude. And, this whole time of showing photos no one had a mask on. I just sat on the back of my SUV looking at my phone, putting out vibes to those guys like don’t come near me or I’ll cut your throat. This is why I never fish alone.

They finally left and we headed back to the river. We fished a couple of holes and caught a couple of browns and then I was done. I was wanting to get back and have a happy hour with Charlie. Sylvia walked me back to the car and then went back and fished for a couple of additional hours – she’s really into it.

I had a great time (despite the d*ckwads) but I need to get some gear. My reel is kind of hosed and I used Sylvia’s rig a lot (which, was really nice). I need some of those tiny flies and I need to learn how to tie those bitches up right. Sylvia was a great teacher and I appreciated her rigging me up all day but I don’t want her to have to do that every time we go fish so I’m going to teach myself some things and either fix my reel or get a new one in the meantime. She’s going to NC this coming week but I don’t know if I’ll go or not. Juries out. I want to because school starts up on the 8th of January and I really don’t know what kind of time I’m going to have to fish but it will work out. I know, – no real-world problems here.

merry christmas and gone fishing

The other night Link and I were sitting around the fire talking and the subject of fly fishing came up. (This was after she made fun of the grey corduroy pants I was wearing) I was excited about digging out all my gear and thinking about possibly going this next year. I haven’t been out fishing since I had my guide trip in ’19. My thing is I love to fish but A. I don’t want to be out in the middle of nowhere by myself fishing and B. I don’t know a whole lot of where to go fishing. C. I don’t have a ton of experience fishing – mostly have just taught myself or when I went with the guide he taught me some stuff.

Sunday Charlie and I went out to the local brewery for a few distant beers outside and they happened to have some vendors there for a Christmas market. There was one table that had three women sitting behind it and they had tons of bracelets, necklaces, and key rings. Since I am a bracelet whore I was mesmerized. I came out and Charlie asked if I saw anything and I told her I saw too many things and that I wanted her to go inside and look at something for me for Christmas. So this is what she came out with:

(The bracelet set on the right has to do with a brown trout. Brown trout’s scientific name is salmo trutta which the red bracelet above has letters that spell that out. The woven bracelet is all of the colors of a brown trout. The bracelets on the left have a hook and weight themes)

All of these bracelets have fly fishing themes. When Charlie went in they explained the different bracelet themes that they have mentioning the fly fishing ones. Charlie said, My wife fly fishes. 

So, next thing I know she came out with all these wonderful bracelets and told me to go back inside and talk to them because they are part of the Georgia Women’s Fly Fishers organization. So off I went to introduce myself. Two of the women, who I later learned were ‘Becca and Sylvia were helping out at Jordy’s booth.  So, Sylvia and I have fly fishing plans this coming weekend.

This week I’ve pulled out all my gear and located my poles and waders. I think we’re going to meet up a Helen on Saturday or Sunday so I’m excited!





Friday before Christmas chex mix

Happy Friday!

Well, it’s the weekend before Christmas. We’ll be baking some cookies today for both humans and dogs. We’re supposed to see a few friends on Sunday for a distant outside drink, however, I’m not sure if the weather is going to cooperate with us. It’s supposed to rain that day so if it is during the time we are to meet then I think we’ll have to postpone it. Either way, it’s sunny today and tonight is homemade pizza night!

Normally, we try to sit outside for happy hour but the weather has been so cold this past week that we’ve been relegated inside. We’ve been sitting at the dining room table playing board games, cards, listening to jazzy Christmas music, drinking wine, and eating dinner. It’s been really nice!

We have all of our shopping done and all the packages we’ve sent the parents and the kids have gotten there in one piece. Today we took a very hurried photo of the pets in front of the tree:

(you can tell the dogs love the antlers…)

The cat has been a little bitch wanting to go outside so I let him out for a few this morning. He has his squirrel-friends he needs to get to. Charlie put a squirrel feeder on a tree out back and he sits at the base of it and I swear the squirrels just tease him. I can hear them barking back and forth at each other out there.

Other than all that I’ve got nothing. I’ve just been working and taking a C++ class online. I made this drink last night and it was yummy!

It puts vanilla vodka into a new light for me. But, of course, everything goes well with Bailey’s. I bought the Aldi version of it and it was only 8.99, too. I love Aldi during the holidays!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Cheers!

Friday some good news

So, happy Friday, everyone!

I was hoping I’d have some good news for y’all today but I’m still waiting. Maybe I’ll find out while I’m writing this post. But, I do have some bit of good news right now to share.

A while back I had several of my genes tested to see if any were broken or not normal. I had something like 33 genes tested – those being for colon, breast, and cervical cancer. I spoke to the genetic counselor yesterday and she said everything looked normal which was a huge relief. This is not to mean that I can forgo any health screenings but it just tells us that I didn’t inherit anything gene-wise.

We don’t have anything planned this weekend but if it’s nice out then we’ll probably ride somewhere. I’m kind of at a loss of what to do as classes don’t start back up again until the first of January. I’ve been teaching myself C++. It finally warmed up yesterday and I was able to ride a bit and we sat out a bit last night but the neighbor is having an inside pool built and they were over there banging until after dark. Honestly, it’s starting to get really annoying.

Welp, more good news came in as I wrote this – I got a 98% on my term paper which gave me an A in the class. What a relief that is! I was almost sick worrying about my grade. Merry Christmas to me!

So, now if I can just shake this sinus headache I’ve had most of the morning then I can go on about starting my weekend! Hope y’all have a great Friday and weekend – and, I found this cool little website (literally, they’re called Cool Material) in case you’re still wondering what to buy that someone.

I’ll leave you with some Outkast!

Friday chex mix

Well, happy Friday! It’s probably going to rain here today but with the rain comes warmer temps. I just saw the 10-day forecast and I’m correct – tomorrow is 61 degrees here, which, is downright balmy compared to this past week. Sunny skies a coming so that’s a bright outlook. Maybe we’ll get the motorcycles out this weekend and ride. I know Pho Cue is taking the week off from popup goodness so I guess we will forgo it.

We have a bartender friend who has started a popup with her sister that we’re going to be getting some grub from them on Monday. She posts all these fabulous photos of their food. Charlie and I have started that with a few folks. We’re starting small. I can’t imagine prepping for 10 people in a week let alone what our friend and her sister do – they prep for around 50 people. I can’t even wrap my head around the grocery shopping for that. They must have a warehouse of containers to put the food in as well. I’m happy she’s doing well during this time. We miss her a lot. Back in the old days, she bartended at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants which had a very campy bar scene. There was always family there and she mixed a mean marg and we’d always do a couple of tequila shots with her.

It’s the little things you miss.

Normally, on a rainy Friday, I would choose a cozy bar – probably Marley House, an Irish pub to go have happy hour. The rainier it was, the cozier the bar. I’m not going to say it. Let’s just imagine it, shall we? Here, let me help you out:

This isn’t Marley House but Meehan’s in Midtown Atlanta four years ago. It’s an Irish pub, so close enough. I’m sure we were on a date night there. Sometimes we would decide to check out places outside of our neighborhood. Decatur used to get a little tired after a while. There’s a handful of places we like but not everything. To this day our friend, Wendy, keeps trying to get us to go out to the restaurant/bar she works to have a drink. I’m just amazed that bars and restaurants are even open these days – well, not really considering our governor is an idiot.


I just realized I was looking at St. Simon’s weather earlier and not ours. Still, 55 on Saturday and the 60’s the end of next week. Sigh. We’ll take it. Sometimes it’s nice to think about moving to St. Simon’s. But, selling a house and moving during this time I cannot wrap my head around – like prepping for 50 people.


I just went and looked at real estate, too, and found something I really like. Moving on……

I can’t believe this coming March it will be a year of working from home. That’s unbelievable. I don’t’ think my department is ever going back, either. We’re [fortunately] IT so there’s really no need for us to go back unless we have to do in-person training on some of the projects – which, some require that. One of my awful projects is like that – we can’t complete it without completing this mega awful project – the two are dependent on the other. The mega project has been going on for a very long time. If it were me in charge I would have scrapped it long ago and rewrote the playbook. But, this is above my pay grade so I’m just thankful for job security at this point.

I’ve decided all I want for Christmas is an A on my paper. Not much to ask – unless it is. No idea when it will be graded – probably by Christmas for sure.

So, I’m going to leave you with our decorated shed photo and a music video as cheer.