super bowl 50 chex mix

I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long. I kept hoping the next time I wrote I could say that I had a new job and how great it was gonna be. But no. It seems like it’s going to take some more time for the universe to make that happen.

Things have been such a stressful grind lately between work and interviewing. I need a break for awhile. I hate to complain but I really feel that my job has taken over my life and made it a heck of a lot more stressful. I won’t even get in to my boss(es) on here. But, remember Noel? Yeah, it’s like that. Why is it so hard for people to be NICE? It’s like this:


I really do feel like I’m becoming one, too. I have to get out!

In the meantime, Charlie and I are having a Super Bowl party and, no, the skanks ladies from last year arn’t coming this year and good thing because I was going to say on the invitation:

This years Super Bowl 50 party sponsored by: 


and NOT: 


So, Charlie and I will be grocery shopping and cooking to prepare. I’m going to enjoy it while I can because next week it’s back to the grind unless I hear otherwise.



run with the dogs

frostbite15aAdam Pinsley’s original rendition of “Sadie”

Saturday, Sadie and I did a little 5k race called Run with the Dogs. After dropping Charlie and Bailey off at Charlie’s office, Sadie and I headed downtown to the race that started at a local high school. There were more dogs than I’ve ever seen in one place there. Sadie and I kind of stayed on the fringe because I didn’t want us to get too much into the pack area. It would only take one aggressive dog to start a mosh pit of teeth and growling. They had said in the race packet to not bring any aggressive dogs but there’s always someone who thinks their kid is the best in the world and ignores the gnashing of teeth and growling.

There were some really interesting dogs there, too. We saw albino Doberman that I never knew even existed. There was this huge Irish Wolf Hound that was just beautiful. Pure breeds and mutts everywhere.  Booths selling and giving away dog cookies, poop bags and cards of their animal-related businesses.


Finally, after making everyone walk up to the starting line and waiting bunched up (again, I seriously thought this was a dumb idea) they blew the whistle and started the race. Sadie and I jumped in when the crowd dissipated and we had some room. There was a wiry sheepdog looking dog in front of us that she kept trying to smell its butt while we ran. I didn’t discourage thinking it could emulate the carrot in front of the horse.


We wound through the neighborhoods and came out on the huge hill leading up to the post office when Sadie ran out of pep. She stopped and looked behind her, like, “What? I’m just looking around.” We would walk a bit and then she’d start jogging again. We finally made it over the hill and ran down into downtown Decatur. She stopped to walk again until we heard a bunch of cheering up ahead. She picked it up a little and I managed to get her to run over the finish line and finish strong. She did pretty good for her first 5k. We walked over and grabbed some bottled water and I pried open her snout and poured some water into her mouth because I knew she wouldn’t drink anything until we got back to the car which, when we did she drank out of the little bowl I brought for her. We loaded up and went to Charlie’s work to pick up Bailey and head home. Here she is after the race – no worse for wear.





If you’ve been over to BE.LOVE.LIVE you’ll have read a lot about words or, correction, your word of 2016. What’s really ironic is I was recently asked to describe my top 3 words that best described my key relevant strengths for a position that I recently applied for. My response: 1. Driven 2. Responsible 3. Dedicated. I have several words in mind for 2016 that I can’t narrow down to just one. It’s kind of like potato chips – you can’t eat just one.

This past New Year’s Eve week I was excited to start on some of the Resolutions of the New Year early. I got a jump on my running and working out at the gym. We had a party and we invited some new friends who showed up. Friends I wanted to hang out with more, who are present. Two of them are a woman I graduated high school with and her husband. I hadn’t even been in touch with her since graduation. We both recently heard from my cousin who keeps in touch with everyone we went to high school with that we were both living in Atlanta and had no idea the other was here. In fact, they live very close to us. So, that New Year’s Eve night I got to do some catching up.

We had a manageable sized party – 11 people showed up and we had Charlie’s oldest and his wife here to visit. I just kind of sat back and let the party happen. Those who wanted to speak to me sought me out and those who decided to park themselves by the fire all night not moving (and wondered why I wasn’t seeking them out) didn’t get as much of my attention. That’s part of my resolution for the new year is to seek out the friends who in turn seek me out. I’m not going to be the one who always initiates in 2016.

Yesterday, the kids wanted to go to the Coca-Cola museum. It was a fun afternoon walking about and learning about Coke. I hadn’t been to the museum since they opened the new location in 2011. I remember taking my Mom to the old one that used to be near Underground Atlanta. After wandering around there and drinking a ton soft drinks from all over the world (Fanta strawberry and grape were my favorite) we decided to go for burgers at Twain’s in Decatur. Twains has a decent menu and the atmosphere is nice and free parking is always a plus. We no more sat down and ordered some beers to taste when our neighbor, Richard walks in. I have sensed recently that things have been a bit strained with them and they haven’t been around (which, believe me I’m not complaining about) except for the other day they came over to accuse Charlie and I of taking their Christmas wreath off their lawn ornament goat.

Last summer, Charlie and I had made the mistake of taking the goat out of their front yard and putting it on top of their picnic table out back as a joke. We caught so much hell from Richard or “Dick” that we vowed never to touch that damn thing again because, obviously, Dick couldn’t take a joke. So, as you know from my last post we had really terrible weather around Christmas and Christmas Eve. One day when we were out running errands after the bad weather let up we noticed that the goat had fallen over. I said to Charlie, Goat down, goat down, and we had a laugh over it.  Well, the other night we’re in the carport doing what we’re normally doing – listening to music and having a beer when they both walk up. I thought they were coming up to wish us a Merry Christmas or something when Dick starts in on about someone taking their wreath off the goat and was it us. Charlie and I both looked at each other and shook our heads and said, No, nope. It wasn’t us. We saw it had fallen over but we didn’t do anything to it. We haven’t touched it since last summer when we put it on the picnic table.

Dick: I know you took it.

Me: I swear we didn’t.

Dee, Dicks wife: I believe you.

I’m like, Geez, it probably floated away from all this rain we’ve had or it has blown off.

We had invited them to the party – twice – that night they accused us of stealing the wreath and previously but neither one of them showed up. I had seen Dee in the backyard letting their dog out and mentioned that the kids were coming up for New Years and she had made some reference to getting some ear muffs. I thought that strange since we had invited them over and made the deduction that they weren’t coming.

Dicks’s suddenly standing at our table with his pool cue slung over his shoulder saying hi to Shawn, Charlie’s son and introducing himself to Kate when he turns to Charlie and says, I got up at 1:30 and moved to the other room last night. 

Yeah, well you were invited to the party. If you couldn’t sleep you should have come over for a beer.

Well, you all didn’t text me.

Text you? Why would we text you to come over at 1:30 a.m.? You were already invited.

I wanted to change the subject and said, Where’s Dee?

She’s home. Probably glad I’m out of her hair.

Yes, I thought, but now you’re in our hair.

Oh, you’re going to play pool with your buddies.

Yeah, I got my stick, he pulls it around and mimics jerking off with it.

No one said a word. I thought Shawn was going to punch him. Shawn’s a big guy, too. Both him and his wife, Kate, know the stories of Dick always making uncomfortable sexual references but I never thought he’d do it in front of Kate since he’d never met her before.

I rolled my eyes and said, And, here I thought you were losing your touch, Dick. Meaning the possibility of letting one conversation go by without some sexual reference.

Oh, yeah I haven’t played in a while.

Completely missing what I was referring to.

Then, he apologizes to Kate for making that sexual reference, which, kind of made the whole situation even worse. I wanted to tell him he could have skipped the whole apology if he would have kept his mouth shut for once. We were all ready for Dick to leave so we could get on with our drinking. When he left we said, See what we mean??

After our meals we left via the back door so we didn’t have to walk past Dick in the poolroom. As we cut across the parking lot I said, Real men don’t talk like that in front of a lady.

Later that night when Charlie and I were around the fire I told her that in this new year I wasn’t going to put up with his crude sexual references and from now on I was going to respectfully tell him that he couldn’t talk that way around us or our guests. I still can’t believe he acted like that in front of our daughter-in-law.

There’s a few other things I want for 2016. I think I focused too hard on finding a new job and was really let down on a few that I didn’t get. I’m not doing that this year. If it happens, it happens. If not, then it’s not meant to be. I’m going to continue to interview but I’m not going to bust my ass over it. I am going to bust my ass over studying for my PMP certification. I’ve decided that I’m probably not going to get the job I really want unless I have that.

I have so many more things in store for 2016 that I could go on about but I’ll save that for another post. Happy New Year, y’all!






chex mix holidaze

One of the reasons I like being car-less is that when Charlie picks me up from the train station (sometimes with the dogs) we go have a happy hour drink. Remember last year I said I was looking for a new place to hang because the old one was full of obnoxious old men? That we starting going to [ironically] Thinking Man, instead. Anyway, when we started going there the bartenders were always so nice. One, Jess, would always light up and say hi when we walked in. The place never had the best selection in beers – too many IPA’s, I think, but nonetheless it was convenient near the East Lake station.

Before the truck got crunched we hadn’t been there for a while. Then, recently we started going again things were different. Jess didn’t light up when we walked in. She said hi, what can I get you but didn’t hang out and talk like she used to. Something had changed, she seemed harder. I asked how things were going and she said great, talked about her daughter and was ready for Christmas – all the words without anything behind it. I wondered what changed and asked Charlie if she noticed, too. She did.

I read this article about people who have M’s on their palms are supposed to be intuitive and can tell when people are lying or being deceitful. I feel I can always tell when something is up or I’m being bs’d. Although, I can’t explain the crazy guy that sat down next to me on the train the other day with a bug-eyed look drinking his coffee like he was a drinking bird. I changed cars at the next stop.


I often have to listen to headphones on the train because I can’t stand to hear people talk sometimes. Why can’t people just ride the train quietly so we can all relax? The other night, I had time to kill before Charlie got out of work and rode the train to downtown Decatur. I had my headphones on, thankfully because the guy next to me was just talking his head off to the woman next to him. I had no idea what he was saying but it seemed like she wasn’t at all interested in hearing what he had to say. The woman next to me was obviously listening and I could see her frown and adjust her bag like she was ready to jump off at the next stop which was thankfully Decatur.  I had some time to kill before Charlie got off work so I jumped off, too, and walked into my next favorite pub Mac McGees.

We went to one Christmas party last week, bailed on another and just hung out Christmas day and made a really special dinner of surf and turf. We had torrential rain that day with massive flooding. The weather has been so weird the past week. Saturday and Sunday we both had on shorts and flip flops with the windows open in the house and the fan running. We’re supposed to have another few days of very heavy rain (which, I’m dreading) and then it’s going to cool off towards the end of the week. Charlie’s kids are coming up from Florida so I hope it stops raining by then. New Year’s Eve we’re having a party with Mexican food and margaritas.

Charlie and I managed to get the living room wall painted over the Christmas holiday so hopefully the painting will get hung next week (this is one of the jobs of her oldest to help her do).

Happy New Year everyone in case I don’t get back on here to write again before it happens!


ready set go, 2016

The most I’m looking forward to this year is being off for a couple of days. Charlie and I have already done our Christmas shopping, sent off the gift cards, given the kids their checks, received our fourth crock pot from her brother and given each other many things we wanted (motorcycle pipes, jackets, boots, the list goes on) prior to Christmas. We started early this year.

She finished my painting while I was away the week before Thanksgiving. That was a big thing I wanted for Christmas – finish my painting that’s been sitting in the living room for three years. Yes!


Because of the finished painting we’re going to paint the living room prior to hanging it. (I know, smart idea) We’ve chosen the paint swatches and while I’m working on Wednesday Charlie is going to take all the switch plates off the walls and prep. So, Christmas we’ll be painting which I hope to be finished by New Year’s Eve so we can just hang out and have margaritas and Mexican food. Tired of hosting New Year’s Eve parties where no one shows we just put it out there of “Here’s-what-we’re –doing- you’re- welcome- to- stop- by – if not see you next year…..sometime.”  We have a few parties to attend this week – one being Katharine and Yvonne’s [from now on they shall be their motorcycle names “Rooster “and “Shutter”] and the other being Ellen’s annual Christmas Eve dinner.  But other than that we don’t really have any plans until The Super Bowl party –hosted by Uber this year.

I’m just looking forward to a year without any injury’s, sickness, catching on fire, car wrecks (had that last week) and stress. I really want Charlie and I to take that honeymoon we never had last year to somewhere warm where there’s fruit in my drink and flip-flops on my feet. I want a new job that pays more with less stress – if that’s possible. I want to do more music oriented things. Play more drums. I want to run with the dogs. So many things I want for 2016.

Are you ready for Christmas to be over or is it just beginning? What do you want for 2016?



We took a beautiful ride to Dahlonega and back this past Sunday. It was warm enough where we didn’t have to bundle up. There were four of us altogether me (Wick), Charlie, Belinda and Cindi. I had a route planned out on my phone that took us up there off-highway so we wound around through part city and part country to get there.

When we finally arrived two hours later and made two loops around [the stupid] roundabout on the square. The second time around I almost got plowed over by a car that I didn’t realize had the right-of-way [I think Cindi even said she screamed]. After that, I just headed for the closed parking space I could find that we could all fit into.We pulled into a parking spot just off the square and headed for the nearest BBQ restaurant.


We took off our coats and basked in the sun while we tried to wash down very dry BBQ. In fact, I almost choked on the first bite. One thing about restaurants in historic little mountain towns – there’s very few and they don’t have to have a 5-star rating.

After lunch, we went to a few stores off the square [all very expensive] and wandered into The Crimson Moon Cafe’ so Cindi could get a cup of coffee.  We spied all the posters for live music and started talking to one of the guys who worked there. I felt a bit sleepy so decided to order some coffee myself. We went upstairs through a cute little bar area to sit out on the balcony and people watch while we sipped our coffee. I wished that we didn’t have to go back until the next day. I could see myself cozying up to that little bar and later listening to some live music.

We drank coffee and made comments about some of the people watching (some very pregnant woman in a form-fitting horizontal striped dress with 4 inch heels What is she thinking? Her bellybutton is practically screaming at me all the way up here, some woman who tried to [literally] squish her baby and stroller into the corner of this seating wall Don’t put baby in a corner, and some creepy guy with a bag over his head with the eye holes cut out, and carrying a stick. What the heck is he trying to be – that baby in a corner is gonna start crying.  

IMG_4475 (View from the balcony – baby wasn’t in corner yet but stripie had just walked by)

We grudgingly made our way back to our bikes because we knew it was going to be a long ride home. We then realized that we parked on a downward slope and no one could really back out into traffic safely without assistance. I suggested we just ride down the sidewalk since the building it was next to was deserted. There was still the occasional pedestrian so I went down to the end to make sure no one started down and got ran over.

Once home we were exhausted – at least I was. We sat out on the porch as we always do when it’s nice outside. The dogs ran around and played while we listened to music and drank. I told Charlie that I wished we could have stayed overnight and listened to music. We decided to do that some time. I’ve just had a huge yearning to be away these days. I’m just over work and the grind. Despite the holidays it hasn’t slowed down and we’re expected to still get projects out and try to schedule meetings around the holidays. I think its B.S. Just try to schedule meetings with government folk around holidays – it’s not happening. I’m seeking the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m not seeing it. I have had several interviews lately, one offer pending but still haven’t heard anything. I’m still just trying to plug away at what I’m doing and keep my nose to the grind. I know this for sure – I’m looking forward to at least being off Christmas Eve, Day and New Year’s Day.


the week after

I don’t normally just type in the post space on WordPress like I am now. But, I was here and decided to just go for it. Typically, I pull up word and start writing and then copy/paste it into the “new post” space.

Sunday afternoon we pulled up at the house after having gotten up at 2:30 a.m. and driven back from south Florida. It was a killer drive. Killer in a way that we were both so tired from not getting any sleep the previous night [because Charlie’s brother and girlfriend kept us up being loud watching Bad Santa]. We had a great visit to Florida but by the end I was ready to be my own bad santa if we didn’t get the Eff out of dodge and go home.

I’m going to follow with some pictures of our trip.

The first night we met Charlie’s boys and her bestie Bernice in St. Augustine. We checked in to a hotel downtown and walked around. We ended up having dinner and then finding a bar that was playing live music. It was fantastic! I always wish we could spend more time when we go there but it always seems to be a passing through day/evening.

The next day for Thanksgiving we headed to Vero Beach where Charlie’s folks live. We had a good time but next year if we go to Florida it will be for our honeymoon (that we never got to take) and not for any holidays. The weather was fantastic while we were there and we actually got to spend some time on the beach. In fact, I could have stayed longer and just made a continuance of a honeymoon but unfortunately, we hadn’t planned on that – plus, our dog sitter had already been with the dogs 4 nights and we couldnt’ afford any more.

Hope everyone had  a good Thanksgiving – I have to jump – more later!



Things have been just cra-cra lately and that thing that I wrote previously to keep your fingers crossed……

…….well, forget it. I didn’t get the job. Not only that, but the HR woman sent me the email that was meant for the recipient who got the job. Very unprofessional, I know. I didn’t retaliate, I just walked away. But, if I ever hear from that agency again I’m going to tell them in a nice way to kiss my @ss. Yes, take the high road, Lanie.

But, I’m not taking the high road on the scammer who called me from this number: (209)498-9469 impersonating an IRS attorney that has a bench warrant out for my arrest if I don’t wire him $1,000. If I ever get ahold of that guy again I’m telling him he’s going to jail and that I filed a complaint with the IRS and I’m going to my local police department and giving them all the information – including the voicemail that he left– and that I hope he rots in jail for what he’s doing. That he’s the lowest scum of the earth to fraud people out of their money and he will get his.

Yes, it’s just a bunch of B.S. lately. Plus, I just got back from visiting my family in Indy and my nerves are shot. I was so glad to get to the Indianapolis airport, through security and to the bar to catch the Green Bay/Minnesota game with a tall beer before my plane took off. [No, I think  I need to be at the airport at least 2 hours before my flight]. My sister gets worse every year. First, she is the biggest snob and she’s really OCD about her house. When I was there I had to wipe down the [marble] tile in her bathroom and squeegee the shower glass after every shower. I couldn’t lay my cellphone down on the counter without her picking it up and telling me to put it somewhere [how about where the sun doesn’t shine?]. I FAILINGLY did not bring a toiletry bag because – silly me – thought she would have shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant and toothpaste. I had to beg for some bottle of Biotonic shampoo, some organic vitamin C and E roll-on deodorant that left my armpits sticky and since I’d left my brush at home she gave me this small, little brush that appeared to have been used on the dog. Hairspray and conditioner was unheard of and I barely got some squeezed out Crest toothpaste that I suspected was three years old. I felt like I was checking in to a chemical-glutton-preservative-all products-that-say-they’re-healthy-and-do-nothing-non-animal-product-of any-kind-free yoga camp without the mat and nice people.

I saw a lot of my family, including my stepmother who other than my cousins is really the only family member I like – which is strange because she’s not even blood. Her and my father came to the [court mandated] brunch at my sisters and the first thing out of her mouth to me was, “You ready to go home?”

To which I said, YES!

I was annoyed to no end by then. Next time – if there is one – I’m driving or if I fly I’m renting a car so I can stay with my cousins and not be under the house arrest of my sister. I was never so glad when my plane touched down in Atlanta and being greeted by my wife and dogs (who practically mauled me when I got into the truck at the airport).

So, I came back to the same job, projects and people. I have been trying to get over it and move on. Grudgingly, I guess it’s not meant to be. I feel like I’ve just had a pile of rejection letters these days. I’m going to forget about it for a while. Charlie and I leave for Florida to see her kids and folks over the holiday. This trip will be a lot more enjoyable that last weekend’s trip.

So, with that I bid you all a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it – if not – a happy weekend! Cia!

please take my poll

Keep your fingers crossed that something good happens tomorrow (November 18th). I will let you know if it’s does happen or not.

In the meantime, Charlie and I did another HAG ride the other day. It’s was very chilly that morning we rode out to old town Conyers for our Voodoo ride. It turned out to be (I’m going to list everyone by their biker nickname from now on) Link, Shutter, Rooster, Charlie, Cindy (no nickname yet) and myself – my nickname is up for debate. So, maybe let’s take a vote on here what mine will be:

Sorry for the short post I promise to update more later. In the meantime, please take my poll. I can’t ride another time without a biker name or else they will come up with some name like muffin or something.


welcome to seattle, georgia!


I didn’t sign on to live in eff-ing Seattle, people.

I’m just now starting to feel somewhat human after fighting a sinus infection all last week. Charlie caught something similar to what I have only hers is a chest cold.  You know, we have two more months left in the year and I’m hoping they’re going to be good ones so we can boot 2015 out on a good note since it started on a bad one.  What is needed to make that happen is –


Sun. Yes, that bright, orange thing in the sky – where are you?!

A new job would be super great! I had an interview last Friday afternoon and another next week.

Getting the motorcycle out of the shop and actually being able to go on a ride before the end of the year. It’s been two weeks since we went on that Halloween ride I mentioned in the last post. Charlie’s had new pipes put on since and she’s raring to go.


How about no more sickness, broken bones or setting myself on fire? That would be great!

Since both Charlie and I will be seeing our families in the next few weeks I’m going to start channeling my ZEN before then. Maybe work on some breathing exercises to help me stay focused on not choking my sister out while I’m in Indiana.

Airborne –start taking that three days prior to both of our trips so we won’t catch anymore viruses.


I just made us a reservation in a nice warm (hopefully dry) place today for the evening before Thanksgiving so we’ll have some time to ourselves. I can’t wait!