Calamity House

I’ve been a bit of a crank this week. I made the mistake of
taking on the very large task of house sitting for a friend who has
both a dog and cat for 12 days and, it’s been trying to say the
least. The dog has been easy but the cat has been a real drama
queen. She’s an indoor/outdoor cat (which, I don’t approve of but
that’s just me) and disappears for long periods of time when let
outside. Right after my friend left for the holidays I had let the
cat out and she didn’t come back until very late that night. When
she did come into the house she was limping holding one paw up.
This was Christmas Eve at 10:00 to be exact. I didn’t relish
spending the night at the all night emergency vet so I checked her
out pretty good. Everything bent ok, the claws came out ok, the
pads looked fine. Perhaps she just sprained it. I didn’t want to
call my friend right away and worry her on Christmas Eve so I
waited until the next day. The next morning I flew out of bed
hearing the dog bark to be let out and the cat whining at the back
door. “This is bullsh*t” I thought. It was 6 a.m. on Christmas
morning and I had really hoped to be able to sleep in for once,
especially since it was on a holiday. The cat was still limping
around holding the paw up. (I checked that paw out so many times
now it’s not even funny.) I wasn’t going to let her out but the
dog. I went to the back door and as I tried to open the door the
doorknob came off in my hand. Great. I tried to put it on again
just enough to turn it and open the door when the knob on the other
side fell off and landed on the porch. I had to go all the way down
into the basement to let the door out into the back yard. I padded
into the kitchen to make coffee and my friend only had a French
press. This has proved to be waaaaay too many steps for me to do in
the morning. My coffee needs are that the coffee be made the night
before, timer set and be waiting for me when I get up and that it
be strong, dark, rich and HOT. The French press coffee that I
attempted to make – yeah, not so much. There were grounds floating
around in the coffee (which, I hate), it has the consistency of tea
and I had dribbled water all over the floor trying to fill it up. I
did actually give it the old college try the first two mornings but
I eventually gave up before it got thrown out the kitchen window.
Since the cat was still limping, I called my friend and asked her
what she wanted me to do? Should I call my vet on Monday and have
her come out? My friend said to just watch it and see if it got
better. I replied that I wasn’t letting her out for the next three
days whether she liked it or not. So, the next three days was
constant cat whining to be let out. She knows how to open doors,
too, which brings me to the next story. I usually go over there
right after work and let the dog out and feed them both before
going to my own house to feed my cat and do any chores that need
done and then back to my friend’s house to spend the night. It’s
been hectic to say the least. I haven’t gotten sh*t done this week,
that’s for sure. The other night I was out watching football with A
and was almost tempted to just go home and sleep in my own bed and
then get up extra early the next morning and go over there. I
longingly drove by my house and said, “No, I’d better go there.”
When I got there the back door was standing wide open and the dog
had been outside for hours and the cat was nowhere to be found. I
hadn’t locked the back door so she got it open and let both her and
the dog outside. I was frantic looking for the dog thinking he
might have ran off but he was still in the yard and came running up
when called. Good dog! I called and called and called for the cat
to no avail. Oh well. I went to bed and left her out all night sure
she would be frozen to the deck the next morning. The next morning
she was by the back door ready to come in. I’ve learned she only
comes when hungry but other than that f*ck it she’s staying out.
Last night I was in a dead sleep and I heard a door slam. It was
the cat opened the basement door and it slammed against the wall
waking me up – at 2 a.m. I thought someone had gotten into the
house and was coming up from the basement as it was the basement
door right beside the guest room I was sleeping in. I came running
out and there she was standing in front of the door. I cannot tell
you what I wanted to do at that point. I slammed and latched the
basement door, made sure all the other doors were locked and went
back to bed only drifting off after my heartbeat slowed. This
morning the cat was crying to be let out and I said, “Ok, knock
yourself out – literally!” As I opened the door and she darted out
I said, “Bye!” The paw seems a bit better and I had gotten the
green light from my friend to let her out. So you can see it’s been
one thing after another over there. I am so over it. I want to
sleep in my own bed with my deaf cat who the only annoying thing he
does is meow really loud because he can’t hear. I also want Lee to
be back. I am getting worn down by the texting, phone talking etc.
– not that there’s a lot of it – quite the opposite, really. I’m
tired that it’s our only means right now and of her being gone. I
know I’m really whining here but I don’t care. It’s been a trying
and somewhat lonely holiday for me. I feel ambivalence over the
parties I’m attending both Friday and Saturday. Things seem really
dull and actually a grind until she gets back on Sunday. When she’s
back I won’t even mind that I have to do at the
pet-calamity house.


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