So, after a somewhat hectic weekend (working, taking care
of calamity house and attending all the New Years parties) things
are back to normal. I picked Lee up at the airport last Sunday
evening. (It’s hard to believe it’s only been three days since
then.) It was a super great evening and the next morning as I
padded out to her kitchen to make coffee her ex/roommate was there
making it for me. (Seems I have charmed even the devil herself). I
thanked her, taking it gingerly when handed to me wondering if she
had poisoned it. Lee and I saw each other for the next two
evenings, and then I grounded her the next night to get ready for
an interview she had the following day. Last night on the phone she
expressed the desire to come over but I lectured told her I needed
to catch up on some sleep and she needed to focus on her interview
the next day. I could see this thing getting to the point of seeing
each other every night [and, me never getting any sleep again]
always packing and unpacking a bag which gets old very quickly.
Despite liking her very much and wanting to see her, I doubt I
would as much if it got to that point. I think it’s time for me to
take the reins and slow it down a bit. I actually like missing her
somewhat on nights we don’t have a date. Last night a friend of
mine and I ran with a running group near my home. I hadn’t done
that in so long. The group meets every Tuesday and Thursday
evenings and I’m hoping to make that consistent and maybe get in to
a few races. I say all this so easily without seemingly the thought
of how the hale I’m going to do all this. Date, work out, work two
jobs, etc. The run last night was called “The Resolution Run” there
was someone standing at the 1 mile marker with a bag and we were to
pull out a resolution for the new year. As I squinted in the dark
at what the small, orange piece of paper read I made out “Sleep
More” I scoffed thinking “Yeah, that’s not happening anytime soon.”
I will sleep when I die, I guess.

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