snowed in bliss

This past weekend I had to work. Thankfully, it was a good class and I was able to cut them loose early both days. Saturday night Lee came over and we went around the corner to a pizza place and had drinks and ordered food to take back to my place. She spent the night, bringing  her tennis stuff to play a friend in the neighborhood the next day. Sunday morning I got up at dark-thirty to get ready for work. As I poured coffee I heard her come padding out to the kitchen.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing up?”

“I don’t know I didn’t want you to leave without saying goodbye.”

“First of all, I would never do that and let’s go tuck you back in and I will say goodbye.”

When I got to work I was setting up class and remembered something from the previous night. As I got the class started on their assignment I logged on to the computer and emailed her.

“Did you tell me you loved me in the middle of the night or was it all a dream?” I wrote.

“No, it was real.” She replied.

I sat back from the computer staring at the screen. So, it was real. My heart pounded in my chest and my stomach felt like I’d just gone flying down a rollercoaster. “Wow.” I thought. I knew at that moment I should have been terrified but I felt a tingling calm wash over me.

“That was wonderful. Thank you for saying that, thank you for loving me. How did I get so lucky?” I replied.

“I’m the lucky one.” She replied.

Later that day we spoke on the phone.

“You know – it’s supposed to snow A LOT tonight.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, you may need to stay and get snowed in.”

“I think I need to run to the store and get a few things do you want anything?”

“Yes, bread and coffee”

She met me at my house when I came home from work and I hurriedly took a shower so we could go meet some friends of hers to watch the football game before we went over to my friend, Ellen’s for dinner. I saw two kinds of coffee laid out on the counter along with the exact kind of bread I liked. This was a good woman. That night we took off from Ellen’s earlier than we wanted because the snow was coming down. We slid a few times on the way but got to my house without incident.

So, yes, we got snowed in together [for two days, I might add] and it was wonderful!

We watched episodes of Dexter and a movie (which, I fell asleep watching with my head on her chest.) I made chili and cornbread, scrambled eggs every morning and baked chocolate croissants. She helped me change the locks on both doors – which, was so hilarious because I’m not good at these things and she kept taking the door handle out of my hand and saying, “I got this. You just hold the screwdriver. Or “Just get the screw.” And I would say “Oh, you want to screw, why didn’t you say so?”

Yesterday, we took a long walk through the neighborhood. We found a pub close by that was open and walked in. We sat at a high top table across from each other and talked about one of my favorite places, which, happened to be close to her vacation house. We pulled out our phones and tried to bring up an aerial photo of the island. I started taking pictures of her with my phone, telling her to make different faces. I got pictures of her smiling, laughing, frowning (with a smirk) and trying to be seductive (we both had to take a laughing break several times before I could get her half-way to pose). We laughed so much in there. We had a drink and then took off for the next place. The next place was a pizza place that was closed so we moved on to the next.

“How much further, I have to pee.”

“Oh, it’s at least 2 miles.” (it wasn’t really two miles, I was just kidding her)


“Well, that is, if it’s open.”

“Omg, I’m going to go behind this bush.”

“Ok, but here comes a cop.

“Sigh, ok. Why didn’t you tell me to go at the last place?”

“Oh, well I didn’t know you had to go then.”

We laughed some more and I told stories to take her mind off her full bladder until I made her laugh again and she would tell me to stop or else the snow would be yellow. We got to the next place and went in for a needed bathroom break and beer. By the time we got back to my place we had walked 4-1/2 miles.

Once back I heated up the chili for dinner and asked, “You want something to drink?”

“Yeah, I’ll drink one of those ciders you have in there.”

I pulled out a Magners along with a Heineken and cracked open both the bottles and handed her the cider.

“A toast.”


I paused and looked at her, “To loving you.”

She smiled, “To loving you.” Clicking her bottle against mine.

3 thoughts on “snowed in bliss

  1. Sounds like a wonderful couple of days. One of my favorite memories from my last trip to CO was the 2 days we pretty much stayed inside because it was snowy and cold.

    So happy that you are happy and enjoying life again.


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