This time

This past weekend/week has been a whirlwind. Yesterday was Lee’s birthday and we decided to go out of town and celebrate it. To say it was fantastic would probably be an understatement.
Friday evening I met up with some motorcycle buds to party prior to our update the next day. We had booked hotel rooms outside the perimeter so we could walk to the restaurants nearby. Saturday I got out of the update in just enough time to run home and take a shower before Lee walked in the door. Friends of mine were having a football party and we were invited. Save for my friend, Ellen, no one else has met “the new girl” as they call her. The party was very good, however, I was very tired from the previous evening with my moto buds. The Falcons fell behind even more and someone brought out the shots. I got my second wind, then. I always like to observe the dynamic between someone I’m dating and my friends. Everyone seemed to like her – some even pulled me aside and said, “Yeah, she’s cute. Where did you meet her?” I would just smile and say “I will never tell.” I left her alone a bit to get more drinks and snacks and talk to some other friends across the room. When I was talking to friends, V & C I gazed at her across the room engaged in conversation with my friend, Carla. This was a good sign for me – the girl can take care of herself in a room full of people and she doesn’t need me glued to her side all night. The party started winding up even more despite the Falcon’s loss but we headed for the door. When we said goodbye to the hosts one of them pulled me aside and said, “Yeah, I like your new girl.”

The next day we headed for Savannah where Lee owns a vacation house. This was where we decided to spend her birthday. After we arrived, unloaded the car and we got situated in the house (her turning on the heat, water, etc.) we drove into downtown Savannah and parked. As we walked across Reynolds Square I took her hand and said, “I’m just walking and not going anywhere in particular. Is that alright?”

“Sure, I like just walking.”

I wanted to soak up the scene of the place. I’ve been to Savannah at least once a year since I’ve lived in Georgia (since 2001) and have become quite familiar with the history and knowing my way around. Lee is a previous SCAD graduate so between the two of us one of us always knew something the other didn’t. We headed for the general direction of City Market. We went in a few galleries and then started towards Bay Street. I wanted to grab a local brew from Moon River and talk about where we were going for dinner. That night we ended up at a restaurant that neither of us have ever been to (small Italian place on MLK). The food was excellent and we shared a bottle of Tuscan wine.

The next day we drove out to Tybee Island so I could go for a run. Despite it being 50 degrees and pouring rain I desperately wanted to run along the beach. We stopped at a burger joint on the beach and I took off while she waited inside.

I came back soaked to the bone and cold. The restaurant owner had put out a space heater and I stood in front of that to thaw a little then went to change into warm clothes. After that we headed to popular place on the beach for low country boil and fish tacos. We ended up spending the entire day just on the island driving around, walking on the pier and hanging out. We ended our visit at this hole-in-the-wall pizza place having drinks and waiting for a pizza to go. Looking up I noticed several dollar bills and pictures stapled to the ceiling. I pulled out my wallet and took out a 2 dollar bill that I had been carrying around with me for the past ten years. I signed it and gave it to her.

“What do you want me to do with this?”

“I want you to sign your name next to mine.”

She took the pen from me and did so and gave it back to me. I turned it over and wrote both our names at the top with a plus sign in the middle and smiled at her. She smiled back and took the pen and bill and started writing. Yeah, she wrote some things, I wrote some more things and we just looked at each other smiling even more. At that moment I felt all tingly inside, I got goose bumps all over my body. I stood up on the bar and stapled the bill right above where we were sitting.

“There. This will always be here no matter what.”

“And, no matter what it will always remind us of this time.”


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