Let the games begin

I was having drinks and dinner with a fellow blog friend last night. Despite each of us batting for the other team there is a similarity or should say parallels in our dating situations. Maybe mine is a little more serious than hers (you might disagree with that, Sarah) but after the events of last weekend with Lee there might be a piece of my heart involved.

[Large, shoulder shrugging sigh]

Lee and I both have discussed dating other people. I told her she should date. Her last relationship was nine years and I certainly don’t want to be the rebound nor does she want to be mine. And, we all know what a disaster my last relationship was and that, yes, Lee is a little soon after that. (the months can be counted on one hand, even) Neither of us want to jump into another relationship so quickly. There is one person that I know Lee is going out with, however, they haven’t kissed…yet. (I will revisit this)

“I don’t care if you see other people. I just don’t want to know about it.”

“Ok, you never want to hear?”

“No, unless you sleep with them. Then, I can decide if I want to keep sleeping with you.”

“Well, that would probably be an automatic no, right?”

[Large, shoulder shrugging sigh –‘probably’ thought to myself]

Last Friday before we went out of town:

“Want to meet somewhere for a drink before you go to Alpharetta?”

“Maybe, depending on where and when. I can do 6ish but have to leave town no later than 7 because the boys are expecting me.”

“Ok, I have to be in the Highlands for dinner by 7.”

[Long pause]

“So, you have a date at 7, I guess.”

“This was the part you didn’t want me to say anything.”

I admit, I stuck my foot right in it. I should have blown it off, been cool. Or even said that I didn’t think I had time to meet after all. (but, then she would have known why)

Later, the subject came up again and she mentioned who it was with and she happened to be someone she had already introduced me to.

“Your tennis friend? Why didn’t you say so?”

“Well, I thought you didn’t want me to say anything.”

“Yeah, well she’s different.”

“How is she different?”

“You just play tennis together.”

“Well, yeah, right now but she said she wanted to kiss me the other night.”

“So, what are you going to do if you keep seeing her and she keeps having kissing expectations?”

“I guess I will kiss her then.”

That’s when my stomach did a little flop (not a flip but a flop) I changed the subject.

Back at the bar with Sarah:

“So, I guess I have to go out with a bunch of other people that I’m not interested in.”

“Just because they’re dating, too?”


Then, later:

“People always say you don’t have to play games but you do – just a little bit.”

“Yeah, because if you don’t play any games you may come off as a little dependent or overbearing, even.”

“I agree, it doesn’t have to be much. Just an ignored phone call that goes to voicemail or a text answered two hours later.”

Tonight Lee has another date with tennis friend and they just may kiss. I’m putting on my boots and going dancing.

“Sorry I missed your call(s)/text(s)my phone was in the car”

5 thoughts on “Let the games begin

  1. Oh the games! I am so very tired of all the games but I see no way around them.

    I wish I lived closer to you ladies…I think I would have enjoyed joining that dinner and conversation.


  2. Hrmm…I can see why you wouldn’t want to rush right into something, but…if she doesn’t want a long term relationship, why is she dating?! I guess that’s one of those lesbian things I don’t get. 😉 Just be careful with your heart…and the other parts, too.


  3. If I’m dating someone and they encourage me to date other people, or they are “fine” with me dating other people, I am not going to take that “relationship” seriously. No one likes to share.

    Play aloof, play the game, date other people until either she wants to exclusively date you, or you find someone else that does.


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