Lines are open

“Dude, she’s cute!”

I was having dinner with friend, Edith at one of my favorite steak places. I hadn’t seen her in so long and was finally able to coral her into meeting me and catching up. I had just seen numerous pictures of her new squeeze and was starting to show her ones of Lee and I in Savannah and the one she sent today. (more on that later)

“Yeah, she is. But, as far as maturity-wise when it comes to dating she’s like a twenty-year old at Daytona Beach on spring break.” We had a laugh over that. We both agreed that the longer one was in a relationship the less sophisticated they were when it came to dating.

“So you’ve traveled together already?”

Nodding and sipping my beer “Yes, yes and it was great!”

I told her about tennis buddy, living with her ex of 9 years and going to Florida this weekend to see a ‘friend’ she met online.

“That’s no good”.

“I know” taking a gulp of my 420 that time.

I felt a bit of despair again. What if she gets to Florida and really likes this buff woman, they hit it off and…….I couldn’t bring myself to think of the rest.

What does it matter, right? We’re just dating. I’m not ready for a relationship.(I tell myself this to somehow feel better)


Today at work she emailed me and as the page loaded there was a picture of her smiling face taking up my whole computer screen. My heart skipped a beat. There she was looking right at me with his look in her eye that she wanted me. It was to show me the t-shirts they were all wearing that day because they launched a new product. I replied “nice shirt” I wasn’t giving anything away.

“Are you going to the mall to water,”

“I’m already here and done.”

“Oh, well what are you doing now?”

“Um [long pause] I’m meeting someone at [steakhouse]” I was being vague. I wanted her to think I was on a date.

“Ok, I guess I shouldn’t have asked that.”

I changed the subject to the three pairs of pants I got at the gap for $66.

“Well, have fun. Call you later?”

“Um, well…….”

“I will text you and let you know how we did.”

“Ok then, good luck.”

As I drove home tonight I passed the tennis center and saw the lights. I knew she was playing over there. I could have turned in, watched her match and gotten a kiss. But, I didn’t. I just kept driving.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Friday she leaves for Florida. I still can’t believe she’s going. I almost want to stop all communication between now and Monday. But, I would be coming off like I’m really upset over this and, therefore, showing my cards.

So, I’m putting it out to you blog friends. What do you think I should do? How would you handle this? The lines are open.

6 thoughts on “Lines are open

  1. Okay, it’s petty and I’m showing my ass by saying this, but I would pack my weekend full and take pictures of me doing everything. When she texted me, I’d send a hawt (like you in the new pants – where the hell did you get Gap pants on sale???) picture of me doing something a helluva lot cooler than whatever the Florida gator is doing.

    Like, oh, I don’t know….tying flies!! (I learned a few scottish ones that look to be good lake flies)


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