Winter blahs and breaks

I am in such a funk today. Much of it probably has to do with it raining. When it rains over one day in the wintertime in Atlanta it just drags me down. Spring and summer is a different story but not winter. UGH!

I think I have the winter blahs.

Lee has been doing a full court press of her own the past few days. Ever since we decided to take a break this week she has been texting me more than normal and wanting to talk on the phone. I’m not much of a phone person (probably why I exceed my data plan every month and not my minutes) so this is really annoying difficult for me. I’ve figured out this much about myself. Missing someone is a good thing and too much of them is bad, which, I think is quite opposite for Lee because all I’m getting is ‘miss you’s’.

This morning as I drove to work I received the usual ‘good morning’ text from her. I replied when I got to the office (even Justin Bieber wants us to quit texting in our cars) She wanted to talk and I said I was having a morning and didn’t feel like it. (that was the nicest I could be considering rain, not enough coffee, not being a phone person and not missing her enough to want to talk yet again)

“My tennis match is cancelled tonight. I want to see you.”

Oh, don’t even think you can make a plan with me because yours fell through. I’m not your sloppy seconds, I thought as I typed out – “I thought we were taking a little break this week.” YEAH, because you like me, tennis friend and are going to Florida this weekend to see muscle head (ok, that slipped out but these are my own thoughts) and you don’t know what you want.

“It’s driving me crazy. What abt you?”

When all else fails say “Why?”

“I miss u. I miss our closeness. I miss looking into your eyes. I miss your wonderful kisses. I could go on ;)”

Yeah, well that’s not all you’ll be missing “I think this break is good for us. Plus, we both already had plans” – my plans count, too, whether I have any or not – “and ur going to Florida. A lot going on.” –kid in candy store.

“You are right, very right. Thank you for being you. ;)”

Yeah, the d*ck that I can sometimes be. Whew! Where is that coffee?


4 thoughts on “Winter blahs and breaks

  1. I think it’s good that you didn’t change your plans. Winter sucks. There’s no trick to get through it. But you can surround yourself with hot drinks and people who make you feel good!


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