The weekend

I know you’re all wondering how this past weekend went and whether or not Lee is with muscle-head now.

Well, the weekend…..yeah, it started out with a bang on Thursday night. I went out to see my friend, Edith play pool and we ended up dancing – or, I should say – I ended up dancing at the country bar with her watching. Friday was low-key and I was hung over and bummed that Lee was leaving town. That afternoon I got a call from her wanting to see me before she left. I said no, I resisted. I finally relented by saying that I was at a local coffee place and that if she happened to drop by while I was still there I would see her. She came. When she walked in she immediately walked over to my table and bent over and laid the biggest kiss on me. It was kind of like “Officer and a Gentleman” style without her picking me up, of course. She sat down and took my hand and said she had missed me all week. (as you know we had taken a break that week) I had missed her, too, and my stomach dropped a bit thinking about this trip she was taking.

Fast forward to Saturday night and I’m at Ellen’s house for a party. I’m in the kitchen pouring a shot, Ellen is starting to make coffee for some hung over partygoers when we both hear our names shouted from outside of the house and not very nicely, either. Something to the effect of “Lanie, Ellen get your @sses out here right now.” I looked at Ellen like “wtf?”

Just then Amanda ran in and said, “Ellen, you’d better get out there. Killer is asking for you and she’s not happy that Lanie’s here.”

[Killer is the friend that I dumped right after my last gf. She’s the one who said I was being cruel to the ex because I wouldn’t help her move out of my house and at the same time accusing me of being with Ellen – who she wants to be with, btw, will never get over that and is half crazy]

I started to go and felt Amanda’s hand on my chest. “No, you stay here, Lanie. Don’t go out there. Let Ellen handle it.”

After much screaming in the front yard [from Killer] offering to kick both my and poor Natalie’s @sses (how Natalie got dragged into this I have no idea – she was at the fire ring in the backyard and oblivious to everything), everyone telling her to just go home she finally left. Afterwards, we all met in the kitchen for a shot.

“That was scary.” Amanda said, as she downed an American honey.

“I’m so glad she’s gone and I’m so done with her.” Ellen said.

“I find it hilarious that she wanted to kick my @ss. She must have been off her medication tonight.” Me

[nodding heads agreeing]

“Lanie, you just have women fighting over you all the time. You are trouble.” Ellen said with more of affection and jest than anything.

“Hey, man it’s not a lesbian party until there’s some dyke drama.”

“Here, here” Amanda said as we all raised our glasses.

“So, you worried about Lee?” Ellen

“No, if that little girl can fall in love with someone else in a weekend then I don’t want her anyway.”

More toasts and shots.

Sunday morning I got a call from Lee saying she missed me and that she was going to start heading back in the early afternoon and asked if she could see me that night when she got back. I said to wait and see what time she got back and we’d decide. She ended up getting back late that night and we talked on the phone and confirmed our date the next night. I went to bed thinking words are just words but I won’t really know anything until tomorrow night – until I see her and can look into her eyes. Then, I will know.

Last night she came over and the minute she walked in the door she hugged me and pulled me in for a long kiss. I had a steak marinating and salads already made in the fridge. I got her a drink and we sat down after I lit the grill.

“I really missed you, Lanie. I’m glad I went to Florida and hope that [muscle head] and I can be friends but it was you I thought of the whole time.”

-and, from the state of my bedroom this morning I would say that things are pretty on with Lee and I.


2 thoughts on “The weekend

  1. 😀 So glad things went this way for you! And now after reading this a shot of American Honey sounds great…but it’s only 10:14am and my boss might frown on that.


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