The day did not start out so well. For one thing, I have to get a physical today and I have to fast until then. So, no cereal or peanut butter power bar or egg mcmuffin for me. Even though I never feel like eating breakfast I still make myself because if I don’t then I am famished by lunch and overeat. I’m one of those people who like to eat small snacks/meals throughout the day. Like, every two hours. I think my bootcamp class taught me that and I developed a habit from it. So, by the time this appointment is done I’m going to want to go get the biggest burrito I can find and throw down. Although, I know I can’t. Recently, I have become intolerant to spicy food as well as red meat. So, I’ve been on a new diet as well. No red meat even though the thought of it almost makes me want to cry. I noticed this morning while I was putting gel in my hair that I could actually see some ribs. I think I have lost a little bit of weight but not sure if it’s from the new diet or something going on with my body, hence, the physical today.

Despite the fasting, by Goddess, I was still going to get some coffee. (Fasting be damned if I can’t have my coffee then just shoot me) So, I pull up to San Francisco coffee formerly my favorite place to get coffee. It’s after 6:30 but the doors are still locked. (they’re supposed to open at 6:30) I looked through the window and there’s a guy with his back to me on a laptop and a woman also with her back to me writing on a chalk board – probably that day’s coffee’s. I jiggle the door handle and the guy turned and looked at me and then turned back around ignoring me. I tapped on the door with my car key. The woman stopped what she was doing and I could see her shoulders go up and then down with an annoyed sigh. She walked over to the door and opened it and informed me that they’re not ready to open just yet that she had to finish filling out the board and will open shortly. Then, instead of unlocking the door and letting me in to wait inside, she shuts it in my face. Needless to say I left in a huff without my coffee. I was pissed and I think if I would have waited around until she let me back in I would have chewed her @ss off.

I merged onto I-75 and thought that highway driving was not safe (for me) without coffee. I felt my eyes fill with tears of frustration and thought to myself “It will be ok. You’ll get coffee on Windy Hill.”

I swung into a Starbucks and went inside. There was a couple in line in front of me. They were ordering everything under the sun. She had one of those yogurt parfaits. He couldn’t make up his mind on what pastry he wanted. She also wanted a Venti coffee. He couldn’t decide if he wanted a latte’ or a coffee. She talked him into a coffee and a scone. He hesitated and then said, “OK”. I found myself once again about ready to loose my patience. I’m standing there talking to myself again “Just breathe. They will be done in a second.” They asked for a BAG to carry all their sh*t in. Once they finally left I ordered a Vinti.

As the woman behind the counter tried to put my lid on and failed the first two times I should have known something wasn’t right. She finally snapped it on and I went to fix it the way I wanted (only after waiting yet again for the couple in front of me to get out of my way) and snapped the lid back on it. As I got into the car the lid flew off spilling coffee all down the side of my leg, right butt cheek and right hand. I managed to pour what was left of it into my carry mug in the car which, in hindsight I should have made them put the coffee into instead of using their lame cups.

“I hate all coffee shop workers today.” I thought but felt like shouting at the top of my lungs in the parking lot before I sat my wet @ss down in the truck and drove to work. Thankfully, this time I had my coffee (and yes, I’m probably going to have the doc look at my burnt @ss and leg when I go in today).

I walked in to work and told my story and was met with sympathy and shared outrage over the mornings coffee happening. I felt slightly better as I sat down in front of my computer and logged on. Just then my phone vibrated and it was Lee wanting to talk. “No way am I talking to her this morning.” And texted back “can’t right now. Busy.”

I know my limits.


6 thoughts on “Limits

  1. sorry for the crazy morning…sometimes just one thing goes wrong and it starts a domino effect. i usually think it’s telling me i need to slow down and pay attention. but that’s just me. hope tomorrow is better for you, it’s friday, hell yeah..


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