training, relaxing and missing

I’ve been at a training thing all week in Arkansas. Because of the agency I work for is associated with the armed forces I am on a military base, in a dorm with soldiers running around and everything. I’m actually liking it, to be honest. The training is great and every day when I get out of class I either go for a run or go to the gym. Today, I found a bunch of trails that went around a lake that’s on base (it’s very wooded) and I wound around for almost an hour. It was probably the longest run I have done in a year. I’m trying to use this time to unwind, get back in shape and relax. So, despite the training from 8-5 it’s been kind of a mini vacation. I know that most people wouldn’t think that but compared to when I’m home and running from place to place and working two jobs this is a vacation.

I do miss Lee a lot. She’s looking after my cat and house this week. She’s been really great these days. I’m not in the habit of depending on anyone but myself but she’s proving to be someone I can count on. It’s nice feeling like I’m not alone, that I don’t have to solely take care of everything. Last Saturday I had a job that I absolutely had to finish before I left town the next day for training. It was aerating, seeding and fertilizing this client of mine’s lawn.

“I’m going to work my @ss off doing this.”

“I will help you do it. It will be fun!”

So, I gave Lee a company shirt and after she made me breakfast we took off for my client’s house and worked all morning. She proved to be a pretty good worker.

We were in the truck heading to a late lunch after the job was finished. “That was fun. I like doing work with you.”

“You did good, kid. Now where do you want me to take you for lunch?”


“You got it!”

We sat outside on the patio of the pizza place in the sun. We rolled up our shirt sleeves and shared a pitcher of beer. I was so happy and I couldn’t remember the last time someone I was seeing wanted to help me or to share something like that with me. I didn’t want the day to end and I didn’t want to leave for Arkansas the next day.

-but, I know she’s tending the house and this time away is very good for us. Missing is good which makes the reunion’s fantastic. So, I’m going to enjoy my time here and look forward to getting back to her.


4 thoughts on “training, relaxing and missing

  1. Each year I do the Gate River Run in Jax, and the firemen and army dudes run it in packs with their uniforms. I make sure that I am near them for at least part of the race because it’s so freaking motivating. Good for you…use whatever is out there to motivate!


  2. The beginning of this makes me think of the character Lucy in the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell. You’re really a genius, secret agent who is rich beyond belief aren’t you? :p

    I’m very happy to hear that things are going well with Lee. She seems to have gotten her act together a bit.


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