running time

Yesterday at the gym after putting on my running shoes I felt some gravel from the trails I ran the previous week at training. I felt a pang as I took off my shoe and dumped it.

Not only did I miss the trails I missed not having any responsibilities other than getting myself to class on time. This week has hit me like a tidal wave and I’m left staring at my daytimer wondering where I can fit in some extra time. I shut the book with a snap, realizing there IS no extra time this week. It’s run, run, run – and, not the beloved trails of Arkansas.

Spring has sprung and I am getting busy with both my landscape clients and my motorcycle classes. I have meetings with clients after work both tonight and tomorrow night as well as teaching a double motorcycle class this weekend. To top it off, baseball season is about ready to start and I drafted my fantasy team last Sunday. (I have to figure out a way to get TV in the house so I can watch the occasional game.)

A close friend of mine, Shelle (one of the five who share the same tattoo with me) called the other day and I talked her into going to the beach with Lee and I the end of May. One year Shelle and I were at the beach with another friend (who also shares the tattoo) and we swam way out beyond the breakers. We stopped swimming and tread water when dolphins swam up and all around us. It was amazing. We were trying to be so quiet and not scare them but before we knew it they were gone. Almost like a dream. Every year I always want to go to this particular beach and I made reservations all the way back in September in case I had the money to go. Now that I have gotten both Shelle and Lee to go it’s actually affordable. (which, is really a stretch with even two people to be honest) I plan to swim out beyond the breakers again, too. Ah, I cannot wait – Flounders, Peg-Leg Pete’s, running in the very early mornings on the beach before it gets hot. Ice cold beer from the cooler, the sun on my skin and the smell of suntan lotion. Here.I.come.


2 thoughts on “running time

  1. That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to read about it! I have never been to the “real” beach or ever seen the ocean so I live vicariously through all of you who do get to go there haha.


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