This and that

Wow, I have a lot to say today. I didn’t realize it until I opened Word to write. Let’s tick down the list, shall we?

1. Meeting ex gf tonight.
2. Meeting Lee’s parents this weekend
3. I dunno – mixed bag

The ex I’m meeting tonight is not my most recent ex but one from a very long time ago. There is a story behind this but in short, we dated for three months back in 2000 and broke up after a trip to San Francisco never speaking again until years later when she moved back from San Francisco. (Yes, she conveniently moved away after we broke up and I only found out about it through a mutual friend after she left) Years later when I did hear from her it was from finding her business card in my mailbox with a note on the back to please contact her. Long story short we became friends and she became my broker. However, she hasn’t sought me out to hang out or be friends the last two years. I think much of it has to do with my filing bankruptcy. I think she lost respect for me because I had to do that in order to survive. Despite what she thinks I had to do what I had to do. Being unemployed for over a year I lost almost everything except my house and my truck. If that’s true –that she has lost respect for me because I had to file then I will know tonight. Which, is the reason I wanted to meet with her but I had to bribe her to do it. The other day I got forms in the mail stating that her company was merging with another company. Since I still own a bunch of retirement funds with them there was a folder with paperwork in it asking me to sign and send back to her. I wasn’t playing that game. I emailed her “So, [new financial institution] huh?” She finally emailed back “Yes, moving up in the world. Send that paperwork back.”

I wrote back “If you want it you’re going to have to meet me for dinner.”

A little later she wrote back “Ok, how about Wednesday night at [pub in Decatur] at 6:30?”

I smiled to myself and thought ‘she’s still seeing her shrink then.’ Because every time we used to meet in the past it was right after her appointment at that place nearby. I know her so well even after all these years. The last time we were hanging out she had told me that she had stopped going. I thought it was a really bad idea considering her history but never said anything. Who am I to say?

Tonight I’m not going to sign the papers until she tells me why I haven’t seen her in two years and what has changed? If I don’t like the answer I’m not signing the papers. She doesn’t deserve my money if she’s lost respect for me. Next –

I am meeting Lee’s parents this weekend at her Savannah house. It’s going to be a bit strange and for reasons that I can’t get in to because despite Lee never reading this blog I do want to somewhat protect her privacy and not divulge everything I know about the girl. What will be strange is that first she [doesn’t think] her parents know about her. From what she’s told me about conversations with her mom – her telling her mom about me and her mom asking about me every time they talk (which, I think it’s almost everyday) I think they both know (mom telling the father, etc.) but have politely never said anything being afraid they would freak her out. (one of the strange reasons I can’t get in to but notice I’m always mentioning her talking to her ‘mom’?) I also think they know because she seems very close to her mother and honestly someone who is that close to a parent who politely asks about a new person in her daughter’s life has to know something’s up. Plus, I’ve also spoken to her mother a few times on the phone and the conversation has gone very well.

I’m not worried, though. I’ve tamed even the beastliest of parents, and, hell they can’t be as bad as my last gf’s parents whose mom tried to run over us with the van that one time or the time they started beating up on each other in front of us. Yeah, really it can’t be as bad as that was, so no, I’m not worried. Tomorrow night we’re going to go to the farmer’s market and get crab legs, shrimp, potatoes, kielbasa, beer and old bay seasoning and we’re going to have a Cajun boil when we get there. It should be a great ice breaker. (and, I’m going to remember to grab some extra beer for her Dad, too).

On another note: I have to fly to Dallas on Sunday. Lee is literally dropping me off at the airport to fly out on the way back from Savannah. So, not only do I need to pack for Savannah tonight but Dallas as well. I am hoping to make the trip relaxing like my last one to Arkansas. Some of the peeps that I met in Arkansas are going to be there and hopefully we can get in a few good runs while we’re there. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s so I am packing shorts. I hope to leave this cold, rainy weather behind for awhile.

4 thoughts on “This and that

  1. I can’t blame you for not signing the papers yet either. I agree that if she can’t respect why you filed for bankruptcy then she doen’t need your money. I wish you the best of luck with the parents and the trip to Dallas! Have a safe trip(s)!


  2. I think you should move your money regardless. She let you down by not keeping in touch, move it to someone with whom you do not have emotional ties. Trust is key in financial matters.


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