Last night was a very late night at pool. My friend, Amy who is an editor as well met me there to discuss the manuscript. She actually had better things to say than the other woman I met with on Tuesday – not that what she said was so bad but she seemed to think I had A LOT of work left to do on it whereas Amy didn’t. It’s always nice to have a couple points of view and now more than ever my fingers are itching to write and work on the book. One of the things I’m going to do is start reading it to Lee. I’ve had several people give me that advice as a way to work out the kinks and self edit.

I hadn’t seen Lee the past few nights because I’ve been all slung up in landscape work and pool playing, (the practice night paid off, btw.) plus, my pool nights are my own as her tennis nights are to her. Yesterday, on the phone she sounded irritated. I asked her if she was upset about something or frustrated and she said she was hungry and was stuck in traffic. I knew she missed me and wanted an invite that night but it wasn’t coming. I told her to have a good evening, to take herself out to eat and relax and hung up. Again, pool nights my own.

I’m getting more and more in to playing these days and have even started scheduling practice on Wednesday nights – at least until this season is over (think we only have two more weeks and we’re still barely in first place) so that makes two nights a week with pool. It’s also a time where I get to hang out with some of my friends who play on other teams. Despite the competitiveness of the league we all are very social and friendly to one another. That’s what I really like about it is the sportsmanship. There’s always a handshake and introduction before the match if you’ve never played each other before and compliments on nice shots and good matches.

Despite just rolling over four months since Lee and I started dating it still seems relatively new. I am just not ready to dive into being tied down or that I have to constantly check in with someone. My nature is to get a little rebellious when I start feeling that way. It could be as subtle as a missed call or a delayed text to an all out “I need some space” and not talk for a few days. Sometimes it’s not even about space. When I’ve ran really hard and fast for several days in a row I just need the down time to crash and I haven’t had one of those days/nights since Dallas (- there was one day where I didn’t have a class until 3:30 so I slept late, read two newspapers and caught up on my email – it was heaven, too!)

I say all this about space while at the same time I’m crazy about the girl and do want to see her and miss her when I don’t. She has a photographer friend (Lee is also a photographer) that needed to do a photo shoot out of town and she asked Lee to go with her to assist and paid her for the job. When they got there her friend took some test shots and asked Lee to pose. Lee sent me two of those pictures and I had them developed and put them in frames. I set one on the bookshelf I have in the living room. I have several pictures of my family on this shelf but as I sat it there I couldn’t remember the last girlfriend I had whose picture I put there with the rest. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a picture of a girlfriend there. I put the other in the bedroom on the nightstand. (and, I know for a fact that I’ve never had a picture of a girlfriend there) I’m waiting for her to notice these when she comes over tonight.

Work is dragging on today and I wish I were off. I think I will take a power nap before the concert tonight. Have a great and safe weekend, everyone


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