tip of the scales

This post has been swirling around in my head for awhile now. I was thinking about how in relationships there’s always one person who feels like “Wow, I really got lucky with this one.” – like they feel that the person they’re with is just a little bit out of their league or that they’re just a little bit more crazier about that person than they are of them or even would be a whole lot more devastated if they broke up.

Does that make any kind of sense?

What I mean is that I think there’s always one person in the relationship that’s a little bit more crazier about the other person. I’m not saying that the other person does not love the other as much but that there’s always just a small tip of the scales in one direction.

Does that make sense now?

If so, I will continue. (If not read the first two paragraphs again 😉

I’ve thought back in time about my past relationships and this scenario. There was Lisa who I was really crazy about. I thought she was beautiful and felt very lucky to be with her until after awhile I realized that she never acted that way towards me – I never got any of that. In fact, that was one of the reasons I broke up with her was because she never really reciprocated any passion or love. In my gut I knew that relationship could not continue so I broke it off with her only to be met with shock and anger on her end.

There was B who at first I think we both were equally crazy about each other then I became bored and frustrated with her very quickly into the relationship. She slept all the time and her apartment was always a mess. I remember every time I left there being covered in dog hair.

Of course, there was the most recent ex, J. I know that I fell out of craziness in love first because it became such a chore to be with her and for those of you who have followed my old blog then you know. I think she always felt that I was the catch and I faded away with stress and anger towards her.

So, here we have three cases – the first being I was a little crazier for Lisa than her me. Second, B started out equal and then laxed probably at the same time.

Third, J was a little more crazier for me than I her  – which was probably for reasons of using me.

So, I know you’re all wondering how Lee fits in to all this – which, scenario is us.

What do you think and why? Let me know and I will continue.


8 thoughts on “tip of the scales

  1. Interesting question. From what I have read of your relationship I would say that it is almost equal. I have seen times early on when you appeared to be the one just a little more into Lee than she you. In your latest post though, I see Lee taking on this role. I do hope that makes sense.


  2. If she’s the right one for you, it’ll feel equal. I know that sounds corny, but that’s how come I know Zach and I work. When each of us speaks about the other one, we gush. We BOTH feel like we’re winning. I think that’s a great indicator of longevity/compatibility.


  3. What an interesting topic!!

    I agree with what J said. I think there have been times that each of you have more into the other. I think that is common in a lot of relationships.

    I can’t wait to read more…


  4. I think (and these are just my thoughts) that Lee is kind of clueless. She is immature and needs constant reassurance, and then runs to someone, she has rejected as being a partner. She most likely does not want to be with the “Muscle Head” but throws it in your face. I could be totally off base, but this is what I think of this. I would run far and fast away from this nut case.


  5. I agree with the others, that it seems fairly equal between you two. Although, I will agree with Klynne that Lee seems a bit clueless at times, there’s a part of me that’s still apprehensive about Lee for you, but here lately she seems to have gotten a much better grip than what she had in the beginning. I’m interested in your perception of who feels more lucky…since how you feel about it what matters most.


  6. I am sorry Lanie,

    Hope I did not insult you. Love your writing and your journey. I hope everything works well for you. I am just wary by nature.


  7. I agree with J. You were the one who cared to a large extent in the beginning, but now it’s like you guys traded roles. Maybe in a while you’ll be equal, and it will remain that way.


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