shoe on the other foot

Thank you all for your comments. I think all of you are pretty much on the money (except the one where I’m supposed to run far and fast but, Klynne, I thank you for your comment all the same) with the two of us taking on the different roles at different times. J, you’re right on in your assessment that when Lee and I started out I seemed to be the one that was in to her way more than she was in to me. I think a lot of that was all the stuff Lee was dealing with at the time. Now that things have calmed down she seems more focused and the shoe seems to be on the other foot.

Honestly, I prefer that shoe on that foot. I admit that I get off on the feeling of the other person being a tad bit in to me as I them. There’s been so many times where I have been hurt by those that I felt that I was in to more than they were in to me. I guess you could call it a defense mechanism. Although, I do admit there are times that I feel that I’m equally as crazy about her. So, yeah – it does fluxuate. It’s good that Lee is way more in to me right now because I have it working to my advantage because she’s not very happy with me this week.

This weekend Lee is going to her house in Savannah to check on it and I’m working. The other night on the phone:

“I guess I won’t see you until Sunday?”

“I have to go play pool right after work so maybe not.”

“Arg! I forgot about that. [she forgot that I have my pool playoffs that if we win we go to Vegas but she has her tennis playoffs the same day which I didn’t forget about] You will probably be in that bar allllll night.”

Pool is a sore spot with Lee. Mostly because I partake in smoking and drinking when I’m playing pool. [she’s ok with the drinking part but can’t stand the smoking part] Plus, I’m often there very late finishing my matches.It’s what I do – once a week. It’s basically my night and one where I can do whatever the f*ck I want [which, most of the time I do anyway]. I tell her that she has tennis [which, is usually more than one night per week] and she says “Yeah, but I don’t smoke and it’s not in a smoky bar.”

Yeah, tennis isn’t in a smoky bar and even if I didn’t smoke there would still be smoke there and she would still not come so what does it matter? Plus, I don’t want her there. The one time she came and watched me play I lost. It messed with my normally cool head when I play. So now Thursday nights are my night and we don’t talk about the smoking. If she brings it up I say “Do you really want to go there?” and she drops it. Honestly, I just dont’ want to hear any sh*t about it.

“Don’t call me after you get out of pool tonight.”

“I know, I called you too late last week and made a mental note not to call you anymore after pool.” I did call her really late and woke her up.

But, last night a fight broke out in the bar against these two women on opposing teams. A pool cue was broken along with a couple of beer bottles and one of the players on another team who is a cop had to break it up. All I kept thinking was “wow, I’m so glad it broke out over there and not right beside me like it usually does. This place is WILD!”

I texted Lee:

“There was a bar fight”

I waited a beat after her reply of “what?”

“I’m ok”

another beat after her “were you in it?” Lee has heard too many stories of how I’ve gotten myself in bar fights (never intentionally).

“Naw. Goodnight.”

That spurred a “call me when you’re done.”

“But I thought you didn’t want me to call you?”

“Just call me.”

Yeah, small victory for me. 😉


4 thoughts on “shoe on the other foot

  1. I think I’m glad I don’t play pool there, haha. My pool nights are my nights too, at least when I’m playing. I’m taking summer session off since trying to get a full team there is like trying to herd cats at the moment. I think it’s a good thing that it’s give and take with you two, and I can’t blame you for enjoying the shoe on the other foot.


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