meerkat love

I think I’ve finally almost hit a wall with burnout. Today, I rolled out of bed and started fantasizing about going to the beach next week. I couldn’t believe it was right around the corner. “Yes, I can make it.” I thought as I slipped into my flip flops and went into the kitchen to pour some coffee.

Last Sunday I was able to get out of my motorcycle class early and head to the pool hall for the Qualifier Cup playoffs my team was in. We were to play this team that my friend, Edith, used to play on and quit.

“Are you going to be there tonight?”

“Hell no. I quit that team, remember?”

“Well, I know but you’re still part of the season that your team qualified.”

“I told them I didn’t want to play because Bunny was just being too much of a psycho.”

Backstory: Bunny is short of Bunny Boiler and is the name we gave this girl on Edith’s team that has a big crush on her.  (She’s also an ex gf of my team Captain, Mick and has an ex on Edith’s Thursday night team – yes, the girl gets around in the pool shooting community.) When Edith refused to go out with her Bunny started doing all kinds of text/phone call harassment.

As I was warming up with my team, Mick, pulled me outside and said that I was going to play Kristeen (Bunny) and am I ok with that. The question kind of threw me off because as far as I knew the captain didn’t have any idea of the nickname we have given her ex and why or any of the backstory from above.

“Sure, I’m fine with it.” I knew I could take her and that she was one of those people who over-thought their shots when they got freaked out about something. All I needed was the opportunity to make my famous bank shot and the match would be mine.  I also wanted to stir the pot a little. I went inside I asked Nat very loudly if Edith was coming. Nat got all big-eyed and shook her head and said out of the corner of her mouth “No, tell you later.” I looked over at Bunny and gave her a thousand yard stare with my icy blue eyes. Bunny got up to go get a drink. Yes, I would have no problems beating her that day if it came to it.

But, it didn’t. Both teams had to win the best out of 5 individual matches to win. We lost our first match and the Bunny team whooped and cheered and danced. We won the next one and did the same right back. The third match Mick went out. Since she’s ranked a 6 and her opponent a 5 she had to win 5 games and the opponent 4. It continued to be a tie – we would win one game and the other would win one. At some point our team was up by two games when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and Bunny had a stuffed animal out.

I nudged Nat and said,

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s a meerkat. The team mascot.”

Just then we heard Bunny scold the stuffed meerkat saying “You better start bringing us better luck or else.”

“Oh.My.God.” I said, as Nat and I both picked up our phones and started texting Edith at the same time.

Text to Edith: “Omg bunny has a stuffed animal now. A meerkat. Apparently, it was ur team’s mascot and it’s not doing them any good so bunny had to have a talk with it.”

From Edith: “SHUT UP! You are lying. U r so lying.”

“Honest Abe.” I wrote back and Nat wrote “She’s not lying.”

Edith: “THANK GOD I am no longer on that team……I would be dying of embarrassment by now.”

Bunny then proceeded over to the tournament area – which, the only people who were allowed in that area while in play was the players and the scorekeepers. Bunny’s coach took the meerkat away from her sitting it on the bar and shooed her out of the playing area before my team could say anything.

“We have to steal that thing.” Me

“How? It’s in the playing area?” Nat

“We’re going to steal it and duct tape it to the roof of my truck when we win this thing.”

“Maybe Dee will steal it for us she’s been over there keeping score anyway.”

Just then Dee walked by with a pitcher of beer. I grabbed her and Nat and I told her what was up.

“It’s over there behind Bunny’s coach.”

Dee poured herself a beer, slugged back a big gulp, wiped her mouth and said, “I’m on it.”

Dee can flirt with anyone – man or woman and Nat and I saw her cross the playing floor and put her arm around the opposing team’s coach. She bent down and said something into her ear and she put back her head and laughed. This was going perfect. Meanwhile, Mick was in on the hill (meaning if she won the game she was on then she would win the match, making our team the winners) and lining up for a very difficult shot. Dee leaned down again and said something else  just as she reached behind her back and grabbed the meerkat.

“She’s gonna do it!” Me

“No, we’re going to get busted.”Nat

Mick sunk the shot and as we clapped Dee stuck the meerkat up her shirt. Mick’s lined up for her next shot when –

“HEY, SHE’S STEALING OUR MEERKAT!” the opposing player shouted pointing to Dee.

 Mick almost missed her shot and stopped herself right before hitting the ball and stood up and looked at all of us across the bar. By this time my entire team plus Nat was in on it and we all had sheepish looks on our faces and Mick shook her head at us with this incredulous look on her face and her hands out to the side in this “WTF” gesture. Dee sheepishly gave the stuffed animal back to the coach and said something else flirty before walking back to us.  

Rejoining us she said, “D@mn! I almost HAD it!” as Bunny glared at us.  Mick sank the 8 ball then and we all celebrated. Bunny’s team was both angry at loosing and the attempted meerkat abduction. After Mick packed up her cue she came over to us and said, “Here I am trying to make this bank when you guys are trying to steal that stuffed animal. You’re lucky I didn’t miss or YOU would have been playing Kristeen in a sudden death game.” She said, pointing to me.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed in not getting to play Bunny and botching the meerkat-napping. I was envisioning it with a little noose around it’s neck hanging out the back window of my truck.

That’s ok, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of them and on to the City Cup Vegas Qualifier Tournament in three weeks!


2 thoughts on “meerkat love

  1. LMAO! I love it! Pool would be so much more fun here if we all had mascots and could attempt to steal them. Congrats on the win! I like the fancy names you all have for the playoffs there…here they are just “playoffs” and “regionals”. Good luck on getting to Vegas!


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