mixed hues

Lee and I just got back from vacation at Pensacola Beach. I must say it was probably one of the best vacations I’ve had there despite a few setbacks.

We started down there Tuesday evening but by Montgomery, AL we had ran out of steam and checked in to a hotel. The next morning after hitting the continental breakfast we took off for Florida again pulling in at almost high noon. We were meeting my friend, Sheila and her recently gotten back together with girlfriend, Rachael. They had been there since Monday evening but Sheila had been doing work stuff the entire time they had been there. She had just gotten a new job and was in training and on conference calls almost the entire week we were there only finishing up early Friday afternoon.

So, what does that tell you?

You’re correct – Lee and I got stuck entertaining Rachael while Sheila did work stuff. So, every day we’re on the beach with Rachael and at least two evenings Rachael went to dinner with us because Sheila was either studying or not feeling well.

“Is she going to hang out with us the entire time?” – Lee

“I hope not. I’m going to propose a date night because I want some one-on-one time with you.” – me

Really the only reason that I invited Sheila was because it made the accommodations and the trip itself more affordable to share a room plus, she had asked if she could go and at the time I thought it would be fun. We had been to Pensacola before and had always had a great time. Then, her and Rachael got back together and it ended up being the four of us in a room. In looking back, I will probably never do that again.

One afternoon, Lee and I managed to escape and [run] walk across the street and do a little shopping and have a frozen drink. When we got back to the hotel we were met with “Where did you guys go?”

I felt like I was in high school again having to check in. “We just walked across the street and did a little shopping and had a drink.”

“Oh, well you should have called us – we would have gone with you.”

‘Right, ok if you can’t get the hint I will help you out here’, I thought.

“Oh, well I just thought you girls wanted some alone time. I know you’ve been working a lot. In fact, I was thinking tonight we’d have date night and you two can have a nice dinner together and Lee and I would meet up with you later for a drink.”

“No, we want to hang with you guys tonight.” Sheila replied for the two of them. I got the feeling that Rachael wouldn’t have minded having a night alone with Sheila but I wasn’t going to get involved.

“Well, I – “ Just then Lee elbowed me in the side and did a small shake of the head like ‘you’re going to lose this battle tonight.’ –“ok, where do you want to go?”

Friday morning Lee and I got up and went down to breakfast. “Where do you want to go after breakfast?” I asked.

“I don’t know – you want to go somewhere?”

“Yes, I want some alone time with you even if it means possibly pissing them off. Plus, we can’t go back to the room anyway because Sheila is taking that test.”

So, we walked across the street and went exploring some more. There were shops and restaurants that were not yet open. We took pictures and walked down by the water and I spied a boat/jet ski rental place. “Let’s go check this place out.”

We went over and go the rates for the boats, jet skis and parasailing. “Do you want to rent a jet ski?” I asked Lee.

“Sure, I’ve never done it before. Why not?”

We had to run back to the hotel and grab out bathing suits and make a mad dash back. “If they ask what we’re doing just say we don’t know but we came back to grab our suits and suntan lotion just in case.”  We did just that and ended up having a fabulous time. We rented it for an hour and raced back and forth in the inlet and twice we stopped, shut down and jumped off to swim, tread water and talk. Finally, we saw a red flag telling us to come in and we hopped back on and rode in.

Afterwards, we had frozen drinks at the bar next door, talked and then shopped.  Later, we leisurely made our way back to the hotel after 3:00 and found the two of them on the beach asking where we had been [again]. I was getting tired of this constant check-in but said, “We went jet skiing, had frozen drinks and then went shopping.” I grabbed Lee’s hand and showed matching mood rings. [which, were both blue at the time].

“Oh, we were thinking we’d go to Crabs tonight for dinner.”

So much for date night. I looked at my mood ring and it started to turn amber. Saturday we packed up all our beach stuff, called a cab to take us to the gay beach and stayed down there all day. Both Rachael and Sheila seemed very moody but Lee and I both ignored it. I grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s go walk” Which, we did.

That evening Sheila complained of a headache when we got back to the room and said she needed to lay down. Rachael asked if she could go out to dinner with us. I said, “Sure.” even though I really wanted at least one evening out with Lee alone while we were there. I actually felt sorry for Rachael. We sat outside by the water and ate oysters and listened to a band that was starting to play next door. Lee and I started playing a game of guessing the artist/band of each song. Rachael decided to take a salad to Sheila and  left us to go do just that. I was relieved. “Finally, we get out date night.”

The next morning Sheila and Rachael decided to leave a day early. “I fly out on Tuesday for business so I need to get back and get ready for the trip.” Sheila said. I thought for one horrible second that Rachael was going to stay behind with us.

“Are you sure?” I asked and then Lee and I helped them take all their stuff down to Sheila’s car and pack up. As they pulled away from the hotel and Lee and I waved I said, “Thank Goddess! We have the place all to ourselves.”

The last day Lee and I sat on the beach, rode bikes to lunch, swam at the hotel pool and had drinks at the Tiki bar. That night we never made it out of the hotel room to dinner.


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