chex mix

I just have a bunch of random stuff that I thought I would write about. So, here goes:

  • I worked Lee’s butt off this past weekend painting my house. That and other things (that she’s very talented in) redeemed her. We had a pretty good weekend together kicking it off by seeing this band at Masquerade on Thursday night. I had tickets to this show for months and was stoked. Earlier that night we caught their acoustic set at a record store before scooting over to the show venue to see them plugged in. They were excellent!
  • Friday evening we went to this author’s book signing. A friend of mine knows her so we got personal introductions. She’s a very nice lady!  I bought her latest book which she signed. I also reached out and asked her advice on publishing, agents, etc. and she told me to buy the latest writers guide and scan it from cover to cover. Speaking of which, does anyone have any advice on whether or not I should buy the 2010 or the 2011 version of the Writer’s Market? I had read that the 2011 version was a disappointment because it was no longer indexed by types of books per publisher (ie: romantic fiction, suspense, children’s books, etc) but is just a general index so you have to search every publisher to see what types of books they publish.
  • Saturday and Sunday Lee and I painted all day. By Monday I was ready for a day off and to go play. That morning Ellen came over for breakfast. I made omelets and bloody Mary’s for all of us. We walked up to the main drag of my neighborhood and watched the parade go by. Afterwards, we dyed Lee’s hair – much to her chagrin but, hey, she had been complaining about showing grey. Later that evening we went to a party on the lake and to watch the fireworks. We ended up getting drenched before it was over.
  • I so didn’t want to go back to work on Tuesday. I felt like I really didn’t have a weekend off working on the house. But, my goal is to have it completed by my birthday at the end of the month. Which, is when Lee and I will be going to her house in Savannah for almost a whole week. Last weekend when we were hanging with Ellen she invited her there for the weekend we get there. It should be fun! We’re planning a low-country boil and to go to my favorite pizza place on Tybee – which I am hoping to get in several runs there.
  • I am over pool these days. Especially, nine ball. I almost want to quit but I think I will compromise and just quit nine and stay with eight which I like a lot better. I guess I am getting bored with it. I really need to spend more time working on query letters for my book and trying to find an agent. (and, no – please don’t ask me about self-publishing) Hopefully, I can spend a lot of the time on vacation at the end of the month finishing the manuscript edits and working on the query letters.  To me that is not work. Writing is always like being on vacation.
  • I’ve started a new workout routine and it’s kicking my @ss. Last week was the first week that I worked out Monday – Friday. I pretty much blew everything over the weekend with eating and drinking. Some people say their cravings or weaknesses are bread, or pizza or sweets. Mine is beer. Always.  I have switched to drinking Mich Ultra if I have to have a drink. It’s taken some getting used to as I am a 420 fan all the way. Although, I hear that Becks Light has only 60 calories. I am going to do some beer/calorie research.
  • These flash afternoon rainstorms are starting to become a drag. I drove in to work yesterday because I was afraid that it would be pouring at rush hour. Which, it didn’t pour until six last night. Today I thought, “Rain be damned.” And pulled on my riding clothes and grabbed my helmet. The commute is so much more interesting on a bike than in the truck. I never thought I would be one of those people who rode in to work every day but it’s proving otherwise.
  • Speaking of riding, my buddy K placed 13th in his 11-day iron butt rally. (out of 85 people who started and 73 who finished – with 3 crashing – one of those 3 almost fatal [which, for doing 140 mph across the dessert and crashing it’s a wonder they are still alive]) He said it’s his last rally and that he’s happy with it. I am relieved.
  • Despite Sloan getting it 11 times she got dumped. She may come with me to pool tomorrow night and spend the night. I know that sounds weird but nothing is going to happen between us and I’m just trying to get the girl out. She doesn’t feel safe driving there by herself from her place in Marietta and then back after drinking so I offered my spare room. I don’t think I’m going to tell Lee, though. I mean, nothing’s going to happen, it’s my house I can do whatever I want and I don’t want her to get all wigged out about it. (and, no I’m doing this to get back at her for moving back in with the ex – don’t you love how I answer your questions even before you ask them? 😉
  • Speaking of moving in with the ex Lee has started to move stuff over there this week. I have decided that I am not going to worry about this. Honestly, the girl needs something to do during the week to leave me alone. I have just realized that she used to play tennis two evenings a week and that now she’s only playing on Sundays – why previously she wasn’t hanging off my jock to do things during the week. I think the next time she mentions joining another league I’m going to encourage that. After being together all weekend I relished last night hanging at the house by myself – and, I will tonight and tomorrow, too. Sigh- I don’t think I can ever live with anyone again. I like living alone too much.

One thought on “chex mix

  1. You certainly had a busy weekend! I think it’s great you’ve found a positive spin to Lee moving back into her ex’s place. All in all I think you’re taking a great approach to this relationship. I think your birthday vacation sounds wonderful and I hope it is for you! And remind Sloan that even though she got dumped…at least she got it 11 times, that counts for something.


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