more chex mix

For the most part I had a pretty good weekend. Friday, Lee came over for dinner and we drove around town exploring some graffiti. This is something we like to do together and she’s been wanting to photograph me with the bikes with that as a backdrop. We found some great graffiti in Cabbage and Reynolds town. Afterwards, we checked out a new pub (for us) which is turning out to be a fast favorite of mine.  

This past weekend I taught a class – probably not one of my sharpest classes, either. Every one of them had problems comprehending the exercises and we kept having to give them the directions over and over again. It was almost like a class of three year olds. “But why?” My fuse was pretty short by the end of the day on Sunday (fortunately I’m able to hide it well). I had no more pulled up at the house in the truck when Lee called wanting to know what we were doing that night. (It was our 7 month anniversary – yes, it’s cheesy counting the months but I don’t care – especially, since it seems lately that a month more seems lucky) I suggested the new pub. So, we went there. We had a great evening together. Over the weekend she had trimmed all my shrubs in the front and back of the house, did the laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, straightened up my utility room and cleaned out the cat’s litter box. All really great stuff – and, I never even asked her to do any of it. I wonder if she feels guilty about something. Well, she may –

-remember Muscle Head from Florida? Well, she’s going to be in town visiting on Saturday and Lee is going to spend the day with her and her nephews. Apparently, she comes in to town for their birthdays and she’s taking them to the new Harry Potter movie and Lee is going with them. But, after they go do a CrossFit together in my neighborhood.

“Seriously? You’re going with [muscle head name] and her nephews to see Harry Potter?”

“Yes. After the crossfit thing we’re going to have lunch and then go.”

“But, you don’t even like kids.”

“Yes, I do. I mean, they’re ok.”

“Uh-huh. You just want to see [muscle head] and Harry Potter.”

“Well, yeah -[backtracking] I mean, we are friends.”

“Her girlfriend broke up with her, right?”


I laughed then and said, “Right after you showed up to watch her in the Warrior Dash.”


I clapped my hands and said, “That’s so funny!”

Lee tried to push me off the bed just then. “It’s no big deal. We’re just friends. Are you worried?”

“No. Are you kidding?” I’m not worried but I don’t trust muscle head not to try something. At least she’ll be less likely to in front of the kids. “When is this? Friday? Saturday?”

“Saturday. Maybe we can get together after.”

“Oh no. [shaking head] You’re going to see [muscle head] then I have a ‘buy’ Saturday night.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It means that I get to do whatever I want to that night.”

“You mean go out with another woman?”

[Smiling, nodding head] “Maybe.” Lee tried to push me off the bed again.

“Fine. Go out with your friend [name of friend Lee is jealous whenever I do something with], then.”

“I think I may do just that.” [Still smiling]. Honestly since I work that weekend I can really see myself coming home from work, eating dinner and calling it an early night. But, we’ll see. I think the Women’s World Cup is going to be on and I could also see myself stationed at one of my favorites watching it. But, Lee doesn’t have to know all that 😉 In fact, I think I’m going to be very hard to reach that day. Something may be wrong with my phone. Or, I could have dropped it in a puddle while teaching in the rain that day. All kinds of things come to mind…..

Last Thursday Sloan did follow me home from work and go to pool with me. She ended up having a good time – until the girl she was seeing/not seeing [who knows] showed up. Then, it was adolescent drama and a catfight the rest of the night. Fortunately, I was too consumed with my 9 ball make-ups to get involved. I had forgotten all about how twenty-something’s can be such drama queens. At 11:30 I pulled the truck around in front of the girl’s car and waited while Sloan finished her argument [which, was still going] and got in. We got back to my house and she wanted to go home. She seemed sober enough by then so I let her go only making her promise to text me when she got home safely. It turned out that she went straight over to the girls house and spent the night with her. So dysfunctional. Not sure she will get another invite from me to hang out and crash at my house. I mean, the whole point of the evening was for her to hang out and meet new people, make new friends. NOT to argue with the girl she’s seeing/not seeing all night. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

“Why is the futon made up in the middle bedroom?” Lee texted me on Saturday.

“Because I want to save that cover – it was very expensive.”

She did know that Sloan “met” me out at pool the other night but I conveniently left out all the other details because I just didn’t want to answer any questions about it. Which, makes me wonder if she left out any details about this coming Saturday with Muscle Head. Like, what are they going to do after they drop the kids off?

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “more chex mix

  1. I don’t really understand why this “friendship” is so important to her, that she would disregard your feelings. Is she life long friends with this woman or what? You seem like you are pretty laid back, it is not like you get hyper about everyone she hangs out with, and you don’t seem to be a jealous person. Maybe she is trying to get some reaction out of you, and to her, that shows her you care? I don’t get it.


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