prison break chex mix

I haven’t done anything so far this week except work, workout and go home and prop my feet up and watch Felicity. I have been such a slug. These daily workouts have been kicking my @ss. I’ve really tried to pour it on this week because I have my monthly weight and tape on Monday with the trainer at the gym. I’m not sure if it’s helping or not – I do feel a little sorer tighter these days but maybe it’s just my imagination. We’ll see.  

I think I’ve finally gotten Lee trained to not bug me during the week. Although, she’s been going over to the ex’s house and working on that new apartment every day. I know that is a distraction that’s keeping her busy and out of my hair. She will probably move in sometime next week. Saturday, she’s going out with Muscle Head. I’m not that worried but again, I’m not happy about it, either. I picked up an Alpharetta class this weekend so we could be staying at the hotel up there if she wasn’t out with her.  I don’t know – maybe if I asked her to come up there after her “movie date” it would cut things short with them. Also, if she declined then I would know that they had plans to go out afterwards. [Thinking out loud] Yes, I think that’s what I will do. (Ok, I emailed her and asked – I will let you know what I find out)

Honestly, sometimes I could really care less about being in a relationship. It’s a vicious cycle. When I’m not in one I want to be in one and when I am – not so much. What I really can’t stand is feeling like I have to check in with someone all the time. I also think talking to each other every day gets boring after awhile. We need time to miss each other. Because of that I’m really in the position to think “If things happen between her and Muscle then so be it – it wasn’t meant to be.” Not that I wouldn’t be upset about that [and it’s really going to f*ck up my birthday plans] but I’m just tired of trying to control fate. I just want to go with it for once and not worry about things. I have enough to worry about anyway. But, gee I really don’t want to break up with her before my birthday the end of this month.

Next topic: Sloan is in jail. Yep – on a small infraction but large enough to keep her there for at least two weeks. The kid is a mess. By Wednesday of this week when I still didn’t see her at work I went looking for her and found out from the girl she’d been seeing/not seeing [I will call her Casey] where she was. I’m not sure what this is doing for their relationship but I’m getting the impression that they both really miss each other. Just think – jail could save a relationship. When Casey was telling me about going over there to take her stuff all I could think about was that jail sex scene in The L word. [yes, I know some of you readers have no idea what I’m talking about but just go with it] Gosh, and the whole thing is making me want to watch Prison Break all over again. Felicity, step aside. Btw – if you haven’t seen it [Prison Break] it’s good. The first two seasons are the best and worth checking out.

I never thought I’d say this but I’m ready for September to get here. I’m really over 90 degree anything. It’s been in the 90’s since the end of May and I’ve had enough of the weather. I really don’t mind the rain now – at least we’re not in a draught – but, no more 90’s please!

No one is playing 9 ball next season so that’s good. I only wish we were done with it NOW (yeah, I have the patience of a 3 year old sometimes). I friend of mine is joining the team next season. (In, sigh – September- please get here….) I have pool tonight which I’m looking forward to despite my girl Edith being out of town for the next month. Too bad Sloan can’t come tonight – bet she thinks that was a MUCH better night than she originally thought. 😉

I will leave you with this:


5 thoughts on “prison break chex mix

    • Hey, thanks for reading myblog. Chex mix is like potatoe chips – or crisps there but it’s made out of this cereal (called Chex mix) and has nuts, and pretzels in it. It’s a hodge-podge of things – why I name my posts that sometimes because it’s the same.


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