Savannah or bust – part II

“She is hoooooot!”

Sloan and I were shoved up at the bar here doing happy hour.

“Yeah, this place is better than a strip club. You get to see skin but when you give them money they give you food and drink in return.”

It was operation “be unavailable” to our gf’s – or in Sloan’s case – ex gf.  

Both our phones vibrated at once and we looked at them.

Same question from both “What are you doing?”

Same text back from Sloan and I “Having happy hour with Sloan/Lanie will talk later.”

We put our phones back on the bar facedown and smiled at each other.

Just then Sarah slid onto the stool beside us. I had prepped her on Sloan before she got there. “Don’t mention jail unless she does, etc. ” There happened to be a guy sitting at the bar, Steve, that she knew.  Introductions were made and we all struck up a conversation. Sarah asked about Lee and I basically gave her a run-down. Then I said, “Sloan’s gf just left her for a man -” And bit down hard on my tongue to keep from saying “-while she was in jail.” Who was I to be prepping Sarah when I almost blurted it out?

Sloan nodded and said, “It’s true” taking a drink of the strong concoction in front of her.

“I’ve always heard it was the other way around.” Sarah

“Me too.” Steve

We talked some more and then Steve went off to swim practice. It was pouring outside and we said all he had to do was walk down Cobb Parkway.

“Wow, there are a lot of men here.”

 “Yeah, everyone gets something. Sloan and I get to watch the servers and you get to watch the men. It works out and better than the bloody eye.”

Things have still been a bit shaky with Lee. Friday evening she came up to Alpharetta and we went out for drinks. I could not get her to stay because of the dog. We did fall asleep for a little while in the hotel and she got up and left after awhile. Saturday she asked me if I wanted to go to a party with her. It was another one of these parties and instead of saying “Hell no” I politely said that I thought it would be a good idea for her to go on her own and make some more friends. She stopped by that night on her way to the party and had a drink with me. Sunday we went out to dinner after my class let out. So, we have seen each other but there hasn’t been any fire.

“So, do you think Savannah is going to make a difference?”

“Yes, I think it will be good for us.”

All I could think about was the time we were there last winter and she still went to Florida afterwards. I wanted to say “Well, it didn’t then.” But, I didn’t. I’m tired of talking about that woman.

“Don’t worry about things so much. It’s going to be fine.”

 All I knew was that I wanted to run on Tybee and sit at that tiki bar and drink a 24 oz. Red Stripe afterwards. I wanted to eat pizza at Hukapoos and have a drink at Fannie’s and walk the streets of Savannah and smell the air. I almost didn’t care if it worked out with Lee and I or not as long as I could just be there again. I nodded and said, “Ok.”


4 thoughts on “Savannah or bust – part II

    • Melanie –
      I do love her. I just don’t like what’s going on. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and if we can’t work this out and get back to where we were – which, was very good – then yes, I will dump her.


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