the trip

Just a quick update to say that so far everything is going well. We pulled up to Lee’s house just before 7 on Friday evening. As soon as we unloaded the car we jumped back in and took off for downtown Savannah. Once we finally found parking we walked down to River Street and had wings at The Warehouse and then walked to a new Irish pub we wanted to try. It was great! We met a couple from Savannah who owned a sailboat. We talked to them for several rounds until our friend, Ellen, texted that she was just getting off the exit and heading that way. We paid up quickly and headed back to the house to meet her. She was going to stay the weekend and celebrate my birthday with us.

Saturday, after sleeping in late we all headed to the beach to eat and enjoy the water. On the way there we stopped off at Bonaventure Cemetery to explore a bit and take pictures. I had thought I’d been there before but as we drove the narrow gravel paths through the tree covered cemetery I had no recollection of ever being there. It was very beautiful and I longed to come back when it wasn’t 1,000 degrees and have a picnic and explore further. Here are some pictures I took:

Tybee was very crowded and by the time we found a parking place we were just about done driving around. We ate a lovely meal at the North Beach Bar & Grill of fish sandwiches, crab topped fried green tomatoes and sweet potato fries with Red Stripe tall boys in coozies. After that we headed out to the beach only to stay less than an hour because the heat index was 112. The water that’s normally a little cold to get into was like lukewarm bath water. We left and went to Hucka-poos after that. By this time the heat was starting to get to us so we had a few beers and ordered a pizza to go. Once back at Lee’s we made a feast of pasta and pizza topped off with a bottle of Chianti. It was a lovely end to a lovely day. I might add that things have been really good between Lee and I – despite what all has been going on with her house – more on that later.

The next day (Sunday) – my birthday – we went into Savannah and took a trolley tour. Even though it was the third or fourth time for me on a trolley tour of Savannah I still love to go and especially with people who have never been before. The three of us piled on and joked with Jane our driver. I let slip that I was a landscape architect and the landscape jokes were ceaseless the whole way. Once we finished the tour Jane dropped us off at City Market and we wound through the streets and made our way back down to River Street. Destination: Wet Willies for the coldest alcoholic drinks we could find. Once in hand I was torn on pouring it down my throat or shirt. Later, Lee said we should have gotten two each – that way to keep both hands cool. I thought that was an excellent idea. We shopped along the river and eventually made it to a late lunch at the Shrimp Factory. By then it was late afternoon and Ellen had to be on her way so we went back to Lee’s and said goodbye to her.

Monday, my phone woke me up vibrating on the mantle above Lee’s bed and my head. It was my sister calling to wish me a [belated] happy birthday. None of my relatives called me the day before but I was relieved because I frequently have no cell service when I’m at Lee’s house and plus, I was too busy out having fun on my birthday. I didn’t want to be having to call anyone back. My trainer from the gym did call and I replayed her message for both Lee and Ellen because she has an Australian accent. [which, I think Lee is a bit jealous over but ha-ha-don’t-care] After hanging up with my sister, I padded down the stairs to go make coffee and Lee and I omelette’s – something I have been doing since we arrived is making breakfast. Later that day I went for a run down Lee’s road. It was overcast and not too unbearably hot. The road Lee’s house is on has a canal running along it. Supposedly, the canal is historic and runs all the way to downtown Savannah almost 15 miles away. I saw the Blue Heron that I always see every time we’re here. He seems to always hang out in a certain place and you can see him take flight when you drive by – or in my case, run by. A few yards down the road I met another huge bird, a turkey vulture that I called “Jesus Christ’ – simply because when it flew out of the woods above my head that’s what I shouted. It eventually landed on a tree branch on the other side of the road and looked down on me ferociously. Later after reaching the end of the road and turning around I was starting to get tired. The sun had come out and I was almost out of water and I still had at least a mile to go until I reached the drive of the park where I was meeting Lee to hit some tennis balls. Just then, she went whizzing by in her car turned around at the end of the road and came back and picked me up. I was thankful she came. Later, that day we met a motorcycle buddy of mine, Bobby, who moved to Hinesville and teaches on one of the military bases. We were sitting downstairs at an Irish pub on River Street having black and tan’s and shepherd’s pie. Later, after she left Lee and I went to the other Irish pub that we discovered the first night we were in Savannah. We had Guinness’s – mine a dirty hippy – her’s a snake bite.

Tuesday – as I write this we just ate breakfast and can’t seem to get past Damages season 3. I want to help Lee get rid of some stuff in her house, I would like to go for a run – although, it looks bright [hot] outside and we had talked about having dinner out on Tybee tonight for our last night here. It’s been a great birthday trip/vacation! Lee and I have been close although we haven’t talked about anything serious. I really don’t want to, either. If we’re not going to work after this then I really don’t want to know right now. I want to be locked in this moment for as long as possible. Content, relaxed and happy until I’m back in Atlanta. Then, I will deal with anything that I have to. Right now I’m just going to enjoy this as long as possible.

4 thoughts on “the trip

  1. I am so glad you had a good birthday. I have pictures of the same things in Bonaventure. That is on my list, as I have commented before, to go when I am there in October. My brother told me the weather should be perfect. Well, if there is not a hurricane:) Happy Birthday!


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