breaking all the rules

Since our date/booty call/soiree Teri and I have traded a few texts here and there. Honestly, it hasn’t been the hot, furious texting of a few hours like before we met on Wednesday. I was just going with it, though. I am so sick and tired of analyzing everything. The girl is studying for her medical boards coming up in a few weeks. I’m sure she’s stressed out about it since she’s already accepted a job with a prestigious hospital that hinges on her passing. In short, she’s got a lot going on and so do I – always. So, I basically just chocked it up to her needing break from all the stress and studying with a roll in the hay and left it at that.

Yesterday on the phone with Edith:

“Have you spoken to the girl since the other night?”

“Spoken? No, we’ve texted a few times.”

“Really? Just texted? Do you like this girl?”

“Well, yeah. She’s hot and fun but I’m not going to chase her if that’s what you’re saying.”

“Have you heard from her today?”

“Not yet. I’m waiting for her to text me. I mean, the girl has a lot going on. Plus, I have my date with Shari on Saturday.”

“You have a date with another woman on Saturday?”

“Yes, what I said. Sheez!” 

“You should text Teri – maybe she’s waiting for you to text her. It wouldn’t hurt to text ‘hey, how are you.”

“I don’t know, dude. I’m not chasin’. All along she’s initiated – even in friending me and tracking down my phone number and texting me. Why change the pattern?”

“It can’t hurt. All I’m sayin’”

Later, Sloan was in my cubicle talking to me. I was telling her about getting yet another long, drawn out email from Lee. Honestly, the girl is in total denial about this breakup. I had to get ready for my session with the trainer at the gym and Sloan went with me into the restroom and talked to me while I changed. Slipping off work clothes and putting on workout clothes:

“You mean you haven’t texted Teri today? Girl. I would be all over that.”

“That’s you, Sloan. Not me. I am too old to chase. Plus, this girl has a lot going on. Hell, I don’t even know if she likes me after the other night. She could just be backing off a little and I don’t want to scare her away.”

There it was. I’d said it. To Sloan, even. I cringed as I put on my running shoes.

“Lanie, if she’s not in to YOU then that’s her problem. You are hot and you know it.”

Leave it to Sloan to boost my ego not that I needed it but it was nice from time to time – especially this time. I came out of the stall just then and after dumping off the bag in my cube we walked up to the gym together.

“My concept on women [I thought, ‘This is going to be good’ as she said it] is that ALL women want to be wanted and chased.” 

[Hmm, not bad for a 28 year old] “Well, yes they do and in this case I do.” 

“Well, all I’m saying is that it wouldn’t hurt to text the girl and ask how studying was going or something. It’s not going to seem like you’re chasing or pursuing.” 


“And, maybe she is waiting to hear from you. Maybe she feels that same way you do after the other night – like you don’t like her and you’re backing off.” 

I never thought of it that way. After a grueling workout with Aussie and while I walked back to the office to collect my things and change into my riding suit I texted Teri.

“Hey, how’s the studying going?”

“It’s ok. Going to workout now.” 

We traded texts on working out until I had to get on the bike and texted her that.

“Ok, be careful”

Later, once I was home I was texting both her and Shari. Shari and I had started to text each other just that day. We went from messaging each other on match to FaceBook to exchanging numbers. She wanted to talk on the phone before our date Saturday night.

I texted my friend, Carla, and asked what her and Siobhan were doing that night. She replied that they might go out for a drink. I said that I was going to the pub up the street from her and asked if they wanted to walk up and join me. She replied “sure, see you soon.” I wanted to pick her brain about Teri a bit. Once at the pub/restaurant we all sat down outside because it was crowded and noisy inside and I wanted to talk.

“So, what’s up with Teri?”

“I was kinda hoping you could tell me. I mean, do you know this girl?”

“Nope, we only know Theresa who she was dating. Have you talked to her since the other night?” 

“Just a few texts. Wait let me check us all in on FaceBook.” I picked up my phone and checked the three of us in. “No, just a few casual texts back and forth. I mean, nothing intimate and nothing like before we met on Wednesday.” Just then my phone vibrated.

“Speak of the devil it’s Teri wanting to know if I’m at [bar in neighborhood]” 

“Well, ask her down for a drink.” 

I texted back, “Yeah, come over if you want.”

She replied, “Yay! One beer for me!”

“See, she likes you she’s coming.” Carla said.

I was excited but didn’t want to show it. A few minutes later she came walking up in shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes and holding her half helmet. She’d ridden her scooter. I sighed inwardly and bit my tongue. I found this ironic for a future PA and recent graduate of medical school. She was breaking all the rules when it came to riding but, tonight was not the time to give her a lecture on it.  She sat down beside me and said hi. Just then Ellen came walking up and joined us saying she hoped it was ok that she stalked us on FB. We all started talking and I felt Teri squeeze my hand under the table. I turned to her and she kissed me again. I felt Ellen and Carla smiling my way but acted like it was no big deal. We were just kissing, she liked me ok, we were just hanging out, she was just taking a study break. All of that went through my mind rapidly after that kiss. I sighed inwardly again. ‘I don’t think I can see much more of this little girl without totally being in to her. For gawds sake, just enjoy it for now, Lanie. Geez, you have to analyze every-f*cking-thing. Goddess she looks so cute, though.’ I thought to myself.

We talked and drank although Teri only had one beer and switched to iced tea. I was thankful I didn’t have to lecture on riding impaired. A few times just Teri and I were talking while Ellen, Carla and Siobhan talked. Teri and I had talked quite a bit about her family, coming out and so forth. Despite only really knowing the girl for a week I knew quite a bit about her so far. I was in the middle of telling a serious story when I heard laughing behind me. Siobhan had been making faces behind my head while I was talking to Teri. I turned to Siobhan and said, “What are you doing?” and she laughed. I shrugged it off but I thought it was really immature and inappropriate at the time and then I felt stupid for even telling such a serious story. Granted Siobhan did a good job of breaking the mood and lightening it but I wondered not for the first time if it always had to be laughter and lightness. By [starting to] telling Teri something serious about myself I was opening up and disclosing something that I don’t share very often. Maybe it was all good that Siobhan broke it and that Teri will never know the rest of it.

We had a few more drinks and Siobhan was in story-telling mode. I love her stories and could envision myself going out and having drinks as buddies and telling stories. She is someone I see as being one of my ‘guy’ friends. I knew the evening was wearing down when she was in the middle of a story of getting married [to a man] and going on her honeymoon on a cruise. I was sitting there still trying to imagine Siobhan in a wedding dress and betrothed to a man when Carla shouted “I don’t want to hear about you f*cking that woman on the boat again.” [Obviously, Siobhan had had an affair with a woman during her honeymoon but it never became apparent because the story stopped right there]

If I still had a beer I would have spit it out across the table it was so funny. So, Carla had broken the mood of Siobhan’s story, which, was so ironic given what she did to me earlier. We got up and I hugged Carla and Siobhan and told Ellen I would walk her to her car after I walked Teri to her scooter.

“Be careful ok?” I said as I kissed her.

“I will. Thanks for letting me crash your party. Your friends are nice.”

“Yes, they are.” I lingered and kissed her again. “Ok, I’m going to go so you won’t be nervous by me watching you go.”

“Ok. Bye.”

“Bye. Text me when you’re home so I know that you made it safely.”

“I will.”

I turned and walked back towards Ellen who was sitting on the steps texting. We walked back to our cars.

“So, she seems really in to you?”

“You think so?  I mean, it’s just a thing.” 

We had gotten to our cars and Ellen hugged me and said, “Just enjoy it and try not to think about it too hard.”

“I will. Thanks for coming tonight. Talk tomorrow.”

I got in my truck and drove home. When I pulled in to my carport I got a text from Teri that she was home and thanking me for inviting her again.

“You’re welcome. Hey, would you ever want to ride the Triumph with me sometime?” [with more gear on, of course.]

“Yeah! Def” 

“Ok, we should go on it sometime.”

“Ok. Sweet!”

“;) ok goodnight”


I turned off the lights, rolled over and tried not to think too hard about when I’d see her again.

Next up: Date with Shari and you know I will tell you all about it. Let’s hope this date Lanie doesn’t end up naked…………or not. To be continued………


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