flexibility & accessibility

I’m just doing my time until the work day is over. It’s one of those days where everyone is getting under my skin. Tonight Ellen and I are going to a tasting party. It’s in a neighborhood near us and there are going to be a lot of people there we know. It should be fun.

Last night, I was supposed to have another online date with a woman who has the same kind of motorcycle as one of mine. We were supposed to ride to the date so we could look at each other’s bikes. Originally, the woman, Jess, called it – “How about Wednesday?”

“Sure, I can do that. Where and when?”

“Oh, well I was hoping you would pick but since you live in [neighborhood] and I live [neighborhood] perhaps we can meet at [pizza place] in the middle.”

[Pizza’s safe – hopefully, no slimy comments and I don’t like anchovies much anyway] “Fine with me 6 or 6:30?”

“Oh, well I have a conference call that day it’s –blah, blah, blah work stuff that I have no idea nor care about – how about 7:30?”

[Well, if you knew you had the said conference call then why plan the date that day?] “Ok, sure.” I loathe eating too late but was willing to be flexible since it was the first date.

“Thanks for being flexible.”

Yesterday afternoon I got another email from her saying that she wasn’t sure if she would be out of the conference call by 6 and could we meet somewhere closer to her loft in [her neighborhood] and that she probably wouldn’t ride. [wasn’t that whole point in meeting?] I shrugged as I read the email and wrote “Sure, here’s my phone number just call or text when you know what you want to do. This restaurant [linking it] is a pretty good place near [your neighborhood].”

By the time I got home I had a message from her on my phone saying she wasn’t sure about even 7:00 and could we change the date to Friday instead? She had gone in to a long explanation on the voicemail about California being on the call and France and that since she was a new member of the team – blah, blah, blah. I listened to the message and hoped this wasn’t going to be someone who always had to talk about their job and how important they were. I sighed and called her back.

“Hey, it’s Lanie.”

“Oh, hey can you hold on a minute?”

Before I could reply I heard her talking to someone else in the background. I waited. Finally – “I’m sorry, yes Lanie.”

“Yeah, Friday’s fine. Works out better for me anyway.”

“Great, great I just have about two meetings going at once and –

I cut her off before she could go into another long explanation of what her work is and said, “GREAT! I’ll let you scoot. See you then!” and hung up.

Again, this is another date with someone I met online (like the slimy woman) so I am not holding my breath on this one motorcycle or not. I am starting to wonder if a large portion of people who are online lack socialization skills and common knowledge of dating etiquette.

In other news Lee has pretty much left me alone since our talk after her meltdown on Monday. She’s emailed me a few times. I told her she could email from time to time but not to blow up my in box. I still had to email her and ask her where she put my spare key, the address for the place we bought our bracelets in Savannah (since mine broke) and asked her to thank her folks for the birthday card and subway gift certificate they sent. For that one email asking her those simple questions I’ve gotten three in return which I haven’t answered. The last one I received she wrote that she was thinking of moving back to Savannah, that she had scored a couple of design jobs and was wondering if her current job (one I helped her get) would let her work remotely. ‘Hmm, I doubt that since their headquarters are here.’ I thought. So, she’s still on a quest to keep moving around never being settled and is probably going to F up the current job she has. The girl is like a moth to a flame – always seeking out unrest. Last night eating sushi [slimy] with Ellen:

“She still is convinced you’re going to be together again in a few months.”

“Yeah, how is that going to work with her moving back to Savannah?”

“Long distance relationship, I guess.”

“Yeah. Right. She never asked me what I wanted. All she could say on the phone the other night was ‘Here’s where I see us in a few months. We hang out once a week, start back with a clean slate and we’re back.’  Like it’s that easy – [snapping fingers] SHAZAM and we’re back! What about living with Bertha? What about all that shit about ‘Maybe I should be alone’ or ‘Maybe I should have dated more.’ The only reason she wants me now is because she doesn’t HAVE me.”

“I know. She says she wants to marry you on the beach and spend the rest of her life with you. That you two should be together.”

“I had to actually be forceful and say ‘Lee, I want to date right now. Period.’ and ‘I don’t see us getting back together.’I mean, I almost wonder if I should have told her I’ve already slept with someone already.”

“Ooh, I don’t think so. That’s your business and you were broken up.”

“True. It is my business.”

“Have you heard from Teri?”

“Sigh no – not since she FB stalked me again the other night.”

“She did that again? What happened?”

“Oh, well remember the other night I wanted to go to pub around the corner to have nachos?”

“Yes, the night Lee was coming over to my house to get her paintings. I remember.”

“So, I went to the pub, checked in on FB and I got a comment from Teri: ‘I see u’ Like she’s there or something but she wasn’t. I commented back ‘where?’ Just then Edi – RONNIE comments ‘Hey, we hooking up tonight?’ I knew this not to be true as I had just spoken to her on the phone and she said she was going to stay in and do laundry. [or so she thought!] I knew Ronnie was just trying to do a fake cock-block to make Teri jealous so I replied “Yah” at the same time I’m texting Ronnie saying thanks we’re going to check in somewhere else together next.

“So, what happened? Did she show?”

“No after the cock-block from Ronnie she commented ‘Gotcha’. Like the whole thing had been a game to her.”

“That’s weird.”

“Yeah, weird? Playful? Or just plain bitchy? Who knows. After that I checked Ronnie and I in to [restaurant up the road].

“I assumed you went there. I ‘liked’ your check-in.”

“Yeah, that was a fake cock-block check in.”  

So, probably in two weeks Lee will lose her sh*t again because I haven’t made any plans with her but I will be in Key West at women’s week and won’t be accessible to email or my phone…………..but I will be to the thousands of women who are there. Counting down the days…..




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