the true test

The theme of today is:

“You’re in love with me, you just don’t know it yet.” [Right, I wish!]

Last night was pool night. Ronnie and I met up at $3 next door for beers and food before it was time to play. We were at the bar drinking good beer (the beer in the pool hall – not so much) and waiting for our food to come.

“Dude, I have just had the best day.”

“That’s great, Dude.” I said, clinking my glass to hers.

She had just spent the day with someone who – well, lets just say who’s been on her mind a lot lately. As I listened to her talk about her day I wished that I had seen Teri and could tell a similar story. (Don’t get my wrong, Ronnie – I’m happy for you and all) I admit that I have missed that girl lately. The other day I texted her:

“Hey, you want a study break?”

“Sorry. I feel like barfing I’m so stressed. 1 week and I’m behind.”

So, she was stressed over her test and studying her @ss off. I suspected that but also suspected that along with studying for her test that someone else had also caught her attention – either someone from the past or present.  I let it go and texted back:

“Ah  I’m sorry. Deep breaths”


After Ronnie and I ate and paid our tabs we went next door to play pool. I was met by Amy who said our team had a buy on 8 ball this week and that we were only playing 9 ball. Since it was the very last week of 9 ball I was going to suck it up and play. We got set up and started when Sloan walked in with her new/old gf, Erin. I liked Erin – a definite improvement over the last one. We hung and talked and I drank bad beer.

“So, have you heard from Teri?” Sloan

I showed her the last text. “This is it.”

“Yeah, but she just commented on one of your FB status updates plus your check-in here.” Looking at her iPhone as she said it.


“Dude, she’s still FB stalking you – you have nothing to worry about.”

“Wait. She FB stalked you?” Erin

Sloan filled her in while I nodded and took a gulp of Mich Ultra (bleah).

“She’s just stressed about this test is all.” Erin

I had to pause and shout “What the hell is wrong with me for crushing on a 31-year old!?” People shooting nearby including my coach looked over and smiled.

“You feel better?”

“Yes, thank you. I just had to get that out.” I needed something stronger than Mich Ultra.

“Back to Teri – she’ll be done with her test next week, you’ll come back from KW and she’ll be all over you.”

I just love twenty-something’s optimistic outlooks – definitely more refreshing and hopeful than mine. Whether I believed it or not I felt better. I decided to play along.

“You really think so?”

“Dude. Yes. Just let her get done with her test and she’ll be back in your arms.” Sloan

I had to bite my tongue from laughing. The cheezy, romantic optimism was great while it lasted but I was back to –

“I don’t know. I think it is the test but there’s someone else in the picture. If she wanted me then I would  definitely be hearing from her a lot more. Like before.”

Erin shook her head. “No, no I think she’s terrified about the test. You said the job she accepted is riding on her passing this thing, right?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, it is. The deal’s off if she doesn’t pass.”

 “Her whole career is hinging on this test, Lanie. She’ll be back to you soon as she’s done.” Sloan

I could always count on Sloan for being romantically dramatic – hmm, maybe I could use her for my next romance novel.  I was thinking this when my phone vibrated with another comment on my FB from Teri. It was uncanny. It’s like she knew when I talked about her because she always seemed to post something then. I shook my head. Maybe it was all in my head. Maybe by meeting Teri she kept me from running back to Lee. In the past month or so I had seriously thought that. That Teri was sent from the unknown to keep me from trying to get back with Lee. A message from the universe. I think before I met Teri I WOULD have considered trying to work things out with Lee (again, again and again) but not now. I want that girl or at least another woman like her. One that makes my heart pound. One that all I can think about is kssing. One I wonder when I will see again. Maybe Teri was just sent for that reason and that reason only. To open my eyes to see who else is out there. Maybe that one night was it with us and we would move on. Who-the-F-knows?

Sloan broke into my thoughts:

“That’s her isn’t it?”


“Dude. Nothing to worry about. Unless – “

“Unless what?”

“Unless you meet someone in KW. Then, you got problems.”

I picked up my cue to go shoot and shook my head – the tables were turned this time – me optimistic the young-ins the opposite.

“No, worries. Meeting more women: never a problem.”

Yeah, maybe Teri was just sent for that reason and that reason only. I was going to believe that – at least until she convinced me otherwise. In the meantime I’m going to let it/her go.



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