Key West – day 1-1/2 and taking the power back

Susan and I crashed hard last night after laying in separate beds talking and for several hours. That night after she got off work we had ridden bikes to a Mexican cantina off Duval and had dinner. Over chips and salsa and sweating Pacifico’s with limes I said,

“Ellen is going to talk to Nancy tonight to see if she will come back down this week.” 

Nancy had just flown down the previous week for a long weekend with Susan. We were all surprised that she just didn’t stay on through the next week while we were all here. Even when I mentioned it to Susan earlier that day she said, “I know, but maybe she had to work.” Nancy was a realtor and made her own hours.

Susan sat her beer down with a thunk, “No, no! She can’t do that. You need to talk to her and tell her not to do that.” 

Perplexed I said, “Why? I thought you two had a great time while she was here.”

“We did but the last day we got into this stupid argument right before I had to take her to the airport.” She went on to say what it was about but it really didn’t seem serious to me. I remembered the last day of my Savannah vacation when Lee and I got in to it and told Susan the story.

“So, have you heard anything from her since?”

“No nothing.”

“That’s strange. Have you sent her any texts or emails?”

“I’ve done both to no avail.” 

After dinner we went to a bar on the roof of a building on Duval and watched the sun set over the Gulf. There were sailboats out in the distance, the top of a church nearby and the Atlantic off to the left. The view was breathtaking. We talked about careers. I envisioned doing a grant study on the islands and writing my next book here. Dreams and fantasies. Later we rode bikes back to her house and then rode back to Duval to check out a gay bar that was having a fundraiser. It had been years since I had been to a drag show but I had never remembered drag queens being as homely as these but it was a fundraiser. After one taking the stage and Susan whispering to me that he looked just like the guy in Silence of the Lambs I downed the rest of my beer and said,

“Let’s get out of here.”

We rode back in the moonlight to her apartment. I needed to rest up anyway for later festivities and relationship intervention. Not only was I going to Take my Power Back I was going to help my friend with hers.

UPDATE: Susan and I are going to take the sailboat out. If a few headwinds can’t get her mind off of Nancy then it still won’t hurt.


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