Key West – day 4 – chick fight, football and bull riding

The night before after going to Hog’s Breath Charlie and I were riding back to the hotel on bicycles while Jennifer rode Susan back to her place on the scooter and Ellen followed on Susan’s bicycle. It was musical bicycles/scooter riders as Susan’s leg was still bothering her from her incident at Aqua the other night. Charlie and I were riding down Duval talking when we noticed a fight going on in front of the pizza parlor and a bar. (Bourbon’s, I think – they’re all running together, I know)

“Should we stop?”


We stopped our bikes and watched while the two women wrestled around on the ground and pulled hair.

“Chick fights are never like the one’s in the movies, are they?” I asked Charlie.

“Never. They always look a little ridiculous.”

Eventually, the two women got up off the pavement and squared off again. Finally, the blonde pushed the long-haired brunette against a post and we saw her head snap back and hit squarely on the back of her skull. That seemed to end the fight right there. From the force of the hit I was amazed that the brunette was still standing and didn’t fall down knocked out. I almost wanted to ring a bell or something and go over to the blonde and raise her arm in the air and shout “Winner!” Someone handed the blonde back a pair of crutches. She put them under her arms and started the other direction down the sidewalk while the group that had been watching dispersed.

“Wow, she beat her with one crutch tied behind her back.”

“She obviously didn’t need them to fight.”

I couldn’t believe we just saw a fight on a busy street with people watching. No one tried to break it up they just let it play out. No police were involved, no one was running out of the bar to break it up or intervene. When I saw the brunette hit her head against the post I was tempted to go into the bar and yell, “Is anyone going to do anything about this?” I mean, I couldn’t just stand by and watch another chick get her ass beat. (Plus, she could have been a Friday night date candidate – obviously, she was broken up with her girlfriend or was in the process of a breakup. But, since it dispersed after that, I didn’t.

The next night Charlie, Jennifer and I decided to go to a bar to watch the football game and eat wings before the big chick party with a band and bull riding started in the back. Later, Ellen and Susan joined us with a very hot German girl that Susan knew who was staying on the island.

Over wings and pitchers of beers we saw New Orleans get beat by Green Bay. When the game was over we walked out back only to be met with throngs of women dancing to the chick band playing and bull riding between sets. I hadn’t seen so many women in one place since Aqua Girl in Miami years ago. Just then the blonde from the night before hobbled by on her crutches.

Hey, that’s the gal who kicked that other girls ass the other night.” I hadn’t been able to get a good look at her the night of the fight but close up she was hot. She was very feminine with her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and sandals that had sparkly rhinestones on them.

“No way. That’s not her.”

“Yes it is. I’m going to go find out.”

Before anyone said anything I took off to catch the blonde. Charlie was following right behind me.

“’scuse me but weren’t you in a fight the previous night?” I asked her. I had no idea how she was going to react to my question – whether it be with anger “Yes, and who wants to know?” or “No, no it wasn’t me. Must have been some other woman on crutches.” But instead she giggled and said, “Oh, yes that was me and that’s whom I was fighting.” She pointed to the lead singer of the band who happened to be playing a riff on an electric guitar at the moment and singing into the microphone and who was equally as hot. “She’s my girlfriend.” 

Charlie and I were incredulous. “You two are still together?”

“Oh, yes. We just got in to it a little. It happened. I was drunk though.”

“What happened that made you two fight?”

“Oh, she knocked a piece of pizza out of my hand and I got mad and whaled on her.”

Charlie and I looked at each other and looked back at her. I don’t think I would go near her while she was eating or drinking for that matter.

“Can I have a picture of the two of us?” I handed Charlie my iPhone.


Charlie snapped the picture and we thanked her and went back to the group.

“Can you believe that was her and the lead singer was the one who got her head kunked?

“That’s wild.”

I shook my head. I just couldn’t believe it. It made no sense. I admit I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t something good like she had just caught the other woman in with a groupie or she had stolen her car something more meaningful than a piece of soiled pizza.

“Am I missing something here?” 

“No, I don’t think so. It’s like the onion story.” Charlie said.

Just then the German girl pulled herself up on the bull to ride. It just kept getting more and more interesting by the moment. I fully expected Lee to walk by holding hands with Bertha.

Thankfully, it didn’t get that interesting.


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