things I regret, things I don’t

I don’t regret getting a dog. I love coming home to a bouncing animal and going on walks. I love the doggie kisses and the puppy smell (although, that is short lived). Now I need to prove the “chick magnet” theory and get out there with her. We may try to go to the dog park this weekend in between sessions with the writing conference I am attending.

I regret even getting mixed up with Lee. When she said that she still lived with her “ex” of 9 years I should have just said, “Give me a call in a few years when you move on.” and left it at that and/or just been friends but I think friendship was never possible with Lee even though she constantly touted it throughout our relationship. If the other night wasn’t proof that we cannot be friends then I don’t know what is. I admit that I am a little mad at myself of allowing it to go on for so long. She kept asking me if the 8 months we were together was wasted and after thinking about it – yes, it was. I could have been doing someonething else.  Yeah, I regret the last two girlfriends. I want a girlfriend that I don’t want to look back on and regret.

I don’t regret (now thinking back) my time of unemployment. That time gave me some real insight on what I was worth, what I could do and about myself. It gave me an  appreciation for what I have and having a job now. (although, I must admit that I am getting a bit antsy and wanting to see what else is out there). I also finished my book during that time. That time showed me who my real friends are and who wasn’t. It was a make or break time and I made it.

I regret that I traded in my BMW convertible that was paid for -for another BMW that I had to make car payments on -one that ended up being repossessed when I was unemployed. I wasn’t too unhappy to see that thing go as my ex drove it more than I did to all her doctor’s appointments. I ended up not being able to stand that car.

I don’t regret replacing that awful car with a Triumph Bonneville.

I do regret that I have no one to ride on the back of it with me…….right now.

I don’t regret taking that job in the private sector that laid me off. It helped me gain the experience I have to get the job I have now which I will use to get an even better job.

I wouldn’t regret moving to Key West or some coastal region of Florida. I want to be near water.

I possibly may regret a move to Colorado. I haven’t heard anything on that but I’m not holding my breath. I really cannot see myself in all that snow -unless it were the right amount of $ and it would be (I asked) or else I wouldn’t have even sent my resume.

I don’t regret any of my tattoos. I want more but –

-I may regret those. I like that I can hide them when I want. I always want to have a professional appearance so the star on my wrist will just have to be a fantasy.

5 thoughts on “things I regret, things I don’t

  1. I am about 2.5 hours from Colorado Springs. But Denver is only an hour from you and we often go to Denver for dinner and to run errands. That would be awesome if we could meet up!!


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