chex mix monday

It’s an uneventful Monday. Bleh. I guess no event(s) is better than bad event(s) so I shouldn’t complain.

Yesterday, Sadie was proving to be a handful. After the coffee shop I took her home and put her in the crate (she hates that even though I always put treats in there and say “Good girl, Sadie” when I shove put her in there). I needed to go to the grocery store as I had nothing in the house to eat. After I got home I unloaded groceries while she chewed on a new bone that I got her at the store. Later, we went over to favorite joint to watch the Falcons game. I would no more start to read my book and look over and see her eating leaves, trying to dig something up in the plant bed or heading for someone trying to eat French fries. Thankfully, I had her on a short lead tied to the outside rail of the patio. Afterwards, I went home and had chili that I had made earlier that day and watched two movies (The Tourist [cheesy] and Holy Rollers [pretty good]) before hitting the hay.  

Last Friday, that friend of mine who submitted my resume to his friend for that job in Colorado said that he really liked it and would like me to fill out an online application on the company website. This kills me. Why can’t companies just look at resume’s instead of having to duplicate everything (and, in not such a neat and orderly fashion as a resume’) on their website? The time it takes to build, write and submit a resume’ should be considered over an online application in my opinion. Plus, I filled out hundreds of these things during my time of unemployment. Doing this task yet again seemed so daunting. (Plus, I really have more important things to write such as thank you’s to the agents I spoke to, emails to other authors I met at the conference, query letters, a 5 page book synopsis and adding 15k words to my manuscript……yeah, several more important things….) I thought about it over the weekend and wondered what amount of money it take to get me to uproot the life I’ve built in Atlanta since I moved here officially in ’92 and move to the snowy, cold west. What I came up with was no amount. I just couldn’t see myself there. (Now, Savannah and Key West are different matters altogether) So, I wrote my friend back and said I’d thought about it and wasn’t interested. I know this could be a huge opportunity that I’m passing up but I’m ok with it. I’ve survived in Atlanta this long and there may be other opportunities on the horizon for me here. In fact, this exercise has pushed me to see what else is out there closer to my home.

Speaking of other opportunities. I really want to get to a place financially where I can feasibly quit the motorcycle instructor thing. Right now the only reason I do it is for the money. The past six months I have been really bogged down by the attitude of the supervisors (for example when I had my class audited) and to be honest, the students. More often than not I get people in the class who only want their license and who are just going through the motions to get it. It’s only an additional letter on their license that allows them to ride on the highway legally to them. It would be really good to finally be in a place financially where I could let it go. I honestly think this is a phase of my life that’s coming to an end so other things can begin. That’s what I’m going to focus on in 2012 anyway. Fortunately for me no one I work with in the program knows about this blog, including K.

Which, brings me to another topic. People I know who read this blog. See that’s the thing about giving out your blog address to friends – you hear about it when you write good things and bad things. You have to be really careful how you put things or else you will put your friends off. (Or, you won’t have any) Several instances I have had the need to write about certain things but stop myself. Which, I really don’t want to do. I loathe self editing on my blog. I have friends who read who will text or call me with advice. I’m actually amused by it, to be honest. (I find it funny how the advice that some people give they fail to give themselves – sometimes it’s so glaringly obvious, too.) Funny, I don’t write about things for advice – unless I specifically ask for it – I write because it’s on my mind. Someone at the conference quoted something to the effect of “Knowing a writer is like knowing a serial killer, everything they know about you will be at risk.” (Obviously, that was quoted by one of the thriller authors)

Another topic: Teri ended up going out to Colorado (of all places) after passing her exam with someone she met online that lived in Athens. When the Athens girl that went with her came to the realization that Teri didn’t want to settle down with her (I know, what a shock since they had dated two weeks prior and traveled together) left the trip and flew back early. Once I was back from Key West and Teri back from Co I sent her an innocent email through FB asking if she wanted to take the pups to the dog park, meet for a beer, coffee etc. (I mean, not like I was asking her to screw – although, that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing…..then) A few weeks later I got a reply saying:

“Sorry for the tardy reply! I’ve been consumed with a new girl. In fact I moved in with her.”

I wrote back and said no problem (I’d already figured out that she was consumed with someone new) and asked if it was Athens girl and that’s when I was told about above and that this was another girl she met in the neighborhood.

So, let’s review, shall we?

First, Teri was with Theresa at the party where I met her, then me, then Athens and now Oakhurst girl who she’s shacking up with – all in the span of just over a month. That is quite a track record an accomplishment. (Gosh, I’m thinking about Neapolitan ice cream for some strange reason………..)

Perhaps it was all for the better that this didn’t work out. Before this I thought I knew the definition of a player (or as some say “Play-yah”) but Teri gave it a whole new meaning. None-the-less I told her “Hey, let’s be friends and keep in touch”, which, whether she does or not is on her.

Hmm, so was I strawberry or chocolate?  Or perhaps too vanilla.


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