Pride present and past

Pride is this weekend (don’t ask me how Atlanta has managed to have their Pride in the fall when everyone else’s is either in May, June or July) and I have to tell you………

…………I’m not all that excited about it.

I’m feeling pretty down these days on the girl front. I keep telling myself that “Hey, you just got away from Lee out of something. Give yourself time to breathe.”

That’s true and I should take that advice. Although, why is it that when I’m single most of my friends are falling in love (including Teri – UGH! According to her big status update on her FB this week. Maybe I should unfriend her – what do you think?) and when I’m with someone they’re all single? It’s never the same boat. One is always sailing away while the other is going into the harbor.

Plus, I have never met anyone worth their salt at Pride. One girl I met only used me to take her to the airport the next day (don’t ask me why I fell for that one – probably because she looked a little like Meg Ryan) another was a vegetarian that I accidentally got to eat pork on our first date. But, according to Ellen who met her  –

“You didn’t want to date her anyway. She was so uptight.”

Which, is true.

My ex texted me yesterday and asked if I was doing anything for pride and wanted to get together. I thought, “I would rather poke my eyes out with a fork than hang out with you at pride.” I replied instead noncommittally “Sure, I will be around.” I mean, when you’re single you do not want to hang out with just one other person (esp. your ex) because people assume you are together. Large groups, perhaps, but never just one other person.

Probably the best pride was when I was with this crazy redhead. Redheads are like Vegas. You cannot say “Vegas” without putting “baby” behind it just like you cannot say “redhead” without putting “crazy” in front of it. But, crazy can go both ways – fun to very bad – kind of like 0 – 100 mph. That’s a redhead for you and the one I dated was every bit of that. So, I was with this redhead named “K” and we decided to go to the girl party that they always have the Friday night before Pride weekend. We had parked at her condo (that she owned but rented out) and decided to walk the short distance there. We also popped xtc. We were meeting up with my toads and a few of her friends. All the toads knew that we were going to be high when we got there. Once we were there I still couldn’t feel anything. We found my friends and K’s friends and were talking. My friend Alex who I mentioned in the earlier post was making these motions with her hands in front of my face asking me if I could feel anything.

“No, it hasn’t kicked in yet. Hey, where’s K?”

“She took off in that direction.” Alex pointed towards the hall.

“Let me go look for her and see if she’s ok.”

Although I had done x several times I thought K was a bit of a newbie at it. Most people who take that stuff throw up immediately once they start to feel the effects. Me, never the case or else I probably would have only done it once since I hate to throw up. I found K in the kitchen of the restaurant located below the party venue. She was eyeing this large pot and I knew what she was thinking.

“Come on. Let’s go outside and get some fresh air.”

Moments later I was rubbing her back while she puked in the shrubs out back. I handed her a bottled water.

“How do you feel?”

“Like partying!”

That’s a redhead for you.

We went back inside and started dancing. It had started to kick in for me then and the lights, music and the hot redhead I was dancing with made my endorphins soar (they call it “the roll”) We danced all night that night. Later, once we were back at her house I could still feel it but it had slowly resided to the background of my senses. We went upstairs to her bedroom and she opened the French doors, put on Jill Scott and lit some candles. I went out on the balcony and looked at the lights of Turner Stadium (she lived downtown). I lit a cigarette and she brought me some water.

“Come to bed.”

I did and for once I could care less about the sex. I just didn’t want that night to end and wanted to see every last minute of it before the sun came up.


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