happily ever after

Yesterday, I went over to Birds house to pick up a VIP ticket she was selling for this event I decided to go to this weekend. I managed to talk Ellen in to going with me and felt I needed to get out and do something since last weekend I holed up.

Bird and I went out many years ago. In fact, she was the first person I dated after my 7-year relationship. We didn’t make it very long but it was a wild ride. It’s funny how despite the relationship never being very good and the break up being somewhat bad (we broke up during a Pensacola Pride Beach trip) we still speak and are on somewhat good terms. In fact, she lives right up the street from me now. It was hard to believe that there we were almost twelve years later sitting there talking. If I had to guess which ex that would be I would have never guessed her. We were on her back patio with sweating pumpkin beers while our dogs ripped and teared around the back yard chasing each other. Her dog is a perfect size for Sadie [right now] and can outrun her which is surprising for a three-year old.

She was telling me about a really bad car accident she was in about three years ago, breaking an enormous amount of bones in her body including all her ribs. During that time her father was undergoing chemotherapy, her brother was in the [same] hospital for liver failure from being addicted to meth.

I didn’t know about her accident but I had suspected as much about brother – it was apparent to me when we were dating that he was using despite Bird refusing to admit it at the time. In fact, he was really the reason we broke up in P’cola. She doesn’t remember it but I do as if it happened yesterday.

We had just gotten there and checked in to our room. There was a huge pool party going on at the time with a DJ. We put on our suits and went down to it and ran in to two of her friends who were there. I thought her friends were a blast and was enjoying hanging with them.

“Hey, I’m going to go find my brother.”

“Why? We just got here. I’m sure we’ll see him out and about.”

I had yet to meet him at the time but knew he was a partner in a law firm and was also gay.

“I’ll be back.”

Later, when I was on my second or third beer she came back.

“Hey, him and his bf are right over there at the other pool. I want you to meet him. Come on.” She said, dragging me over there. I was already angry with her because she had yet to hang out with me since we’d gotten there.

We approached a group of guys standing around watching the crowd. As we walked up they looked at us with disdain like, “Oh, Gawd here come the lesbians.” I felt immediately uncomfortable. There was a muscular blonde guy in the middle holding court who I made out to be Bird’s brother. As she introduced us he just gave me a glassy look and shook my hand not saying anything. His bf followed suit. Bird was trying to make small talk and all the boys were just looking at us like “Go away.”

“Hey, I’m going to go back and hang with your friends.”

“Oh, why? I want to hang out with my brother and his friends for awhile.”

“Well, you know where I’ll be.” I left. I didn’t want to be around the stuck-up gay guys anymore. We had just gotten there and I wanted to girl watch plus I couldn’t believe that she wanted to hang out with him over me and her friends.

Later, I ended up going back to her friend’s room to partake in some herbal essence. We had been out at the pool all day drinking and I needed to take a nap if we were going to go out that night. Bird found me crashed out in our room.

“Where have you been?” she said turning on the light.

“With your friends who you haven’t even visited with since you got here.”

“I was with my brother and his friends. Have you been smoking?”

“Yes, and I want to take a nap if we’re going out tonight. Why don’t you lay down with me?”

“I can’t believe you did that.”

I couldn’t believe she was judging me for herbal essence since she was an ex heroin addict and her brother was rolling his nuts off when we went over there and told her so.

“He does not do drugs.”

I laughed, “The hell he doesn’t he’s probably on x and whatever else. They were all high as a kite and he didn’t want his baby sister over there busting his roll.”

“You’re stoned.”

“Yes I am but at least I admit it. Unlike you not admitting your brother uses drugs.”[and is a d*ck]  

“Well, I’m gonna hang out with him tonight and if you don’t like it you can leave.”

“Fine. I’ll leave then.”

I packed up my sh*t and moved up the street into a condo with two other friends of mine and had a great time partying with them the rest of the weekend. It wasn’t until the end of the trip on Sunday that I saw her walking on the beach. She saw us in the tent we had set up and walked over. She handed me a beer and apologized.

“You were right – my brother blew me off the rest of the weekend. I don’t know where he is.”

“You have to stop worrying about him. He’s chosen his own path.” Drinking the beer.

“Come back to the room with me?”

I looked at my friends and shook my head. “No, it’s over, Bird. Plus, I know you slept with Sheri.”

She dropped her head then and I knew my hunch was correct.

“Go on back to your group, Bird. I will see you back in Atlanta, ok?”

After that I would see her from time to time out at the clubs (sometimes rolling, too). She had a new gf who (I suspected go her in to x) I couldn’t stand. I stayed far, far away from her. Later, I heard that she moved away to go to medical college. I thought she was out of my life until I ran into her a few years ago at my favorite pub around the corner with her new gf who was a very quiet doctor. I laughed to myself when I shook the doctor’s hand thinking “Lady, you don’t know what a firecracker you have on your hands.”

But, she must have because they are still together. Janice is very nice and laid back and seems to compliment Bird’s outgoing, excessively talkative nature. When she told me about her car accident and being near death in the ICU she also said that was where she met Janice. Janice had taken over and stayed with her almost constantly and when she got better they started to go out. I thought that was one of the most romantic stories I’d ever heard.

To think of all these things happening – her Dad going through chemo and having to take care of him. Her mother being ill as well and her brother being a meth addict (who is almost destitute) and her in an awful car accident almost dying and months of therapy and healing afterwards – at least she had that happy romantic encounter with Janice who nursed her back to health and is her partner now. She deserves that and I’m happy for her. I think this story has a happy ending or should I say, they lived happily ever after.

Maybe there is hope afterall.


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