A-line Ava and smucky Rick

Friday night the dog and I had just gotten back from landscaping. I have to post this pic as it is so funny.

This is my client’s Newfoundland, Zeke, who wanted to get up in the truck with Sadie. Sadie was friendly to Zeke as she is with all dogs but she has this look on her little face like “Omg – what is that thing?”

Walking in the door I got a text from Opie saying that A-line Ava was going to be out that night with her friend and if I would come down. I told her that I needed to hop in the shower and that I would be down in a little while. Honestly, I really didn’t want to go. The last two nights have been hectic after work. It was Friday and I just wanted to drink a beer and put my feet up and not worry about some woman I was supposed to meet. I reluctantly got in the shower and then blew my hair dry (which, I don’t normally do). I was ready and took off for the bar. I walked in and hugged the owner’s father as I always do and found Opie. We sat down at the bar and ordered drinks and I asked about A-line.

“Well, Rick said she was on her way. He’s already here.”

Rick came up and introduced himself. He fit the typical Opie man she hangs out with – nerdy, middle aged, hangs out in the bar every night and working on a divorce. I like hanging with Opie but her male friends bore me to death. Steve starts in talking about his motorcycle that he had ridden there that night. After he asked me all about mine and being an instructor and the class he asked, “Why didn’t you ride?”

“I don’t drink and ride.”

I wondered where A-line was. I wasn’t going to hang out with these nerdballs all night explaining the importance of motorcycle gear – which, was the next topic Rick wanted to discuss was why he didn’t wear any – along with riding without a license. He was doing a good job in hitting all my nerves. Finally, A-line walked in and went right over to Rick and gave him a hug. Then, she sat down next to Opie and said hello and finally Opie introduced us and we shook hands over Opie’s lap. She wasn’t hard on the eyes. She had on jeans, sandals and a black tank. Very feminine, which, I’m still not positive that she’s actually gay. I imagined her telling Opie she may be going through a [gay] phase and wants to take the training wheels off and see how it goes. Opie got up and went across the bar to talk to another one of her nerdy guys. Ava turned to me and asked if I would split some wings and nachos with her. I said, “Sure.”

As we ate and I asked her questions like how many siblings in her family – she comes from a family of 13. I almost choked on a wing. She’s from New York and her and Rick are business partners. (it figures) and they’re renovating a house together to resell. I found out all this information about her but the only questions she asked me were motorcycle related. Later, we teamed up and played pool against another couple.

“You know how to play pool?” she asked me.

“Yeah, a little.”

We shot and I won the first game for us. I was holding back acting like I didn’t know anything. Later, I got bored with pool  – Ava was talking to Rick and the male opponent – there was very little conversation between us. I went back to the bar and sat down and talked to Opie again and then Rick came up. He was holding a shot of tequila. I asked him if I could give him a ride home since I was leaving pretty soon. He declined. Ava finished up with pool and came over and sat down at the bar but again I felt like I was talking more to Rick than to her and it was either about motorcycle stuff or landscaping. Rick wanted me to come by the house they’re renovating and do some landscaping for them. I rattled off my prices and then he balked saying he wanted it pro-bono.

“I don’t work for free.”

“Well, Ava and I are – if we make a $1 off of this house we’d be happy.”

“Well, that’s your problem now isn’t it?” I said paying my tab (which, I think Rick expected me to pick up) I thought he was a smuck and if he’s Ava’s good friend and biz partner then that’s not saying a lot about her. I wasn’t going to wait around all night to talk to her either. I waved goodbye and left.

The next day Opie texted me and asked if I enjoyed my time with Ava and I texted her back saying that I felt like I talked more to Rick than her. She texted back that she’s really shy. I wanted to say “Too bad.” Because the thought of chasing some woman right now just makes me tired. I will see her around and say hi but I’m not putting any energy towards it. Plus, I just don’t feel it. Anyway, nothing lost, nothing a-line-gained.


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