wri[da]ter’s block

Writing a book synopsis is like trying to scrap ice off the windshield of your car with a fork. (Ok, you Georgia people who don’t own ice scrappers – just go with it.) Seriously, I think I’m going to go insane trying to a. condense the book in to a 3-5 page synopsis and b. try to figure out what to include in it and what to leave for the [actual] reader. Seriously, it’s tempting to only send the partials to the people who only want to see partials and not a synopsis. But, alas no – I will not do that especially since one of the agents who want a synopsis is president of the local writers club and has clout.

Le sigh.

Not only do I have to eck out this synopsis I have edits to do which, is the easiest part so far. However, the local author that said she would review it also recommended two books to read as reference. (I’m not sure if she expected me to read both before I submitted but I cannot imagine doing all this prior to sending it off) Plus, it’s hard doing all this now that I have a dog to take care of every night when I get home.

Lately, I have noticed that right before I leave the house and right when I come home is pure pandemonium. Honestly, it’s less hectic at work and I know that’s not saying a lot.

Yesterday, I hit rain on the way home on my motorcycle. For a while it wasn’t a big deal but when I got closer to the house it really started to come down. By the time I rolled in to the carport I was soaked. I shrugged off my jacket and draped it over the deck chair I had pulled in to the carport. I went inside and let Sadie out of her kennel and the pandemonium I mentioned above ensued. I’m trying to train her to NOT jump up and that she won’t get petted or praised until she has all four paws on the ground.

Yeah, it’s not going well.

I had exactly 15 minutes to take her outside to do her business, take a hot shower, change clothes and throw her into the truck and go down the street to a new client’s house that I was scheduled to do a consult with for a landscape plan. Later, after getting back home I took her for a walk and then we headed to Oakhurst to get something to eat. I was going to meet my friend, Alana, out for a drink.

I had texted Carla earlier to see if her and Siobhan were up for a drink but she was still at school and Siobhan didn’t get home from work until much later. I no more got into the pub and sat down next to Alana when I got a text from Carla saying Teri had just checked in at another pub – one that I almost considered going to that night. I sighed in relief thankful that I hadn’t gone there that night. Since I had unfriended her on FB I had no idea of her movements nor her mine which proved to work as a double-edged sword. I just don’t think I could have taken running in to her that night with the mood I have been in lately. I think I would have taken one look at her and her new beau and walked out the door, gotten back in my truck and driven across town.

I think part of my problem is that despite wanting to date there just arn’t any good candidates right now and with my work schedule, the book  and taking care of Sadie I really don’t see myself having any opportunities to meet anyone new soon. [and, no, I’m not going back to internet dating…….today]

The well has run dry.

I know what you’re thinking or even saying to your computer screen right now – “You will meet someone, Lanie. You just need to give it time.” Or even as Mick said the other night, “You just need to stay single for awhile.” Which, kills me – especially, coming from someone who is up her gf’s @ss 24/7 and is all kissy-face every time they’re out. How would either of them like to be single? I don’t see anyone raising their hands on that one. Except maybe, Maria. [Unless she gets a new car soon or one with doors that match]

Plus, I have given it time. [Dammit] I gave it eight.months with Lee. It didn’t’ work out and now I want to move on and date.

So, maybe that’s my [real] problem these days. Not writer’s block but dater’s block. It’s loneliness despite having a wonderful dog. It’s that Armistead Maupin saying “You can have a hot job, hot lover and a hot apartment but not all at the same time.” Maybe instead it’s “A great job, a great girlfriend and a great dog but not at the same time.”

Maybe that’s it. Can we also insert “a great book.”?


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