feast and famine

It’s feast or famine time. (working and women)

This past month I have been so broke that I’ve had to plan ahead to make meals that would last me over several days and budget how many times I would drive my truck to work because gas is so much more expensive for it than both of my motorcycles. I can ride in every day and only fill up once and it costs me $7 as opposed to the truck it’s an average of $10/day. Yeah, $50/week vs $7/week – granted, I’ve never been good at math but even I can see the difference in cost.

Last weekend I taught a class so, finally, I will have some extra $ coming in. I haven’t taught since August and I forgot how tired I always am on the Mondays after class. I was dragging @ss yesterday. I got in the truck to drive to work and a particular song came on that always makes me sad and I started crying. It’s ok, sometimes I do my best crying on the way in to work in the morning – mostly after teaching class and being so exhausted and/or right before my period or both. I should learn to see the signs. It’s only been happening for several years in a row now.

Today, I feel great – it’s a wonder how 10 hours of sleep can change your whole perspective on things. I was walking Sadie this morning singing a song and humming. She loves it when I do that. She wiggles her butt and wags her tail. It’s fun to watch. This morning as I was walking her I was thinking of all the things I could get done if I just called in sick that day. I could finish my book submittals. I could cut the grass.  I could do laundry, several things. But, it will all get done, I’m sure.

 (Since I’m talking about her, here she is)

[Have you figured out that this is just a rambling post?]

How’s your love life? [Sloan]



Because I’ve been broke and busy. There hasn’t been any opportunity to meet anyone these days.

True. I’ve gone back to internet dating. That is – if I can even meet someone online to score a date with. Whatever. It will happen when it happens. But, yeah it would be nice to go out with someone I enjoyed their company instead of feeling like I was being held hostage for two hours while they talked about themselves. I’m sure we’ve all been through this at one time or another.

The other night my phone buzzed at 10:00. It was a work weekend where I’m always in bed by 9 no later (hint, hint Ronnie). I looked at the screen and it was Shari [Slimy]. I turned the phone off.

What the hell does she want? I thought as I drifted back to sleep. It turned out that she was asking me out for Halloween. (which, I got in a voicemail and a text)  No amount of loneliness is going to get me to go out with her and listen to her tell me once again about getting the fat cut off her arms (she’s told me twice now – once on our one date and again over the phone when I made the mistake of answering and her keeping me on for two hours.) Does she not get that I’m just not in to her? What is there not to get? Am I missing something here? Although, I guess if I wanted to be scared on Halloween I could agree to go out with her again. My costume could be that of a 300 pound woman with skinny arms. Now that might make her get the hint.


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