The lameness is never ending, it seems.

Friday night I was talking to my sister on the phone – for once the conversation wasn’t lame and while I was on the phone Alana had texted me “where you at?” Which, usually means she wants to meet for a quick drink.

I think I’ve told you about her and her gf and how I only meet Alana for a drink now and then because her gf is still holding a grudge over a ten year disagreement and that once in a while I get an invite to hang with them and their friends, who I also know, but that they typically all hang out together in their tight little group and never ask me.

This is maddening to me since I know every one of those girls, have hung out with them in the past and every time I run in to them they say something like, “Oh, it’s so nice to see you. Let’s hang out soon.” Never an invite. I’ve had parties in the past where I’ve always invited those girls as well as Alana and her gf. Alana and gf always hold out ’til the very end to see if a better invite will come up before actually pulling the trigger. So, in short I can never make a plan with them because I always get “Oh, we’ll see.”

Last Friday was no different. After hanging up with my sister and texting Alana back asking if she wanted to have a drink I got no response. I called her and left a message. Finally, I get “Oh, hey I was in the shower and was available earlier for a drink (what? Like 15 minutes ago?) but now I’m getting ready to go out to dinner with gf”. As seems what’s typical these days I figured a. girlfriend want to hang with just her, b. be alone and c. have a romantic dinner meaning:no friends allowed. I shrugged it off and went on up to the pizza joint and later my friend, Opie met me out.

 The next day I emailed Alana and asked where they had dinner. I got back, “Oh, gf and I had dinner at [favorite  joint] and met [large group of friends who I know] and hung out and partied. It was a blast.”

I was steamed but only wrote back:“Dang Ida came if I knew.”

I got back: “Well, only the group who’s in the know of [the two girls in the group who just broke up] the break up came to support [one of the girls who was there].

Since I knew about the breakup and she knows that I wouldn’t have said anything AND that this is just typical for them I was even more steamed. I just wrote back: I wouldn’t have said anything but ok.

I really had to bite my [fingers] tongue not to just go off. But, I made a mental decision: No more. F-her and her stupid gf and their tight little group that thinks they’re too good to hang out with anyone beyond them.

So, for now on – I’m done emailing Alana, having any drinks with her and asking her to do anything with me. I’m on to people who appreciate hanging out and who are my real friends as well as making more friends.



4 thoughts on “continuing

  1. I always hated it when people did this to me and in the end I just dumped them from the friend circle. It seems like you have some friends that treat you with more respect so I’d be concentrating on those instead.


  2. Just remember, if people don;t recognize how great you are, then “your good is elsewhere.” Everyone gets snobbed sometimes. It hurts. But it says more about them than it does about you! xoxo


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