I just got an email from Alana forwarding an email from one of the breakup girls of last Friday who is starting a blog and wondering what my blog address is. (Alana doesn’t have my blog address so that’s why she forwarded her message to me)

To me this is like saying:  “Oh, you’re not good enough hang out with but can  [insert one]  I read your journal, borrow your coffee maker, have your email password, you write a recommendation for me, you get me in to the next concert you go to of your friend?”

I wrote back this: Alicia,

Thanks for asking about my blog, however, only my close friends [in town] read it. Perhaps if we got to know one another better and hang out then I will give it to you some day. Have a great week!


I mean, am I being too harsh here?


10 thoughts on “and-

  1. I have dealt with this sort of thing as well. It sounds so childish to me as I write this down but I have to admit it. There are two women that I have known at work for a very long time. They always will take breaks or go to lunch together. I never get invited unless one of them is not there. I use to invite myself to go with them, but finally realized, “hey, nobody wants your company if you have to invite yourself”. Next time one of them asks me to go to lunch or take a break, when the other is not there, I will just have something else to do. I am better than that.



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