happy ending

It was a good end to a very bad weekend that started off from the post below. Saturday night after a class from hell I was laying in bed watching a movie and drinking beer with the dog curled up beside me when Bird texted me that her and the good doctor had broken up and that to certainly bring Sadie over to play with her dog in the morning – that she could use some puppy love.

The next morning I had to literally give myself a pep talk to get out of bed.

“The good thing is that guy [who had turrets, kept repeating the shift pattern over and over again and who almost ran me and the rest of the class over] won’t be back today. You can do this. This is your last class until December. Just eck it out one.more.day.” I rolled out of bed and went to inject coffee into my vein.

The rest of the class wasn’t that great, either. I had three guys who were real tools – I’d even go as far as to say toolbags. I realized this weekend that I’m tired of men. We got through it, they graduated and I got them out before the 4:00 game (per their request which was fine by me). I went over to Birds to get Sadie and we decided to take the dogs out to my favorite joint and have beers. By the time we got there the dogs were so worn out that they just laid next to the table.

Bird told me about her breakup, I told her about my last one.

“Hey, there’s a party my friend is having this weekend. There’s a ton of women going – you should come and mark your calendar for the weekend of the 17th because I’m having an ugly sweater party at my house.”

Music to my ears. Did I tell you that my ex knows practically every lesbian in the city?


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