tuesday chex mix

Remember Susan and Nancy? Well, Susan is on her way up from Key West today and is staying with me. We’re going to dinner soon as she gets here. Ellen has plans to go to dinner with Nancy tonight who doesn’t know that Susan will be here unless the two of them communicate in the meantime. I told Ellen that we needed to coordinate our movements tonight so we wouldn’t just all run in to each other. That is, unless they do talk and we all end up at dinner together. Ellen and I are on stand-by – neither knowing really what the status of Susan and Nancy are.

Susan told Ellen that she’s only going to stay, like, two days. I’m a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to having the company for awhile – at least a week, anyway. I’m hoping I’ll be able to talk her in to staying longer but I don’t think I’ll be able to. (or maybe Nancy will talk her in to staying longer – I know, this is a Lanie pipe-dream like the last time I saw her in the Keys and was trying to get Ellen to call Nancy to get her to come down and surprise her.) Stop playing cupid, I know.

Last night I ran around the house cleaning and making sure the bed was made in the spare room. Sadie was wondering what the heck I was doing running all around and, “What’s this room that I never get to go in?” She’s been going through a growth spurt lately. Yesterday as I put on her harness I could barely get it around her chest. I guess I’m going to have to take her back to Petsmart this week and get her another harness. (Funny, the thing fit fine last week when we were there)

Creed is coming up the first week in December and I decided to take some time off while she’s here. We’re going to a beer tasting, she’ll probably come out to pool, then we’re going to do the strip club again and we have an ugly sweater party to go to (the one Bird invited us to). I told her that she’s going to be a busy girl while she’s here. I cannot wait!

Now all I need is for Charlie and Jennifer to get here! (Charlie, if you’re reading this, hint-hint)


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