Divided [triangle] lines

The drama is never ending here in Hotlanta. (although, it hasn’t been very hot lately) Remember all that stuff with Nancy and Susan the other night? (Review previous post if you don’t)

This morning at 6:00 a.m .I get a tearful call from Creed.  Apparently, unbeknownst all of us her and Nancy have been having an emailing, texting and phone affair for the past three months. I know what you’re thinking: They haven’t actually been together and things can be misconstrued over those three. Yeah well – from Creed

“43 incoming calls in the last 30 days. Two times I called back. 107 texts in 7 days.”

Coming from a data cruncher myself I’m going to say the numbers don’t lie.

Only Nancy.

Friday morning when I talked to Susan before going in to work she told me that Nancy had told her the previous night (when she was here with her at my house, no doubt) that Creed had emailed Nancy and told her that she liked her but that Nancy had told her she only had eyes for Susan and that she just wanted to be friends and that currently her and Creed were just friends. (btw, Susan told me after that she was a bit upset about it) Ok, that seems believable until you look at the data above and what Creed says.

Phone calls and her saying “stay with me, stay close.” That was the phone call that made Nancy late for meeting Susan and I at favorite joint the other night.

The “I can’t wait for you to visit because I’m going to take you to a concert, I want you to stay with me. We’ll go to breakfast here, have coffee at my favorite place there and I want you to take a shower in my shower.”

Creeds reply to that was “I mean, I wouldn’t be taking a shower in her d@mn shower unless I was naked there, right?”

My reply: “Um, I think you’re right. I mean I just don’t have friends of mine asking me to their place to take a shower.”

At the very same time Nancy was telling Susan the paragraph above she’s telling Creed that Susan’s in town and that she just wants her to go away and all she does is make her cry and be mean to her. (Playing the victim) This is the part that makes me a bit angrier than usual is that I know Susan – she has done no such thing. She’s only been trying to figure out her feelings for Nancy.

Yesterday, I stopped by Ellen’s to let Jax out on my way home from my writers meeting. I found the two of them there. Yeah, I would love to say that I caught them screwing on Ellen’s bed to sweeten the story but they were only outside with the dogs but Nancy still acted really strange that I caught them there. At the time, as far as I knew Susan had left already to head to Oklahoma. Nancy kept acting strange – as she had the other night at the joint and I was starting to think that she was jealous of me and thought I was out to get with Susan. What the real reason is that she wondered what it was that I knew and whether or not I would tell Susan – who, I might add, is planning on moving here from Key West to be with Nancy.

At one point I asked them if they wanted to do something that night. Susan said, “Yes.” at the same time Nancy said, “No.”

There was an uncomfortable silence followed by me saying, “Hey, if you two have plans go ahead. Don’t think that you have to include me – it’s ok. I get it.” Thinking at the same time “Key-rist, you’d think I was asking for an invitation from the Queen to tour the frickin’ castle from everyone turning me down on invites these days because they are sooooo f-ing up their gf’s @sses.” 

Susan asked, “What are we doing tonight?”

Nancy practically shouted, “We’re watching a movie, remember?!”

Again, uncomfortable silence. Finally, “I mean, we just haven’t had a chance to talk and all with you being here and me having to work the whole time.”

Me thinking, “We all work you dramatic bitch.” Saying, “Ok, well I have to go do some landscaping now. Susan, you know where the spare key is if you need to crash again.” giving Nancy a look before I took off.

So, this morning on the phone with Creed she was out of her mind wanting to know what had happened to Nancy and if Susan was still there. Before she told me the complete story I said that apparently, Susan was still here and staying until Monday now. Creed asked if she were staying with me and I said no not since Friday. She asked if she was staying at Ellen’s and I said no. That’s when she started crying. She hadn’t heard from Nancy since Thursday night when she told her that she was not going to see Susan and that she was leaving the next day.

Both Ellen and I have been on the phone with Creed all morning trying to comfort her and calm her down. Nancy and Susan unbeknownst to all of this are – still hanging out. Ellen is pissed that Nancy is doing this to her two best friends (one being her ex). Me, I am so wanting Susan to find out all of this before she decides to move here to be with Nancy. Me, I don’t want Susan basing her sole decision on moving here to be with someone who hasn’t been very truthful to her and has been saying bad things about her behind her back. (ie she’s been mean to me, she’s made me cry, etc –  which, makes me want to slap her.)

But, I told Ellen that I cannot be the one to tell her. Neither can she. It has to come from Creed. Which, when she called back later telling me how pissed she was I told her that. She said she may just text data from above to both of their phones.

We’ll see.

I wonder who I will get a call from next. If it’s Ellen or Creed I will pick up. If it’s Nancy or Susan I’m going to have to pass. The least what I could tell Susan is that she needs to talk to Nancy.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Divided [triangle] lines

  1. Nancy is a shit disturber. I would say that both Nancy and Creed need to cut her off. I would stay out of this one…be there to comfort your friends if needed but I wouldn’t be stepping up to offer any advice or take sides.


    • J -I agree – Nancy’s drummed up a real shit storm between all of us. I am furious with her. Creed wants her out of her life totally. Only Susan is still oblivious to it all. Perhaps when she follows the advice I gave her over the phone last night to call Creed she will have a rude awakening. That’s all I did was advise her to talk to Creed before making any harsh judegements. That’s all. Now [brushing my hands] my work is done. I’m stepping out.


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