flying solo

Yesterday, I was determined to go out and do something that night and get out of the house. I had felt cooped up since getting back from the mountains with my sister.

We had all thought that we were supposed to play our tie breaker match in pool that night but had gotten a last minute FB message from the coach saying she F-ed up and that it was next week but could we come out and practice anyway. I knew that if I didn’t go that I’d be in the doghouse. After walking Sadie I decided to go grab something to eat before practice. On the way I got a text from Hannah. I hadn’t been responding to her lately because it seemed like all she wanted to do was  run off somewhere and look at a motorcycles but since she now has one maybe I was off the hook.

“Hey, going to [bar in neighborhood] to play pool. Want to come?”

I picked up the phone and called her. We agreed to meet for a quick drink and a few games before I had to go practice with my team. Maybe I had been a bit harsh with her. She seems like a cool chick to hang out with even though I cannot see us ever dating. She’s a little too hippy-dippy for me (although, nothing against hippy-dippiness). We talked about her new bike, of course, and she wanted to know if I had any motorcycle gear hand-me-downs and I told her I would barter gear for artwork. I had a couple of pieces of hers in mind that I want. Her friends Ginny and Jennifer showed up and we all played a couple of games of pool before I had to head out. It was fun and I’m glad I met her out. I also got Ginny’s phone number because we keep running in to each other at parties and they live right up the street from me and we said we’d get together soon and walk the dogs. So, I added more friends in my cache to do things with.

Next, was pool practice. Everyone was there except for Amanda and Kendra. I played Naomi several times. Her and Mick just got engaged over the holiday. Although, I am happy for them – especially, since I’m the one who set them up but, it’s just another set of couple friends. It seems like all around me there are couples – a sea of couples and or that I even remotely want to date. Ok, I’m done with my pity party.

On to the new country bar.  I had heard that the local male leather bar was holding country nights on Thursdays and Saturdays. Thursdays at the old country bar was women’s night. I drove by half way expecting there to be four cars in the parking lot and was amazed that it was packed. In fact, I had to drive around looking for a spot to park. I went in and right up to the bar and there was my favorite bartender from the old bar. Without missing a beat he said, “Your usual?” I mean, it’s been almost a year since I last saw him. I said, “Yep.” He put a cold Corona Light with a lime in front of me and I turned and got my lean on.

I’m back.


2011 recap

Here it is:

January 2011: Lee and I just started seeing each other. While I was waffling on whether or not to get serious I jumped right in to it. Probably because the first of that month we had a big ice storm in Atlanta and Lee was stranded at my house for three days and then towards the end of the month we went to her house in Savannah together.

February: Lee went off to Florida to see if Muscle Head  so she could still see if she was “the one” despite the trip to Savannah and being iced in at my house. We had a temporary break up that month – which, in hindsight should have been a permanent one. (But, we’re not going to get into regrets of ’11.)

March: I joined a pool league, went to Arkansas for a week of training. Lee and I got back together and met her parents at her house in Savannah.

April: I went to Dallas for training and had a blast. Lee and I went to one of her snotty tennis friend Kari’s party after running in a race and going to the 420 fest.

May: My pool team blew the chance to go to Vegas to the Meercats after beating them in the first round, Lee and I shared a room in Pensacola Beach with Sheila and Rachael and Lee was still messing around texting Muscle Head and had snuck off to see her in a race.

June: I bought a new motorcycle (well, new to me), Lee moves back in with the ex, I friend of mine passed away and Sarah and I meet up for some Dixie Attitude.

July: All hell breaks loose with Lee when Muscle Head comes to town. We went to Savannah together for my birthday thinking maybe it would make or break the relationship and it –

August: -broke. Newly single I briefly met Teri and went on a couple of really bad dates.

September: Went to Key West with Ellen and met Susan, Charlie and Jennifer down there. That month was probably the highlight of my year. Also, that month I met Creed,  Lee and I attempted to be friends, went to a concert together which ended very badly and I was completely done with her after that and last but not least I got Sadie. (Gosh, that was a very big month – no wonder all the other ones pale in comparison)

October: I went to a writer’s conference and pitched my book to six agents. Five of which wanted partials. I spent the whole month revising the first three chapters, writing a synopsis and learning the joys of puppyhood – which, wasn’t as bad as I thought to be honest. I went to a beer fest with my ex Bird who had recently came back into my life and did one day of lame-o pride in Atlanta and Lee approached me and later that month started stalking me.

November: I submitted my partials to agents, got a rejection from one and still waiting for the others (I was told it takes 3 months to hear back). Seemed like I worked a bunch that month – maybe did three weekends of teaching in a row. There was a lot of drama with friends and lameness that month. The highlight was Susan coming in to town and staying a few days before heading off to Oklahoma. I house sat for Ellen over Thanksgiving and braced myself for December and Christmas.

December: Is a pretty light month. I met Hannah and Cindy although the jury’s still out that I will continue to hang with either of them. My sister came down for the holiday and I survived that. Now it’s December 28th. I have pool on Thursday and it’s a tie breaker for third place. Wish us luck in getting that third place slot because we will be going to tournament if we do. Friday I may go hang with Bird. She had a pretty crappy holiday and asked if I wanted to come hang with her and have a few beers and bring Sadie. Saturday I may just lay low and rest up for New Years – which, I haven’t decided on what I really want to do. I think I may do the early show at Edies’ and see different Hannah and then go bar hopping with Bird. I got invited to Alana’s New Years party (practically the only thing I get invited to by them) but it was very boring last year. Lots of old, married couples -same people, doing the same thing. So, I think I will skip it.

what this woman doesn’t want

I am the only one at work in my section today. I have to admit it’s quite nice not having people around. After being stuffed up in that lodge with my sister and everyone else in North Georgia it’s nice to finally be alone.

Last night after picking Sadie up from Ellen’s we went home and she curled up on the couch in my office. (I think that she thinks it’s her office now.) I put laundry in, took out a Cornish hen out of the freezer and made some sweet potato fries to munch on over a movie. My phone buzzed and it was Cindy wanting to know if I wanted to go to the Elk’s club to play pool.

“Is this for real?” I thought.

Yet another thing to remind me of her age – only old folks go to the Elk’s club. I turned the phone off after that. I mean, not only is the age a factor she talks a lot about her ex and their breakup, her cats dying (I mean, mine just died and hers died like about a month ago -plus, I don’t want to MF-ing keep revisiting it.) – stuff that I just don’t want to hear. Already I’m annoyed and bored.

Speaking of annoyingness, Hannah has been calling me lately for the only reason of going with her to look at motorcycles. Last week when I saw her calling I thought maybe she wanted to take the dogs for a walk and go grab a glass of wine. No, she wanted to know if I wanted to ride all the way up to Jasper with her to look at this motorcycle. I declined saying that I had a ton of stuff to do before leaving town. Really, I had time for a glass of wine as opposed to a 6 hour round trip to look at some motorcycle.

So, yesterday I had just dropped my sister off at the airport and was relishing stopping off for a beer in one of my favorite pubs in Little 5 points when my phone buzzed. It was Hannah. She had texted me earlier wishing me a Merry Christmas, etc. So, silly me thought the same as above. Get together, walk the dogs, go have a glass of wine and again, silly me answered the phone. Same thing – Hannah asking if I wanted to run over to Emory with her to look at a bike. I had just dislodged my sister from up my rear, driven all day from North Georgia to Atlanta, taken her to the airport and just gotten back into town, hadn’t even stepped foot in my house nor picked up my dog from Ellen’s. So, no – didn’t think I wanted to rush off and go look at a motorcycle with her.

Now I’m starting to think that’s the only reason she even contacted me in the first place. Aside from that one time we met for a glass of wine she basically hasn’t called or texted me unless it’s motorcycle related. I’m being used to help her buy a bike which seems like a pretty crummy way to get to know someone. I’ve decided that I’m not answering her calls or texts for awhile.

I swear why do some women have to be such douche-bags or so annoying? I seem to be a magnet these days. I guess I just let people feel like they can unload on me or use me. 

I think I’m off women for awhile.

Christmas survival

I don’t care how old I am I am never going to wear a Christmas sweater.

I finally made it through the holidays with my sister. She flew in on Thursday evening and we had a rushed sprint to make the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie showing that night. I must say that was the highlight of the holiday. Although, I didn’t find this Lizabeth Salandar quite as hot as the one in the Swedish version but there were quite a few more scenes of her roaring around on her motorcycle in this movie. Plus, she had a hotter bike in this one not the duel sport she rode in the earlier one.

My sister and I were ensconced in this resort in North Georgia that had a restaurant, golf course (even though neither of us play) and horseback riding (again, neither of us ride horses). It was supposed to be nice and relaxing which it was but after a few days I started to go stir crazy. Thankfully, there was a sports bar downstairs and lots of football on this past weekend. Every time I said I was going downstairs to catch the game I had to hear my sister grunt about how much she loathes football. I told her then it was a good thing I had somewhere to go to watch and didn’t have subject her to it in the room and also that some people felt the same way about home decorating (which, she seemed to talk about endlessly).

By the last evening I was almost pissing down my leg in relief that the Packers and Bears were playing and I had an excuse of somewhere to go. When I opened the door of our hotel room to go I tripped over a tricycle nearly falling on a 4 year old who had been playing in the hall with her mother and grandmother (why they thought it was cool to play right outside our door is beyond me) to which they asked if they were bothering me which I replied that no, I was going to the sports bar to watch the game but thought, “They could keep bothering my sister.”

Earlier that day we were sitting in the big lobby of the lodge by the fire on our laptops and reading and people were milling about in their Christmas sweaters, drinking spiced cider and waiting for their dinner reservation in the restaurant. We had made the mistake the day before of sitting right next to the Santa by the tree and everyone who came by wanted us to take their picture sitting on his lap. I mean, even elderly men and ladies wanted their pictures taken (WTF?) as well as every little girl and boy dressed in their Christmas finest. I almost felt like I should start asking for tips or “Ok, I’ll take it if you get me a beer up at the bar – 420 in the bottle, please.”

My sister said, “I’ll give you $20 to sit on his lap.” To which I replied, “No F-ing way.” And, I did abbreviate it not because there were enough children around to fill up a Toys-R-Us easily but I was getting started early on my New Years resolution to abbreviate my curse words from now on. (It’s still too much to ask at this point that I refrain from cursing all the way – I do play pool once a week.) I relented and fell in a pile of large teddy bears in front of the tree and let her take my picture.

While I was sitting at the bar watching the game I decided to cruise FB and saw a picture of Cindy, the woman I suspected was too old for me and my suspicions came true. There she was in a picture holding a baby who could have been her grandchild (no offence to you Carla, you don’t look old enough to have a grandchild or wear a Christmas sweater) but was her cousin in a sweater one of my grandmothers could have worn. I put the phone down and thought, “Yep, she’s too old for me.” Her texts went unanswered after that. I’m doing the fade – sad, but true. Which, brings me to the things I did right last year and the things I want to do right this year.

The things I did right:

  • Broke up with Lee
  • Met a bunch of great authors and pitched my book to agents
  • Got a trainer at the gym
  • Bought my Triumph (which, after seeing that movie I’m going to put bar end mirrors on and make look really retro)
  • Went to Key West
  • Started playing on a pool league (and, we will go to Vegas this year in tournament if I have to practice every Wednesday and I will go up in ranking, too)
  • Edited the F out of my book
  • Made new friends

And, the thing I want to do this year is be choosy on who I decide to date next. I mean, I could have been out on at least a dozen dates by now but with people I could take or leave. I am resolved to hold out for someone I am as attracted to as much as I was to Teri but someone who treats me 100 x’s better. I know she’s out there and I will find her. No compromising and no regrets.

2012 bring it!


I know you all are dying to know what I’m going to do. So, after much thought, discussion and reading your comments I have decided that I’m not going to email or write Lee a thank you for the donation. I agree with what some of you wrote – that she is manipulative and a bit stalker-ish. I have to stop engaging once and for all. I often wonder, no feel, that in the past whenever she’s done something really nice she had an agenda attached to it. Whether to make herself feel better for some of the things she did to me or to get some benefit out of it. Like attention. I don’t want to be friends with her because every time I have engaged her in the past she’s said or done something to either really piss me off or hurt my feelings. So, there it is.

On a different topic, Cindy wants to meet up for a drink tonight before we both go off on holiday. I haven’t seen her since the other night when we partied together. Part of me wants to. We both said that if anything we could be friends if nothing else. That’s always a safe thing to say. We’ve shared stories of our pasts from talking on the phone the past couple of days and from what I know so far she’s still going through a lot from her past breakup. I really don’t want to get this woman’s hopes up in us dating or hooking up and hurt her. My gut is also telling me that – and, I know this sounds shallow – that she is too old for me.

Normally, age is not an issue with me. However, some of the other things I have gained from our conversations is that we are quite opposites when it comes to things we like. She’s admitted she’s a homebody. I’m not. I like to go out. She’s also a country person and I loathe the country despite growing up there. She likes snow and I like the beach. It seems I can see where all this is going before it does.

However, she’s aware of the differences and is willing to “see where it goes.”

I think I already “see where it goes” and feel like I need to be firm and say I just have too many things to do tonight to get ready for the holidays and leave it at that. I don’t want to break someone’s heart despite feeling that we did have a connection the other night.

I think I have made my decision and no, I don’t think I have met “the one” worth getting back into all of this dating/relationship stuff yet. But, can it really hurt to just meet for a drink? Or will I be thinking across the table “Yeah, it was the alcohol talking that night?”

Advice? Anyone?

I feel like-

-such an A-hole. Right after I got home tonight I received this card from the Human Society saying that Lee had made a donation in my deceased cat’s name.
I wonder if I should text or email her a thank you.
But not until after much discussion with Ellen over drinks and burgers tonight.

Helping hand

It’s the week before Christmas and it’s a rainy, dreary day outside. It matches my mood. I had a hard time sleeping last night and just when I got to sleep something woke me and I shot up. I woke Sadie up, too, and she had to do her regular biting and itching before getting up and walking around in a circle and laying down again with a grunt. Then, I had a hard time falling back to sleep. So many things were on my mind.

I’d just gotten off the phone with Cindy before bed. I had gotten really drunk with her, Ellen, Amanda and two of her friends last Sunday. I had kissed her. I don’t know what was about, possibly a momentary lack of reason. (or being drunk) I like her but I don’t think she’s for me. She’s an older woman and while older women have their benefits (better insurance, better jobs) that’s just not what or who I want right now. So, despite talking on the phone and exchanging some texts I think I’m going to keep it on the friends level.

We had been talking about breakups and the only thing I had said about my last relationship was that she went back to her ex. That’s only partly true but it’s a simple enough statement that when said no one questions it. I said that even though I still spoke to her on occasion that most of the time when I did she would usually end up pissing me off and that I didn’t want to be pissed off every time I spoke to her so I didn’t talk to her much.

I have to write this series of texts between Lee and I after I told her that my cat died.

Her: “I am sooooo sorry. Just so you know we still have a connection. I was just now looking back at our last text messages. I miss [cat] Are you ok?”

Me thinking: WTF-ing F – who the F cares if you think we still have a connection?! I will never get back with you. NEVER texted back: “Yeah, been pretty torn up about it.”

“Was it peaceful or did you have to put him to sleep. I know it’s hard. Just know that I am thinking of you. Take care my friend.”

Me thinking: Was that really necessary to ask that? Who cares. He’s gone. At least she’s ending the conversation. Texted back: “Thx U2”

[And, the decent thing to do would have been to END THE CONVERSATION THERE. But, no – Lee always has to keep texting until the other person drops off.]

“Thank you. Need it today. Small team meetings all day with bigwigs of the company. Xmas party fri at aquarium. Kinda forma. It should be very nice. I got an xmas card from atc with $100 in it. Cool huh!”

I was like I just told you my cat died and you have to go on and on about how important and busy you are in the job I helped you get and if it wasn’t for me you’d still be in that hell hole with your ex as your boss. Yeah, I’m so important and busy and hard life I got a $100, too. I felt like throwing my iPhone into the lake after that.

And, maybe that’s my problem. Not telling her off. Not telling her she’s a self centered snotty little bitch that doesn’t care about anyone and is only out for herself. Because that’s what I think of her now. But, if I did that would give her exactly what she wants – attention from me. As long as I ignore her I don’t give her what she wants.

I know I have to let all this go and focus on the good things. I just had to get it out, I think and what better place to than here. When I get like this it makes me want to go out and do something really nice for someone else who needs a little lift or helping hand like myself at times. And, it’s the season to give so what better time?

Riding around the Christmas tree & Fleas Navidog

Today I rode in to work. I started a very sluggish Triumph Bonnie this morning and coaxed her all the way down Memorial Drive.

“Common, sweets. You can do it.”, as she chugged and clonked her way down the road and nearly stalled me out on a turn. (that would have been bad, too. Mental note to self to leave the choke on until all the initial turns are made)

Last night I was in my pj’s just having watched a Glee episode with the dog. I looked at the clock and it read 6:30. That’s too early to go to bed, I thought. I wished I had something to do and just then my phone dinged. It was Alana wanting to know if I wanted to meet her for a beer down at one of my favorite pubs.

“I could throw the dog in the car and come on.”


After handing Sadie her nyla bone and telling her to lay down in her bed in the back of the suv I went inside and found my friend at the upstairs bar. I sat down and ordered one of my favorite beers. We chatted about Christmas things. The name of a new single friend came up.

“Hey, you and her should hang out.”

“Yeah, I’d love to hang out with her, she’s hot. Although, I’m not sure if I’m in her league.”

“You should email her and ask her to hang out.”

This was all a big surprise coming from Alana. She didn’t usually try to fix me up with her good looking friends. Just then another friend of mine walked in – a fellow motorcycle instructor, Jeanine who I’d taught a couple class with in the past and was my co-hart in that post I wrote on my old blog called Ducasta women, barfights etc. (which, I deleted because my ex was stalking me on that blog)

I will elaborate anyway – she was the one I rode to Athens, Georgia with to do a Ducati demo days ride and then we shared a hotel room downtown, almost got into a fight with some drunk UGA boys (which, seems to happen every time I’m there) and went to a Ducati fashion show and saw some really hot women. Then, we almost froze to death riding home, had to stop in the Dunkin’ Donuts so I could go hold my partially frostbitten feet under the hand dryer in the bathroom, got odd looks, etc.

Yeah, that Jeanine -and I don’t think I’d laid eyes on her since then. Back then, her and her woman were trying to have a baby, she was trying to start a hardwood floor refinishing company and was very busy at the time but now not so much. She joined us at the bar until a bunch of her fellow riding friends came in -a bunch of rowdy guys in a mish-mash of motorcycle gear. After they all shed their gear stowing it on the couch upstairs they attired to the patio. Despite Alana riding herself she looked at them like they were total aliens – which, I found amusing. After she left I was motioned onto the patio and asked several questions for one of them about my Ducati. He had just acquired one and was asking me all kinds of questions. I was like “Uh, dude – you’re talking to someone who doesn’t do their own work on bikes save for cosmetic stuff and changing an occasional battery out.”

After getting away from him I sat down at a table with Jeanine and some of the other guys and we all started telling stories. The thing about being an instructor is that you never run out of stories to tell. One guy at the table told about riding up to a bank and losing control of his bike and as he was heading for the plate glass window he turned the wheel doing three donuts in the parking lot before finally stopping – almost giving some little old lady that was going in a heart attack. We were practically rolling on the floor after that one. Jeanine told of one of her students running the fence (every one of us who teach has one of those stories unless the site doesn’t have a fence) and ending up in the lady’s restroom, knocking the sink off the wall before dumping the bike. (she miraculously wasn’t hurt, either).

I left there fired up to ride in to work the next day and vowed to do more recreational riding with people I know. (that doesn’t include riding to banks) When I got into the truck I saw that Sadie had ate all my Christmas stamps – and, this is what happened.


Soupy kiss

Well, it happened and my cat is gone. I came home from work and found him. After I buried him, I walked Sadie sobbing the whole way. She kept looking back at me making these unusual sounds. She’s never really seen me cry. We walked around the lake and I sat down on a bench and cried some more. Instead of smelling the Liriope that she seems to be obsessed with she came over and laid her head in my lap and licked my hand. She was such a comfort. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t gotten her. I would have felt so lonely.

I straightened up and we finished the walk. We were esconed in the bedroom watching a Glee episode when I got a text from Bird saying she was sorry about the cat (I had posted something on FB about it). She remembered him from when we went out. In fact, I had just gotten him when we started dating.

She asked if I wanted to come over and help her finish the keg from the party last weekend. I hesitated and sensing my hesitation said, “Come on – I could use an ear myself and Sadie could play with Schatzi.” Sadie seemed to look up at me at that moment. I texted back, “Oh, ok. I’ll be there in an hour.” It was a keg of 420 afterall.

Later, we sat outside keg tapped with a fire going while the dogs raced loops around us. I got a little tipsy and said I needed to go. As she walked me to the door she grabbed me and laid a huge kiss on me. All I could think was “Did she really used to kiss like this?” (Tongue down the throat and what-not) “Maybe it was just the sex that was good. Maybe we skipped the kissing part.” Regardless I pulled away. She immediately started to apologize. I put up a hand and shook my head and said, “It’s fine. We’re both tipsy. Don’t worry about it.”

I smiled as I got in the truck thinking that if I had stayed longer we would have ended up in bed. I knew I wouldn’t have minded it since it’s been so long for me but what stopped me was her. It would have tormented her if we had slept together. She’s still not over her recent breakup, still talking to her ex who wants to get back together. I knew it would cause major problems. Even though I would have just chocked it up to a roll in the hay and been fine with it I’m glad I resisted for her sake.

The next morning I couldn’t move. I woke up with a splitting headache and heartache. I rolled over and texted my boss that I was sick. She texted back “ok” and “sorry about the kitty” Later, I got up and double fisted Gatorade and coffee washing down three ibuprophens. Sadie and I watched more Glee. I found that that was the only thing my mind could concentrate on. I probably could have sat there all day in my pj’s and watched it but I made myself get up and take Sadie on a long walk and go to the farmers market to get the makings for lentil soup that I wanted to make. I love cooking when I’m depressed or need to work something out. (in that case I was depressed over the cat who I never thought I would cry so much over, didn’t cry this much over my last cat who I’d had longer and working out where that kiss from Bird came from)

When I got back from doing that, Sadie and I sat out on the back porch in the sun. Her chewing on a toy and me reading. It was a nice day out. Suddenly, she jumped up and started barking. She almost never barks unless she’s playing. I turned around and a UPS person was walking up the drive. I patted her on the head and said, “Good girl, Sadie.” Jax must have taught her to bark at strangers that come to the house. She was protecting her territory. I took the package from the distraught woman saying, “Don’t worry she’s on a leash and not going anywhere.”

The box was just large enough that I suspected that my sister actually listened to me for once and got me the crock pot I asked for. I knew she wanted me to wait until she came down next week to open it but I thought, “F-it. I’m making that soup in it.”

So, I did. She called later and said, “Did you get-

“Yes. I got it today.”

“Well don’t –“

“Too late, it’s got soup in it now.”

We actually had a laugh over that. I mean, any other time I would have waited but I was making soup that day and it was a sign and –

-sometimes you need to listen to them.

Rolling with the punches

Although I’m trying to make the best of it it’s still a challenge to keep a positive outlook when I will probably have to put my cat down by the end of the week. He’s been going downhill for a while now and I’ve known for some time that his days are numbered.

So, yeah – that’s my Monday.

Alana asked me if I wanted to have drinks with her and Alesha (too many A’s here) – the one who keeps crying over her breakup. I told her that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea this week and if I had to sit around listening to someone cry over a two month old breakup after putting down my best friend of12 years then it could possibly cause me to become violent. (regardless there’s def a bag workout at the gym in order this week).
I mean, come on. Everyone has gone through breakups. Everyone has been hurt, treated poorly, been left or left. Get the F over yourself. There are people who are starving, dying of cancer, homeless and you’re cry-babying over your woman leaving you because you were so codependent you suffocated her and the relationship.

Yeah, probably not a good idea to meet up with her this week and-

I’ve also decided to make a real effort to not drink alcohol during the week and quit smoking. I’m going to prove to myself once and for all I can do this. I’m just trying to detox – whether it be from things that are bad for me or people. I want to lose 10 pounds and I’m sim and tired of always thinking about it but never doing it. I’m bound and determined to do this on my own and not join some bootcamp. I have my trainer at the gym and a coworker friend wants to train for a half marathon and I may just join her.

Despite the week starting out shaky I did have a nice weekend. Saturday night Ellen and I went to three parties. The first one was Hannah’s art show at her home studio. We had wine, looked at her work and talked to people. It was nice although I told Ellen that I wasnt feeling it with this girl but wanted to keep in touch all the same. The next party was a bunch of people I already knew who were mostly Ellen’s friends. It was nice but not exciting. Ton of old married couples who tried to fix me up with the only other single woman there who has been confirmed to have a tanning bed in her house. The last party as we were walking up my ex, Bird was was on the back porch pumping beer out of a keg and said she’d start our pours then. (probably the best ex this beer drinking girl could have) That party was the most lively of all of them with a great mix of people.

The next day I hung with Ellen for a bit before going out to watch some football. Later, I spent hours in the used bookstore and went home and watched Glee with the dog.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to be all bah-hum-bug over the holidays. That I enjoy seeing the lights that make it cheery. I also enjoy other people’s cheeriness and will try to be that myself. (I’ve also learned to block out the Christmas music) Let’s try to be positive – even when we don’t feel like it. Let’s try to smile – even if it’s hard. Let’s try to have a good outlook – even if it seems bleak. Let’s just get the F on with it and have a good 2012. I’ve also attached this to take a look at. Enjoy!