Rolling with the punches

Although I’m trying to make the best of it it’s still a challenge to keep a positive outlook when I will probably have to put my cat down by the end of the week. He’s been going downhill for a while now and I’ve known for some time that his days are numbered.

So, yeah – that’s my Monday.

Alana asked me if I wanted to have drinks with her and Alesha (too many A’s here) – the one who keeps crying over her breakup. I told her that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea this week and if I had to sit around listening to someone cry over a two month old breakup after putting down my best friend of12 years then it could possibly cause me to become violent. (regardless there’s def a bag workout at the gym in order this week).
I mean, come on. Everyone has gone through breakups. Everyone has been hurt, treated poorly, been left or left. Get the F over yourself. There are people who are starving, dying of cancer, homeless and you’re cry-babying over your woman leaving you because you were so codependent you suffocated her and the relationship.

Yeah, probably not a good idea to meet up with her this week and-

I’ve also decided to make a real effort to not drink alcohol during the week and quit smoking. I’m going to prove to myself once and for all I can do this. I’m just trying to detox – whether it be from things that are bad for me or people. I want to lose 10 pounds and I’m sim and tired of always thinking about it but never doing it. I’m bound and determined to do this on my own and not join some bootcamp. I have my trainer at the gym and a coworker friend wants to train for a half marathon and I may just join her.

Despite the week starting out shaky I did have a nice weekend. Saturday night Ellen and I went to three parties. The first one was Hannah’s art show at her home studio. We had wine, looked at her work and talked to people. It was nice although I told Ellen that I wasnt feeling it with this girl but wanted to keep in touch all the same. The next party was a bunch of people I already knew who were mostly Ellen’s friends. It was nice but not exciting. Ton of old married couples who tried to fix me up with the only other single woman there who has been confirmed to have a tanning bed in her house. The last party as we were walking up my ex, Bird was was on the back porch pumping beer out of a keg and said she’d start our pours then. (probably the best ex this beer drinking girl could have) That party was the most lively of all of them with a great mix of people.

The next day I hung with Ellen for a bit before going out to watch some football. Later, I spent hours in the used bookstore and went home and watched Glee with the dog.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to be all bah-hum-bug over the holidays. That I enjoy seeing the lights that make it cheery. I also enjoy other people’s cheeriness and will try to be that myself. (I’ve also learned to block out the Christmas music) Let’s try to be positive – even when we don’t feel like it. Let’s try to smile – even if it’s hard. Let’s try to have a good outlook – even if it seems bleak. Let’s just get the F on with it and have a good 2012. I’ve also attached this to take a look at. Enjoy!


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