I feel like-

-such an A-hole. Right after I got home tonight I received this card from the Human Society saying that Lee had made a donation in my deceased cat’s name.
I wonder if I should text or email her a thank you.
But not until after much discussion with Ellen over drinks and burgers tonight.


7 thoughts on “I feel like-

  1. You didn’t ask for it, but I’m giving you my advice. Do not engage. Once you engage, it will continue. Stop engaging. You do not need to reply to the donation.


  2. Why would you feel like an ahole? You have the right to feel how you feel. I won’t get in to what I really think. No, I will, she is a tad bit manipulative. Despite what I think, It was a nice gesture and kind. Or perhaps trying to manipulate once again? To thank her, a nice note sent via snail mail might work? A text or a call gives her automatic access to you. It seems to me she is stalkerish. I know you just post to vent. Sorry for giving you advice that was not asked for.


  3. I think maybe a thankyou would be good,, nothing else. very thoughtful of her to do that,, but that doesnt mean u owe her anything,, just say thankyou


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