2011 recap

Here it is:

January 2011: Lee and I just started seeing each other. While I was waffling on whether or not to get serious I jumped right in to it. Probably because the first of that month we had a big ice storm in Atlanta and Lee was stranded at my house for three days and then towards the end of the month we went to her house in Savannah together.

February: Lee went off to Florida to see if Muscle Head  so she could still see if she was “the one” despite the trip to Savannah and being iced in at my house. We had a temporary break up that month – which, in hindsight should have been a permanent one. (But, we’re not going to get into regrets of ’11.)

March: I joined a pool league, went to Arkansas for a week of training. Lee and I got back together and met her parents at her house in Savannah.

April: I went to Dallas for training and had a blast. Lee and I went to one of her snotty tennis friend Kari’s party after running in a race and going to the 420 fest.

May: My pool team blew the chance to go to Vegas to the Meercats after beating them in the first round, Lee and I shared a room in Pensacola Beach with Sheila and Rachael and Lee was still messing around texting Muscle Head and had snuck off to see her in a race.

June: I bought a new motorcycle (well, new to me), Lee moves back in with the ex, I friend of mine passed away and Sarah and I meet up for some Dixie Attitude.

July: All hell breaks loose with Lee when Muscle Head comes to town. We went to Savannah together for my birthday thinking maybe it would make or break the relationship and it –

August: -broke. Newly single I briefly met Teri and went on a couple of really bad dates.

September: Went to Key West with Ellen and met Susan, Charlie and Jennifer down there. That month was probably the highlight of my year. Also, that month I met Creed,  Lee and I attempted to be friends, went to a concert together which ended very badly and I was completely done with her after that and last but not least I got Sadie. (Gosh, that was a very big month – no wonder all the other ones pale in comparison)

October: I went to a writer’s conference and pitched my book to six agents. Five of which wanted partials. I spent the whole month revising the first three chapters, writing a synopsis and learning the joys of puppyhood – which, wasn’t as bad as I thought to be honest. I went to a beer fest with my ex Bird who had recently came back into my life and did one day of lame-o pride in Atlanta and Lee approached me and later that month started stalking me.

November: I submitted my partials to agents, got a rejection from one and still waiting for the others (I was told it takes 3 months to hear back). Seemed like I worked a bunch that month – maybe did three weekends of teaching in a row. There was a lot of drama with friends and lameness that month. The highlight was Susan coming in to town and staying a few days before heading off to Oklahoma. I house sat for Ellen over Thanksgiving and braced myself for December and Christmas.

December: Is a pretty light month. I met Hannah and Cindy although the jury’s still out that I will continue to hang with either of them. My sister came down for the holiday and I survived that. Now it’s December 28th. I have pool on Thursday and it’s a tie breaker for third place. Wish us luck in getting that third place slot because we will be going to tournament if we do. Friday I may go hang with Bird. She had a pretty crappy holiday and asked if I wanted to come hang with her and have a few beers and bring Sadie. Saturday I may just lay low and rest up for New Years – which, I haven’t decided on what I really want to do. I think I may do the early show at Edies’ and see different Hannah and then go bar hopping with Bird. I got invited to Alana’s New Years party (practically the only thing I get invited to by them) but it was very boring last year. Lots of old, married couples -same people, doing the same thing. So, I think I will skip it.


3 thoughts on “2011 recap

  1. Wow! Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since I started reading your blog, how time flies. You have had quite the year with all sorts of changes (have to say one of my favorite things for you has been Sadie). I wish you luck at pool this week, hope you all kick some ass!


  2. sounds like you had a pretty busy year to me,, an yes sept,, was also a highlight for me also,,prob the best time ive had in a long time,,besides coming to ga. lol


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