week 1

The week of resolutions has been going very well. I went to practice pool last night solely to give it a dry run and, to also practice because our big game is tonight. I wanted to see if I could actually hang in the pool hall, breathe not smoke or drink and play pool ok. I played Naomi, Mick’s girlfriend and who happens to be on the opposing team tonight for the tiebreaker game. It should be interesting, either way. I have given myself an out tonight, though. If I feel like having a couple of light beers, I will partake but definitely no cigarettes. I think I’ve been doing really well with not smoking and think if I want a couple of beers tonight that’s a reasonable out. If I can manage to not drink tonight then I am treating myself to a six pack of 420 tomorrow night. (not drinking it all at once but just to have for nights I can drink like Friday and Saturday)

I’ve also been doing some mental zen-ness lately. Basically, not worrying about others, their drama, etc. but focusing inward and doing my own thing. Things seem a little more peaceful and even fun. My energy is up and my workouts have improved. So, we’ll see if I can keep this up. I think all along I just needed to let the noise go and focus inwardly.

So, if we win tonight then Saturday we’re playing in a tournament game. Sadie is finally done with all her puppy shots and is doggie-daycare ready so I may take her down there on Saturday for them to do their 6-hour assessment. Honestly, I can understand the kennel wanting to see what kind of dog they agree to take in but 6 hours – really? I think that’s a little much. And, I’m going to be a little sore if they charge me for those 6 hours. But, zen, ok zen. We’ll see about all that. I’m sure Sadie is going to do well there and they will love her. Although, my carpet doesn’t:


Sadie: “Ok, I was laying here minding my own business and suddenly a stuffed bear, yes, two bears….with knives…. came out of nowhere at me and said, “We’re here for your human-Mom” and I fought them and fought them and won. So, now you’re safe. Can I have a bone, now?”


3 thoughts on “week 1

  1. The teddy bears remind me of the book “The Art of Racing in the Rain”. That dog got “attacked” by a stuffed animal as well. I like your new zen attitude. If you can’t change things, you change the way you think about them.


  2. She does look like she’s grown since the first picture you posted! What an adorable little troublemaker. Those Kong toys are pretty indestructible, my family had one for our lab and he tried so hard to shred it to pieces but it won. I think he buried it for the last laugh, but who knows.


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