Savannah Fringe

This time last year Lee and I were in Savannah for her birthday having a really good time.

That sucks.

It was the ignorance-is-bliss stage of our relationship. The before-I realized-it that Bertha was always going to be an abusive fixture in her life. The before-I realized-it that Lee was always going to have these other “crushes”. The before-I realized-it Lee was never going to really settle down but be on a constant state of flux between Atlanta and Savannah.

As I was driving in to work today I thought of Lee and wondered if today was her birthday. When I got to the office I pulled out my day timer and saw that it’s tomorrow. I also saw that I had written Savannah around that date. I shut the book and thought about running on Tybee Island when it was pouring rain and so cold. I thought about making her chocolate chip cookies in the toaster oven and putting a candle on top of it. I thought of us walking down River Street holding hands and splitting a corned beef sandwich at the Irish pub.

I thought of the $2 bill on the ceiling.

-Sigh – I don’t know what I miss more – Savannah or her and I just realized that I’m wearing a T-shirt from one of the Irish pubs down there today under my dress shirt. I feel like I’ve stepped into a time warp. [Maybe I’ve been watching too much Fringe.]


2 thoughts on “Savannah Fringe

  1. I’ve been feeling like that myself, feeling like I’m in a time warp and just “off” in general and life doesn’t seem to be letting me forget it. Songs, tv shows etc. Maybe there’s some issue with the waning/waxing of the moon and the space time continuum LOL Whatever it is, I’m sure it will pass and you will feel better with things soon. Keep moving forward 🙂


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