I haven’t heard anything from Lee since last Saturday when I sent her that text that I didn’t care to hear about Bertha. All of you had some very good comments about that last post (to which I replied). Some being that Lee is very self-centered. Yes, she is – to a fault. (So bad that I almost consider it a medical condition) I don’t know why I even entertained the notion that we could get back together. I guess like before I was being nostalgic. Even after the trip to Savannah I was thinking “Ok, this is fun but not all that.” Like I could take it or leave it. I don’t think I will be going there again with her anytime soon. I need to move on. I am going to try really hard to work on a friendship with her, though. However, I need some time away from her again before I’m able to even tackle that.

In the meantime, I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Liz.

So, what this means is I have to:

  • add the Versatile Award pic on your blog post (did it)
  • thank the blogger who nominated you (thank you, Liz)
  • share 7 random things about yourself (will do!)
  • nominate 15 fellow bloggers (down below)
  • inform the bloggers of their nomination (got it!)

Seven random things about me, here goes:

I love planes – flying on them, seeing them, everything about them except I have no desire to learn how to fly.

I always wanted to be in law enforcement and came close a few times but it never panned out.

I loathe cold weather. If I didn’t own my house I would probably move somewhere near a beach.

Writing to me is like breathing. I almost cannot go a whole day without writing something whether it be personal or for work.

I like to wear button-down cowboy shirts with the pearl buttons. I am crazy about them, in fact (just ordered one online, too).

I have friends from many different walks of life – lesbian, straight women, straight men but no gay male friends at all.

I am not a religious person, however, I am a strict believer in karma and what comes around goes around.

My 15 nominees are:










my blogject




the writer


Happy reading, y’all!




6 thoughts on “versatile

  1. Nostalgia is a pain in the ass and the harsh truth is that you can never get what you had back. Sometimes the relationship twists into something better and sometimes it turns into something bad.

    I recently came to this realization after watching the movie “Like Crazy”, highly recommend.


  2. Thank you for the nomination! On the Lee front, all matters of the heart take their own time and process, I think this has just been one step for you to keep moving forward. Someday, down the road you will look back and be wiser and probably even thankful for the experiences it has brought you. And I now have the country song “Bourbon Whiskey and Pearl Snap Shirts” running through my head 😛


  3. Thank you for the award. Nostalgia only fills a void until something new and better takes it’s place. When that new relations does, the past moments tend to fade. If good moments still stand out, those are what you had.


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