can’t buy me love

I spoke too soon.

Lee has been emailing me asking if we can get together for a movie and lunch. I said for her to let me know about lunch (may just bag that depending on my mood) and ignored the movie invite. I have no time for a movie this week. It’s been non-stop work. I am so looking forward to having a three-day weekend next weekend. She also texted me Tuesday about getting together with Garth for drinks to which I replied, “I can’t.” It’s not that I already had plans – I just didn’t want to have plans with her. I really had to stop myself from writing back “Why don’t you ask Bertha to go?” But, I’ve decided that I’m not playing that game with her.

Today I got an email from her titled: “Happy Turdsday, I mean Thursday.”

After I read that, I wondered if she was calling me a turd. Lee is like that – she comes off as an innocent but she’s really passive aggressive that way. I thought she was probably pissed that I didn’t go out with her to meet Garth and/or ignored the movie request and was inadvertently calling me a turd. In the body of the email it said, “Have fun at pool! Kick some @ss!” (to which, I ignored)

Another thing that bothers me is that Lee always puts exclamation marks at the end of every sentence she writes. Being a [struggling] author I was told that a book should only contain one exclamation mark and it better be important. (Meaning, don’t frickin’ do it.) I admit in my editing process I went back and removed so many exclamation marks that I never want to use that key again. (Except maybe to fill in on curse words like sh!t)

I think I need some more time before hanging out with Lee and being friends. She’s still p!ssing me off a little.

I do need to make more of an effort to get out and meet people. Tonight, I am hoping after pool to go out two-stepping. Sunday, I talked Bird into going to a women’s sports bar to watch the superbowl. I just hope I have energy to go after teaching in the rain all weekend. I think in a way I should be lucky that I’m single right now and not having the b.s. responsibility and weight of a relationship tying me down. However, it would be nice to go out more with people who weren’t total creeps. Bird brought up her friend again and wanted to know if I was remotely interested and if so she’d set it up.

“She’s loaded and has a fat cabin in the mountains.”

Right, and she smokes and I’m not remotely attracted to her. Who cares if she has some cabin up in the mountains or money? – my love cannot be bought.

“Uh, no. That’s ok.”

Although, some people [Charlie] think that I should settle I’m being too picky. Please forgive me if I don’t want to be with someone who could be bad for me or that I already know isn’t going to work. I have standards and I’m holding out.

I have the luxury to be picky, not to mention I want to be physically attracted to them.

Plus, so many of my friends [I think] have just settled. There are even some I feel have made some really poor decisions just to be with someone – who is either abusive, doesn’t have anything in common with them, are controlling or using them as an emotional crutch or for yes, money.

So, yeah – I guess Ms. Right is going to take a little longer to find, that’s all.



6 thoughts on “can’t buy me love

  1. It’s worth holding out. Only you know when the person and time are right, whether your friends understand that or not.

    And it sounds like cutting off all ties with Lee, at least for a while, might be a very good idea. A wound can’t heal when you keep poking at it.


  2. I use lots of exclamation points in texts to account for tone. “I already have plans!” reads so much friendlier to me than “I already have plans.”

    Love that picture. Sigh.


  3. I am still trying to figure out the Lee thing. You answer your own questions every time you talk about her.. why would you even want to be friends..?


  4. I think Lee thinks your playing the game. Women are like cats, call to them and they basically tell you to F off. Ignore them and they are all over your lap investigating what your doing and why you are not paying attention to them. You have sparked Lee’s interest in why you are not paying attention to her.

    Although the over use of exclamation points is so F-ing annoying. Ugh. Does she use LOL all the time too? I hate LOL.


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