chex mix

Despite driving all the way up to work today and realizing that I forgot my i.d. card (without it, I cannot do a thing at work – ie: get in the gate, log on to my computer, etc.) and having to turn around and drive all the way home and back I decided that I really didn’t mind.

I have no idea why.

As I drove through the connector once again I noted how pink the sky was after the sun came up. I felt a breeze of love in the air. I don’t know where it came from. It was just a light, fleeting touch.

I’m getting my new iPhone today. This is the replacement of the old one that decided to take a swim in the bathroom sink. K had loaned me his ancient 1st generation one. I never realized how much faster a 3 gs was than a 3. I am hoping the new one is even zippier. It’s a 4-32gb. I can probably download the entire next season of Dexter when it comes out.

I really want to go out dancing again tonight but I’m not sure that’s going to be possible since I snuck out of pool the week before (I’m sure I’m going to hear about it from Mick tonight). Plus, my interview is at 9:00 in the morning.

I’m listening to this woman who I met a few weeks ago at Edie’s Attic when I saw Hannah play. (The one who hugged me. The one who is hot.) Yeah, she mentioned on stage that she’d just been dumped and I thought, “You won’t be single for long, woman.” Honestly, what musicians don’t make in money they make up for in dates. [Really need to start those guitar lessons soon.] I have included link of one of her new singles (which, was recorded live at Edie’s Attic while I was there the other night) below for your listening pleasure.

Speaking of which,  I have a date on Friday with the other Hannah. I have to give it to the girl for being persistent since I never call her we’ve been missing each other a lot the past month. We may just end up at Edie’s listening to music which is just fine with me.

Wreck Was My Heart


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