Normally, I’m not like this.

I’m usually a very organized person and rarely do I forget, drop, lose, leave unlocked, out or open, like I’ve been doing a lot of lately.

The other day I started down the road to work, already late because I couldn’t seem to get my act together to get out the door by 6:15 and then it took the motorcycle forever to warm up. I realized that maybe I left the side door to the house open not remembering if I closed it and locked it. So, I did a U-ie and went back and checked. I had locked both locks.

Another day I got in the truck to go to work and smelled gas. I realized that I had left my leaf blower in the truck after landscaping the previous evening. The truck was unlocked, too. So, I could have lost a $300 backpack blower from being so stupid.

Other things are leaving my half eaten dinner on my office desk and running off to pool. I never leave uneaten food lying around. I always clean up after I eat. I knew what it was – I was too busy trying to switch out my iPhones and right after realizing that NONE of my contacts came over into the new phone and were erased off the old phone (cursing, cursing, cursing) I had to run off to pool.

The list goes on. I only hope that I don’t do something more serious like accidentally burning my house down.

“Are you getting enough sleep?” Mick asked at pool last night.

“Yes, but what it is is that I’ve been working almost a month straight without a break.”

“That’s it. You need to take some time for yourself.”

“I know.”

I do, but $$ is hard to pass up when you need it. I had a job interview today for a position 5 miles up the road from where I currently work. Right now my commute is pretty tough as it is. But, this job would pay more and it would be a manager position which would be really good for my career. I could stick it out there for 5 years and probably go somewhere else and make even more money. So, there’s pro’s and con’s, sure. Longer commute, longer hours but more money, better job for my career and I’d probably not have to work as many weekends. We’ll see if they offer it to me and then I’ll start worrying on whether or not I’ll take it.

Having that interview on a Friday morning just ramped my already hectic week. I groaned to Sadie this morning as I was putting on my suit that I wished that we could just crawl back into bed and go back to sleep.

Last night Mick let me out of pool early but I still went over to dance. I did meet a woman – very nice woman named, Connie. We danced but she was getting a lot of attention. I thought I could compete pretty well and gave her my card. We’ll see but I don’t think I’m having much luck these days.

We’ll see how my date with Hannah goes tonight. I have no idea what we’re going to do. I will let you know.

2 thoughts on “hectic

  1. You’re entitled to be a bit scatterbrained from time to time and I am sure it will pass soon(I on the other hand have made it a lifestyle). I hope the interview and the date both go well! Have a great weekend! Oh, and I promise I will get to the versatile blogger post soon…


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